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sMrZhao Tattoo Recommendations (No. 3) | Mechanical and Retro · Color Blocks and Geometry · Handsome Fried Big Flower Arm


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Bloggers like to paint and also like to study tattoos. Two months ago, I began to share my favorite tattoo designs. Currently, I have done more than 30 style tattoos sharing in the public number, and now I will slowly move to know. Start with style, then share tattoos of different elements (sun, moon, scorpion, cat, text, etc.), then do male and female, and then do tattoos of different parts (arms, arms, ears, calves, clavicles, etc.) share it. More tattoo materials, you can pay attention to the public number sMrZhao, I hope sMrZhao can become a travel / illustration / tattoo material library.

Tattoo private words

Today is the work of tattoo artist XXX from Berlin.

Her personal Instagram: minervaslinda

If you want to say that there is a tattoo and it is literary and modern,

Calm and unrestrained, and rules and arrogance,

Then I think it is him: cool, handsome, domineering, tough

No more adjectives can be found anymore.

Whether you are a literary youth who pursues design,

Still a dynamic muscle macho, or an innocent artist,

I think this is your best choice.

Big and colorful blocks and lingering lines

Unclear retro emotions and unwavering mechanical sense

Very gas field, full of color and color is full of personality ~

Don't let you limit your tattoos, but also let the tattoo hold you!

Image from Instagram, copyright owned by tattoo artist

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