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Bags and accessories can play an auxiliary role in the overall match. If you match it properly, you will have the finishing touch, so that the whole has more style and feeling. Then we will focus on the matching methods of these bags.

The first step in matching a bag is to first recognize the style of the bag and the applicable occasion . In fact, it is basically consistent with the style classification of clothes, which can be roughly divided into: simple and versatile models, individual styles, street style, literary retro style, commuter style, sweet style, workplace style and so on.

Regarding the distinction between styles, mainly based on personal understanding, it is also possible to determine the style of matching according to the design elements of the bag. For example, the simple and versatile bag is generally very simple in design, the color application will be the basic color of black and white gray, or like some big-name classic presbyopia, in short, the design is simple. This kind of bag is generally more labor-saving in collocation, because it is not illegal to wear it.

However, if you want to match the versatile bag with the color, you have to choose the clothes. In fact, no matter what style of bag, we must follow a big principle, "simple + complex" principle , if the clothes are more complex, more colors, more design points, styles are more exaggerated, then choose a minimalist design package Pack to match, if the clothes are basic, then you can choose an exaggerated bag to enhance the overall style. Of course, there are a lot of collocations that don't refer to this principle and they are super nice. This will test the personal matching skills.

Let's talk about some other matching points in detail.

First, according to the overall color of the clothes with the bag

A long time ago, I wrote a few colors of clothes and bags. The introduction was quite general, so I changed my mind again today. This collocation method is more suitable for single color bag matching .

The combination of the bag and the color matching method can still be used . The matching of the same color is based on the overall color of the clothes and the color of the bag with similar clothes. The matching of the same color will be very advanced.

Let's talk to you about the contrast color .

I like several sets of contrast colors:




Red bag + various colors

In some contrast colors, the bag will also have a bright overall effect.

Second, according to the clothes color matching bag

If the clothes you wear today are rich in color , you can use this method to choose the right bag to match. According to the color of a pattern on the clothes, it is also very safe to choose the same color bag!

There is also a case where the clothes themselves are contrasted . For example, the tops and the trousers or skirts are already colored in color matching. You can also choose to match the bags of the same color as the tops or trousers .

Third, according to the color of the shoes with the bag

This kind of collocation method is also a very common one. It is usually used when the clothes match is already complicated, and the color of the shoes and clothes has a color contrast. You can choose to match the bags with the same color of the shoes.

Fourth, according to the style of the bag itself

This method is suitable for bags with rich colors or stitching contrast styles , or some special material bags, such as straw bags and pvc bags . According to the "simple + complex" principle, such a bag with a basic model is certainly not going to go wrong, the style of the bag itself is relatively strong.

Of course, it is also possible to match the clothes of the same color according to one or several colors existing in the bag . For example, black and white check bag with black and white checkered items.

Finally, give you a brief summary.

1. First judge the style that the bag can match. Choose the style of the same clothes to match.

2, the big principle of matching: "simple + complex" principle.

3, according to the overall color of the clothes to match. The same color is superior, and the contrast color has characteristics.

4, according to the local color of the clothes to match. Suitable for matching with colorful clothes.

5. Choose a bag with the same color as the shoes.

6. According to the style of the bag itself, choose the appropriate item to match, suitable for bags with rich colors and distinctive style.

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