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Is the wind controller specializing in collection? A picture tells you what the risk control is.


Many people want to engage in risk management. I feel that this job does not require low-level marketing, no entertainment, and drinking. More is technology and analysis, there is accumulation, and become an expert. And money is more and more stable. Power is big, and there is a big killing power to the business. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of risk control. Through the following article, the debt guardian Xiaobian will give you a generalization of risk control.

First of all, this is actually a very complicated topic.

There are too many types of wind control, and the various types of wind control are different. They are based on financial and business investigations, and are based on trading schemes. They are based on statistics and are based on industrial channel control. Each of the required skills is differ greatly.

The wind control itself also includes several sections of work, such as surveys and legal affairs are part of the risk control, but in fact it is a completely different job content.

Some industry predecessors will say that most of the current small loan companies do not understand this line, fucking, and entering the market is difficult. However, the result of chaos is that the death is fast, the death is much, the industry is shuffled, and the specification is finished after washing. Especially now that the economy is declining, this company has died a lot. Of course, there will be more unemployment in the wind control industry.

The entry of risk control is more difficult. In fact, it is because it is not standardized, so there is not much relevant information. Some of the information on the online control that is rumored on the Internet are based on the information on the operating loans of foreign banks. I know it all, I don’t know why.

Newcomers must enter the industry. If there are people who are knowledgeable, they have more relevant experience, mathematics and logical thinking are better, and they learn quickly. If no one brings it, or if your personality is not suitable, you may not be able to learn anything real for years.

For those who have done internal audits, it may be easier to enter the risk control. However, the risk control of internal audit and financial industry lending is completely different. The basis of internal audit is to avoid the time to read financial statements. If it is to be quantified, it will save a few months of study time.

Why do so many people want to do risk control? Is financial risk management promising?

1. Financial supervision is becoming more and more strict, and each company pays more and more attention to risk management. Therefore, financial risk management is “just needed”. If the risk management level is not kept up, it is easy to roll over.

2. At present, the financial risk management industry is “mixed with fish and dragons”, and even has a phenomenon of over a million annual salary changes. This not only reflects the high salary of risk control talents, but also reflects the shortage of financial risk management talents.

3, do not have any opportunistic mentality, want to be a post, you can get good treatment once and for all, now the financial enterprise is not the old state-owned enterprise that qualified way to get promoted, in order to career development, we must work hard.

Is the wind controller specializing in collection?

Many people think that the wind controller is the collector, in fact not. For example, in the debt guard company, the collector and the risk controller are all in the business, but the collectors collect the calls through legal compliance, and the risk controller checks whether the collectors are involved in the violent collection during the call. Illegal collection, etc., the two work does not conflict. As the leading Internet + non-performing asset disposal service platform in China, Debt Guard integrates domestic banks and non-bank credit reporting institutions through Internet + big data technology, provides full service of non-performing asset disposal, and uses big data intelligent matching, multi-dimensional query, etc. Advanced technology solves the innovative model of information asymmetry, thus achieving high-return, low-cost collection decision-making, and is committed to making the disposal of non-performing assets simple and easy, so that there is no hard debt in the world!

In general, the wind control is very fulfilling, can learn a lot of things, and the angle of understanding the problem will be different. However, it is also very difficult to engage in risk control work. There is also a lot of professional knowledge to be learned. Friends who like to challenge can try it.