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Today, we share the theme of personal growth for everyone.

In order to help everyone become better, we have prepared 15 topics related to personal career development, and hope that these issues will help you to think more objectively and independently.

The specific issues are as follows:

1. Why are you confused?

2. How to make every choice in career, love and life;

3. The relationship between fear, anxiety, regret, regret and comfort zone, and why not dare to stay away from the comfort zone;
(Recommended from a native family Factors, learning / work / growth in the search for reasons)

4, focus, is the key. The next question is, what is your point of focus;
(career, love and life)

5. Self-confidence, no need for any reason;

6. The thoughts in your mind are important;

7. How to understand live in the present;

8. Yours State, determine your future;

9, methodology, sometimes a limitation;

10, how to find the information and information you need;

11, innovation, is the way to transition;

12, what evaluation is worth adopting;

13 How to balance the relationship between parents, family, partners, friends, relatives, leaders and classmates;

14, seeking advice, but also to find the right person;

15, what role can the consultation play; if you need advice, why recommend a pair a consultation;

Below, we will give examples of points 5 and 7 above.


Confidence does not require any reason

1. If you don't trust yourself, ask how your fans and users trust and support you. You must know that, to a certain extent, they are paying attention to you, and they are looking forward to one day, being you, or having They see one or a few of your strengths;

2. The people around you don't support you, you must learn to be neutral:

a. Understand their anxiety and worry about you, express gratitude;

b If you can achieve your own Ideals, maybe they can illuminate or light their way;

c want to understand what they want;

d don’t commit or reduce the weakness of human nature (preconceived, compared with others, denies themselves, cares about current gains and losses, procrastination, etc.

3 ) Self-confidence comes from the inner core of peace and joy. This kernel has existed since the moment of birth. Having a value, body, temperament and economic foundation will increase self-confidence, but if there is no spiritual level as a foundation, it will be empty, lonely, boring, boring and lonely if it is a long time;

4. Always pay attention to the negative energy that appears in the brain and discourse, and control your emotions. If possible, try not to express words with negative emotions;

5, keep a good state. If you can, please think about your new choices in the direction of "Be" (have realized your dreams), maybe there will be unexpected gains;

6. Whether you think you are confident, you are right;


How to understand live in the moment

If you have adjusted your own state, choose the one that is most exciting for you at every moment, and take zero attachment to the result of doing anything, or don’t think about how to achieve a particular goal, you can Really living in the moment.

The reason is that sometimes, you set your own goals, maybe not what you really want in your heart (of course, this problem is not everyone's thinking), although sometimes it can be achieved, sometimes it can not be achieved. But still can not achieve the fullness and richness of the heart.

So, even if you achieve a certain goal, you may be happy for a short time, and then pursue new goals, although you do not know why you pursue this goal (sometimes, perhaps blindly compared results); if there is no target Realization, maybe it will also produce negative emotions. If it is serious, it will also doubt life.

Living in the present does not mean that there is no goal, lack of spirit, or has passed, but the peace and joy of the heart, guiding them from the spiritual level.

When you are completely immersed in the joy of the present, you will be more sensitive and aware of what is happening, and all the possibilities at the moment, and find the point where the greatest opportunity exists.

For example, when you are fully engaged in dating your favorite partner, you will find out from the TA's words and deeds, every move, whether TA is interesting to you, whether there is a topic that can be communicated in depth...but if You are thinking about other things (repenting the past / worrying about the future), you can't capture these details, so a TA that is likely to be your soul mate will pass you by.

It is also a reason to use it in business. If you can't fully invest, with anxiety and fear, maybe you can't be yourself in the true sense - your product and service quality will be discounted, your words, words and sentences. There will be a leak.

Don't think your fans and users can't see it, smart TAs just don't say anything.

A beautiful day, I wish you peace and joy :)



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