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What is the relationship between you and your bag?

When the younger classmates meet again, they can never get rid of a mystery. It seems that only the baby in the photo and the bag in the hand can fill the gaps in the past ten years.

The best way to get back to reality in a sober way is to go to a class meeting. After all, the memory is limited. It seems that the sub-walls are smouldering, but in fact, every move, one shirt and one pack are all under the radar scan. As the best social props, big-name bags form a luxury array. If ordinary bags are mistaken into them, it looks like alien invasion.

How can I do this? There isn't a logo that shines in the logo, and it feels abandoned by this era! Before you learn the same, be sure to bite your teeth and feel a fat.

I once talked to my friend about the package. A boy sent out a question buried in his heart for a long time: Why do you like girls so much?

"This...", I took a sip of coffee and inadvertently exposed my inner panic.

Well, in fact, my psychology is the same as that of your boys: the package is not for loading things.

My bag is going to put down the phone, wallet, cosmetic bag, Kindle, maybe books, umbrella, camera, anti-hypoglycemic chocolate and a long-lost gel pen. In short, my bag is a hidden weapon that can reach 2KG at any time. It is sincere and fearful to be cheap and durable, so that you can feel safe when you step out of the street.

Of course, in order to match clothes or inexplicable consumption impulses, I still bought a lot of small bags and mini bags. However, they often make me scratch my lungs before going out, and I can't wait to split my wallet in half. The mess will never fail, and I will never see it again after I change it.

As for the saying that bags can bring happiness to women, I calculated that it is worth more than 10,000 to buy the big-name low-end "poor people". If it is a red burst, wait for the season and still back. To be a huge psychological burden. According to the frequency of my backpack, count the cost of hundreds of times per back. Using bags to increase self-confidence is too expensive.

The above two points explain:

1. I am lazy.
2. I am poor.

Can't afford to buy a big bag, there is nothing to lose face, luxury goods originally represented scarcity. But this world is such a reality, every day you will receive a variety of "buy is not a bag, is chicken blood" push, all the value is built on the bag. Even my mother can't look at her eyes, and feels that she is a little older. A big bag is also a growth token that everyone can see.

So every time I reversed it and forced it to refuse - the logo is bigger and bigger, is it into my soul? Is it not a materialization of values ​​that regards women's love packages as nature?

However, the random attitude towards the bag also made me fall into self-doubt from time to time.

Like "Love in Love 33 Days", Huang Xiaoxian asked Wei still, why is the high-quality young man all the girls with "Zhangkou LV, closed Prada"?

As a high-profile handsome, Wei still said a painful answer - save trouble. Desires are written on the face, so you don't have to bother to try to figure out the complicated minds. The efficiency of the exchange of things should not be too high.

"I can't see what you want. Compared to a LV bag, maybe a small pot can touch you. I have to take the time to speculate on you, observe you, and then touch you, but during this time, I There are too many things that can be done, and the meaning is far greater than the matter of falling in love."

Thank you! In this way, I can only hold a "Hedgehog's Elegance" and spend a lifetime alone in the door room.

Think about it too, too much attention to feelings, may not even know what you want, but focus on the girl in front of you, the ultimate conquest is not only bags, but also men.

I don't mean women's material. In fact, men now see a lot of conditions. Just from the point of self-interest, you can really see a few scenery and get to the "destination" early. For example, the elementary school students who had excellent performances in the past, now changed their face with a red face and a full-time wife who is so-called happy, and sunk their nieces, food, bags, luxury houses and first class tickets in the circle of friends. Of course, my husband never appeared on the selfie.

Some people do not have a big bag from the heart, it is the environment. Many years ago, I heard from friends that her school girl worked in the advertising department of some of the most famous fashion magazines. The office has an unwritten "metamorphosis" rule, that is, daily commuter dress will be scored.

At that time, we just graduated, the income is not high, and the spending power is limited. Apart from eating and playing, the remaining installation costs can be much. Therefore, in the pre-Taobao era, the sisters will visit the Qipu Road as a civilian gospel from time to time.

Once, the girl ghost made a poor back to a Qipu Road bag to go to work, and the female devil saw the anger of the heart, immediately took out a seasoned D&G bag and lost it.

Being humiliated by such a pass, the girl is quite wronged. But standing in the position of the devil's head, since it is going to see big customers, the cheap bags are probably the felony of angering the workplace.

The rich second generation will not have such troubles.

A few years ago, I sat down with a small opener. Although there is money in the family, Xiaokai does not consciously be superior. Anyway, the work is arranged, and it still has to be done. What can be done to the life of flying.

At that time, the media was already an overwhelming IT Bag (who accidentally exposed the age). Originally, the boys were not very concerned about fashion, and they didn’t know if they were dialed by the female colleagues around them. He opened the door to luxury goods. Soon, the blood came out of the tentacles.

Since then, every one to two weeks, I can see the most popular IT Bag, lying on the table next to me.

Two bags, on the desk without a partition, set a gap, a pond and an abyss that are sinking.

But to tell the truth, those big bags will not disturb my emotions at all, and the lust of the eyes will dissipate immediately after possession. I am just envious of the life of the rich second generation, which can save a lot of entanglement, hesitation and embarrassment. Not to make a big decision, like taking a step on the edge of the cliff, facing the suffering of the whole body, was swallowed up by the small feeling.

I want to do one thing, even if I am done, I don’t have to weigh the pros and cons, and I don’t have to calculate the result.

Treating a bag as nothing, it requires a kind of sufficiency and realm.

A few years ago, I participated in the training within the group. The editorial director of a certain publication took the stage to speak very straight--"I pushed down the meeting with Maggie Cheung here today" - although it may sound like a pretend, but people come to the head Unusually, I was the editor of the Vogue Simplified Edition planning period. Because I started to toss for too long, I felt that I was boring and tired, and I jumped to the media where I was.

The director's appearance is actually not loaded at all. She does not apply powder, and her hair is arbitrarily backward. It seems that the leader who may be in the office at any time is not like the artist's head in the first language.

The "female devil", the most backed up seems to be a green bag.

Nowadays, young people regard "experiencing financial freedom in advance" as a dream to relieve troubles. If you want to force the admission, my "freedom" will probably reach the level of convenience stores. I hope that one day, I can also realize the freedom of the backpack.

It is not unreasonable to say that Hermès' platinum bag is a popular Top "identity handbag". Its association with Jane Birkin is also well known. Handcuffed this bag, in a silent way, to announce to the world the status of his life winner.

However, the aunt of Platinum did not buy it, and she said that she became a professional user of the black platinum package.

It’s a bit funny to say, although it’s a beautiful white baume, Birkin himself is quite a maverick. Because she carried a lot of things with her, the goddess went out to squat the rattan basket. One day, the husband accidentally crushed her vegetable basket and could only take a bag to fly. It happened to be next to Birkin that was the president of Hermès. An unintentional complaint immediately inspired the president's design inspiration and sent a platinum bag named after her three years later.

But Birkin gave up after a while, and if the diaper and bottle of the daughter were put in the bag, the amount was too ergonomic.

Aunt Birkin treats this bag like an absurd drama, and is always willful. For example, taking a bag like a leek basket, let the "celebrity"'s pretense become a joke of walking, personally interpret the usage of the sundries bag on the SMAP program, and throw a few hundred feet of platinum bags on the ground. She also likes to make arbitrary graffiti transformations on this snobbery bag, deliberately delineating the boundaries of the noble and rare image of branding.

Auntie recently made a fuss about the alleged killing of crocodiles by Hermès suppliers, threatening to cross his name from this package. In the face of such a fierce muse, Hermes can only recognize it.

But even without the name of Birkin, the expensive bags are also a constant source of buyers.

In 2005, women's bags became the highest-selling products among all fashion brands. The popular marketing of luxury goods made the bag a dream you deserve. Just like Coca-Cola, the president is drinking Monroe. Also drinking.

Brands may not be willing to be affected by the excessive proliferation of products, and excessive popularity has even produced negative effects such as lower performance. However, for the annual financial statements, the luxury goods group can only play this hard-to-find marketing game. Now that the focus of each brand is on cosmetics, it is intended to strive for a bigger market. It seems that survival is not easy.

Can not help but speculate, the enthusiasm for the package, is it also a brainwashing conspiracy?

It’s just that the media, while Amway’s bag, can give the local tyrants a taste. Those who handcuffed Hermès with an elite identity and who were honestly wearing UGG with their feet honestly couldn’t bear to look straight. The policeman said, the next time P2P financial management runs again, please look for bags and shoes.

Some time ago, a hit TV show brushed for a long time. Some people say that it is realistic. Some people say that it is not correct. Anyway, what can cause the topic is a good TV series. Anyway, my person who doesn't open TV all the year round has also brushed the story through the gossip stickers and the public number.

The core figure in the play was set as a post-doctoral student with a high cold and high value. In order to express her personality of not eating the fireworks, she didn't even know Hermès bags. Is this package a biological one? Explosion is a deliberate exaggeration of Sitcom's stereotypes, of course, is a routine, but the drama will play like this, just like Gao Fushuai in order to please people with brain damage, it is really a listener who laughs.

PS I still want to explain that there is no opinion on buying big bags. You like to be happy, because even if you don't use the money here, you will definitely spend it there.


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