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There are more slide texts, how to focus on how to focus


Last week, we solved a problem. How do you typeset a slide with more text? "If you can read it without reading a friend, I believe I can give you some inspiration."

This week, we will solve one problem again. If the slides have more words, how do you highlight the key points?

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If the slides have more words, how do you highlight the key points?

Through research, Li Xiong summarized the following four methods, which are magnified, bolded, contrasted, and colored.

Next, let's take a look at the actual case to illustrate how these four methods are used.

The above page is the original slide, the text is more, there is no focus, the font is not beautiful.

Through the analysis of the page, we can find that the text consists of three parts, the workplace PPT, knowledge management, and thinking improvement, so we need to group him.

If we want to highlight these three positions, we can zoom in and out directly .

Of course, if you think that a color is a bit monotonous, you can also change the color of the text .

In addition, we can also add a color block and place it at the bottom of the text to contrast .

Above is the tandem way, let's try three things horizontally. Through simple typography, we can get the following page PPT. When formatting, pay attention to equal spacing and equal spacing.

By simply modifying the landscaping, we changed the slide to the slightly visible PPT below.

Add color blocks to highlight three parts;

Change color and highlight key points;

Use the contrast method to highlight the key points.

This is the highlight of the key words. If we want to highlight a certain part, what should we do?

In the first method, the color of the secondary part is weakened with gray.

We can weaken the two unimportant parts of the workplace PPT and thinking, so that we highlight the middle part of knowledge management.

The second method, change the color of the key part

We can change the background color of the knowledge management part to blue and the color of the text to white, so that he is naturally separated from the workplace PPT and thinking improvement area.

The third method is to enlarge the information of the key parts.

We can zoom in on the knowledge management section and add a shadow effect so that he protrudes from the workplace PPT and the thinking enhancement.

If we want to add an image, we can arrange the image and content in left and right form. Don't ask me why it is so simple, because it is simple and beautiful.