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These pictures show the whole process of dragon crime


During this time, I answered several questions about Longsheng and Jiuzi, and talked about "the most sexually explicit". Some students raised objections and said that this is the view under the influence of the West, but it is not.

In the official history of ancient China, many absurd scenes of dragons were recorded. The appearance of dragons in the literati notes often involves such information. Some viewpoints suggest that the dragon recorded in Chinese historical materials is not a Chinese dragon, but a dinosaur or a python, a rhinoceros or a crocodile, and even a fish.

Not to mention that the dragon in the record is "the sky is falling". Even if the ancient information is not as modern as the modern, the ancients have also seen rhinoceros (兕), elephants (images), crocodiles (the later generations are called 蛟 instead of dragons). Those who carry fish cannot insult the ancient IQ.

The dragon is the dragon. From the very beginning, it has the exact form. It is not much different from the dragon shape that is passed down from later generations. It is not necessary to find any prototypes of pigs, donkeys and crocodiles. As for dragons, cognition is still very unified. There is a saying that dragon sex is started in the Ming Dynasty, not before. This is not true. Regarding the slutness of the dragon, the earlier historical materials can be inferred.

According to historical records, Xia Di likes to raise dragons, specifically to let Tao Tang, who is good at raising dragons, to be a dragon trainer, and to give the name Gong Yulong, wrong, is to give Yu Long. And Dong’s father is good at raising dragons, so he’s “豢龙氏”. So, is the "dragon" here, and the legendary "dragon" in Chinese history later, the same thing?

According to my observation, yes.

Picture: Turquoise Dragon Unearthed from Xia Cultural Relics in Ershitou, Henan Province

The worship and love of the dragon in the Xia Dynasty, cultural relics and materials are well documented. Let's take a look at a section of "Historical Records" (I don't want to read the classical Chinese and jump directly to see the translation):

In the past, the decline of Xia's family, there are two dragons in the Xia Di Ting said: "Yu, the two kings of the scorpion." Xia Dibu kill and go to the end, Mo Ji. I asked him to hide it, Naiji. So the cloth currency and the policy, the dragon died and squatted, and went away. Xia died, passed this device Yin. Yin died, and passed this week. More than three generations, Mo dare to send it, to the end of the king, and look at it. It is not in the court. Li Wang made the woman naked and noisy. Degenerate into Xuanzang to enter the Queen's Palace. The virginity of the harem is both shackled and conceived, and it is pregnant and pregnant without a husband, fearing and abandoning it.

When Xia's decline, the habit of raising the dragon should have disappeared. At this time, two dragons came and flew in the courtyard of Xia Di to look at Xia Di.

Long said: We are two kings!

Xia Di was very flustered and quickly divined. The result was killing, staying, doing nothing, not good.

How to do?

Continue to occupy, occupying "please hide and hide."

So what is “漦”?

Some explanations are saliva, which cannot be said to be wrong, because the various situations of use are all "smooth". Obviously, this does not match the story behind. Xia Di divination, to draw the dragon to leave, let the dragon go, is the Kyrgyzstan. So the ceremonial device was set up and the text was written to inform that the dragon was leaving. Xia Di put the dragon on the ground with a scorpion, and put it away. This scorpion was passed from the Xia Dynasty to the Shang Dynasty, and from the Shang Dynasty to the Zhou Dynasty. By the time of the Zhou Dynasty, no one dared to open it. Until Zhou Liwang, I have to be curious about what is in the scorpion, and people will open it up.

The scorpion opened, and the result was paralyzed. A large beach fell to the ground and could not be cleaned up. Zhou Li Wang ordered a group of women to scream around the dragon with their naked bodies, and the result was "degenerate into Xuanzang."

What is Xuanzang?

Historically all are lizards.

This is nonsense.

Mysterious, deep color, black.

Oh, it’s Wang Ba.

Long Yu became a living thing because of the waves around the beautiful nude. The living creature climbed into the harem, and the harem had a nursery rhyme. It was just seven years old and was hit by it. What happened in the middle is unclear. The end result is that the girl suddenly became pregnant at the age of fifteen. The girl is very scared and throws away the baby.

So looking back, it has always been agreed that "漦" is a viscous liquid. For example, "Mandarin·Zheng Language" notes "漦": "The dragon spits, the dragon is also good." But you said that "漦" is interpreted as drowning, is this thing established? It seems that the dragon was left with his own semen. This kind of thing is not an isolated incident. In addition to dealing with all kinds of animals, sometimes you can hold on to anything when you can't control yourself.

For example, I have previously mentioned the example of "Reading the Notes":

The oxen and the horses, or the horns of the horns, the dragons and the dragons, are not true. There are also women who are exposed to the room. However, the foreign Ma’s family had a tenant house, nearly 60 years old, and had been alone in the rain, and the thunder and lightning had been smashed, and there were dragon claws according to their shackles, thinking that when they were subjected to the scorpio, they were stunned and stunned, and the dragon was broken and thought it was The penalty is also. I don't mean to turn the dragon's back. According to the slutty, I turned a little and shunned. I screamed at the top of my teeth, feared to swallow, and did not dare to move. I moved one or two moments and began to scream. On the shackles, you are covered with squats. At the beginning of the day, it was created, and it was created. When the seedlings are waiting, the daughter-in-law is a man, but a man is a man; the shepherd is also a singer, and it is a sorrowful one. This is not understandable.
The author Ji Yun hides for the old man, but here the dragon's embarrassment is very clear. After the dragon took the grandfather up (about twenty minutes), he snorted and left the old grandfather who was "created" by the dragon in tears. He wanted to conceal it, and eventually he was forced to go to the doctor because the wound was too strong.
Then we said that the virginity of the Queen's Palace in the week proved that Zhou Liwang liked the virgin, and at the same time she was hit by the living things of the dragon, and she was pregnant. The woman "disregarded her husband, feared and abandoned it" and discarded the child she had born. And this child is a famous embarrassment.

No matter whether the story is true or not, and whether or not there is a dragon in the end, whether the dragon has been smashed in the face of Xia Di, can not deny that from the pre-Qin period, people have the cognition of "long sex". Judging from the intentional or unintentional stigma of the ancient history books, or the factual description, the occurrence of jealousy is directly related to the dragon's eel, and it is the connection of "obscenity". As for the two dragons, I must leave that thing to Xia Di, I don’t understand it very well.