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A little legend guide and recommended legendary deck

Today, I finally helped my classmates to go to the legend. Obviously, this is nothing to blow. After all, it is now on the 25th, but I also intend to write an article to share with you the most utilitarian way of legend. Xiao Tan’s legendary road! - Currently nine! - Xiao Tan's Hearthstone Nest - Know the legendary road of Xiao Tan's classmates - 9th to 5th level! (Recently updated Totemsa) - Xiao Tan's Hearthstone Nest - I know the column and I haven't updated it in a few days. I have been very busy recently. I was busy with it yesterday.

How do I feel that I can compare legends on a high speed? The most important thing is to pick a suitable set of cards and resolutely use this set to play. In general, as long as the environment is not too extreme, you should choose a set of medium or medium speed (shift) offensive attack. Such a card set not only makes it comfortable to wear, but also reduces mental loss. And this kind of card group has no natural enemies. This is a very important thing in the legend. If your card group has only one natural enemy, even if you eat other card groups, the ladder will be filled with your natural enemies. And you also have to have a certain ability to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the deck, such as the last time I used the LOW hunting to lose the speed, I will analyze, is this accident accidental? Has the degree of opposite Hu reached the average level of his deck? How do I get the level of Hu? Then I evaluate the pros and cons of the two decks, and then choose whether to iterate and update the deck.

Then look at my legendary journey, I used this LOW up to level 5, and soon my LOW hunting was not recognized by the shaman's mother. The hand was not directly sent to the road by the shaman, and the place was taken away by the shaman AOE. The lion was shackled or blocked outside the wall, and could not wait for the three treasures to come out. So I chose to put in Blue Dragon. Hit the 4th level.

Then I met a face fight until Sunday morning. A few axes took my virtue away. I saw that the deck was not so bad, and it was quite good, and there was no card in Germany to plug the muddy Harrison. It’s just that I have to go back to school. This brainless card group is just right for playing on the road (breaking the law should be replaced by the train king, the soft mud can also be changed into a brandfish or killing, chaos and even ghouls)

To tell the truth, this deck has a legendary ability on Sunday, but it is very difficult now. This card first wins the opposite side and does not know that you are a pirate war, thinking that you are an anti-war. Later, everyone used the warrior as a pirate war, all kinds of soft mud, Harrison, wall or something. This deck has very low damage to the wall, and it basically hits the wall when it hits the wall. And this card often has to leave a weapon to endure to give the weapon +1 +1, too easy to eat weapons. Eating weapons is very disintegrating, and it is weak at the end. There is nothing wrong with a wall. So I quickly set up a variable speed hunting in the car (if you bring Banes, you should have screws with screws) to enhance the resistance to the wall occupation.

I have been tweaking this deck for a long time. This deck is a disadvantage for pirate warfare. I can't grab it first, and there is no wall to block the weapon. The leopard trap is not easy to trigger, so I only brought one at the beginning. Tracking, with a fee for creatures, traps also catching bears, slamming such traps. At the same time, it is equipped with dual soft to gain advantages. This card is about 2 or 3. Until the blue dragons hit the ladder will be extinct, the blue dragons will be extinct and the pirate war will be less. So I have another tracking technique for better gear shifting. However, I found that this deck is really too difficult to play in the speed-speed Sa, my double-soft mud ate the opposite shaman two weapons 5 points durable to win is very difficult. The shaman is a bit too strong now, that is, he can play two AOEs in one round. The hunter itself is a profession that makes you difficult to clear the field by relying on biological deaths. Shaman double AOE cleans you up. This card is the same problem as the LOW hunting above, but the winning face is slightly larger.

The winning percentage of the above two decks will not be too high, but the advantage is that it is fast, no brains.

Then I am struggling, what should I do? How to sanction the shaman? I have a group of priests who specialize in shamans. Then I didn't meet the shaman when I came out. I met a cosmic technique and met an anti-war. I also want to try the fire demon method of speeding down, bring hula to the field that can effectively clear the shaman, and later found that there is no Medivh is not late. The zoo is definitely not even, the shaman is four AOEs. Anti-war, dragon war, cosmic surgery also has no key card. At this time, I looked at my classmate's gold coin, there are more than 500 gold coins, and there are 100 gold coins. Then he certainly did not beat the expert's computer. I went to play the man-machine again and got the gold coin to unlock Kara. The last district of the night of praise. Finally, I can become a tumor.

My mid-speed Sa has a 70% win rate on the 2nd and 3rd level. (The winning percentage will be higher. At the beginning, I tried to score 1-3 without a small axe. It should be 20-6, close to 75% winning rate . This is a very ordinary medium speed Sa. I changed it a bit. I changed Harrison into a soft mud. I should have a blood method, but my classmate’s number. No, if you are enough, you can bring Zhang Jie anymore. At that time, my thinking was that, in addition to the battle of Hu weapons in the ladder, it is impossible for a hunter to have a career to stand up in the early stage of pizza. Even if the zoo can stand up, his injury rate is slower, and my AOE can also clear the game. So I want to bring soft mud. When Harrison is down, the opposite weapon has been cut and durable. The importance of the weapon at the back is not as big as before. And this card has the advantage that it is not a card. You start with Harrison. If you don't have weapons, you will have a hand--1. There will be weapons on the opposite side. You will not be able to press the weapon on the opposite side. Then you have no other creatures at this time. You can play without losing the rhythm. At that time, my thinking was to bring a few soft muds. Later, I felt that I only vacated a card. If I changed one, there would be no good position. The toilet was not very good, and the wall itself was already a lot. There are also flaws, even if the two weapons are not dirty.

Then I happily embarked on the road of legend.

In general, this deck is simple and powerful, and it is always good to keep those cards.

This card is good for all occupations, and the advantage is that you can play the same with all the cards. You don't have to guess the opposite deck, I just want to be free.

I will simply talk about the shaman’s civil war, except that this is the balance of power, the other is the advantage of the showdown, there is nothing to say, the shaman civil war is very particular, because both sides are paving the way, the solution, in fact, the blood loss rate is still very slow Once one of the parties lost the scene, the blood was immediately lost. Don't invest too many cards at a time during the shaman's civil war. Anyway, everyone has 4 AOEs, don't be too greedy to say that the next round of bloodthirsty kills opponents. There is no Shaman civil war that is not normal on both sides by the AOE. Once you have judged that there is no AOE on the opposite side (you don't know the last five rounds of blame, I can open the bloodthirsty, you can leave), then hurry to kill the opponent. When the weapon is fine, it is cut, and the province eats Harrison. If you can't judge whether there is any AOE, you will slowly get stuck, and you should not put too many snowballs (Thunder Bluff, Fire Tong, etc.). Some uncomfortable blame slowly won.

Then, in the end, I would like to thank you at . My classmates are so good. There are not many people in the ladder. I thought about it. According to past experience, I begged the legendary classmates and went to the legend. After I found out, I found that the atmosphere has changed. More than 10,000 people did not send people to the legend, how to say it, it is still very good, although the legend has become tired, but the maintenance of the hearthstone. So I want to thank this classmate again. I have been greeted by adding two friends to him. I have no intention of begging. (Because he is only level 2, I will not beg to those who are not on the legend. ) Let me just send me a legend. Still very grateful. Later, I wanted to see the speed of light again to see if I could line you up, but I didn't line up with a person ranked 51. I cruelly stopped him from going to the top.

Finally, some statistics of HDT card recorders are attached for your reference environment.

The opponent I met this week (25% shaman, 18 warriors, 18 hunters, 16 de)

The opponent I met today (the shaman ratio remains the same, the fighter has dropped to 11)

The winning percentage of each card group (warriors, hunters and shamans are mainly concentrated in these three days, representative), this fast card group will win with one hand.

But the overall efficiency of the pizza is still too much.

I am providing a few sets of cards that may be legendary. I need to fine-tune it, just the idea.

The first is the slow fire demon method, I think Hula can now effectively clear the shaman's field, and the fireball sheep's ability to solve the field is still quite strong. And the Master will not leave the Harrison Slime, you can use the chicken leg to spread a wave.

Secondly, the Druid can now bring this jungle beast. Now there are not many miraculous thieves, ice law, this special effect is still beneficial to you. With this method of strong sweeping, you can solve all the totems, cavemen, and wolf souls of Thunder Bluff. Really worth a try. But I still feel that the beast is not good, the beast is not activated, the 22-fighting power is slightly lower, the first hand 22 is okay, the caveman opposite the back hand, the mystery guardian grows up and eats, and almost all the low fees The beast has no 4 blood and will be eaten by 3 attack weapons. Super-born De Na is even hitting the shaman's AOE.

Then there is cosmic surgery, maybe. After all, there are more milk, more AOE and warlocks are very clean, and will not be targeted by Zhang Jie and Mud. I copied a cosmic dragon for reference only. I don't want to play dragon skills in my heart. I think ordinary cosmic surgery may be better.

Finally, let's take a look at the legend. Don't choose some decks that are too defensive and only one card that is specific to a particular occupation. I met a priest today, shaman, really catching the shaman, and the secret language: 骇 such a card. But to be honest, he seems to catch me, but the actual win rate may not be high. Once he got the card player, the defensive card he needed didn't come, he couldn't deal with me in time, and he left in an instant. And no matter how it is targeted, the shaman has only a quarter of the game, even if you have targeted the pirate warfare and hunters, what else do you do?

Before the release of the Gadgetzan version, I don't think there will be any stronger decks than the medium speed Sa. Let's take a good look at which medium speed Sa is stronger. Tianti 2 level 70+ winning rate, to be honest, a bit too strong.

If there is time I will read the manuscript this evening, there should be, I am finally busy with the matter at hand.