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What knowledge systems should entrepreneurs build?


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Why is his business more successful than your secondary school diploma?

With the rapid development of science and technology, the professional knowledge that people have learned in the past is gradually obsolete. This is the so-called " half of knowledge ".

The half-life is a term borrowed from the physical world. The time required for half of the nucleus of a radioactive element to decay is called half-life.

According to a well-recognized statement, the half-life of knowledge acquired by a person is 80-90 years in the 18th century , 30 years in the first half of the 19th-20th century , 15 years in the 1960s, and shortened to 5 years in the 1980s . In the mobile Internet era, the half-life of knowledge is directly reduced to half a year . Think about the promotion of WeChat, is the tactics of half a year ago still effective?

Laofei was also very interested in knowledge management five or six years ago. After reading some books on knowledge management, he also made a lot of notes and took some actions, such as my previous knowledge system. It is classified as follows:

Then on Wednesday, I was at the Innovation China DEMO CHINA Autumn Summit and listened to the sharing of the teacher of the Entrepreneurship Head, Wang Hao, and re-upgraded my knowledge system. This article is based on the sharing of Teacher Wang Wei. According to the notes I understand, I have expanded and extended. The main idea is not mine, but since I wrote it, knowledge is already in my mind, and it has become my own thing. The sharing of knowledge is like this. !

What knowledge does an entrepreneur need to master? According to Mr. Wang's concept, entrepreneurs should have the following five types of knowledge systems: (Asterisks represent the length of the half-life I understand, and the more solid, the shorter the period of decline)

1, professional skills ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

Vocational skills are the lowest level of knowledge that entrepreneurs should master. The vast majority of the departments we acquire in school education are based on the basics, such as the language of primary schools, mathematics, the number of middle school language, the history of science and technology, and the upgraded version of university time. , are the basics.

In fact, apart from the basic knowledge, our school education lacks a large part of professional skills.

For example, time management , modern people are getting more and more busy, how to allocate their own time management, only through self-study;

For example, information search , everyone knows to search for keywords in Baidu, google, but have you considered how to search more efficiently than others? For example, would you use the skills of site, or, and?

For example, how do you acquire, save, share, use, and create knowledge in the sequence of knowledge management? None of these schools will teach you.

Therefore, it is more important for entrepreneurs to master the vocational skills methods that the school does not teach you, such as time management, information acquisition, knowledge management, and reading skills, communication skills, negotiation skills, speech skills, etc. It is a vocational skill that entrepreneurs should master.

2, professional knowledge ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Professional knowledge is your job. If your own professional knowledge is not solid, how can you convince your customers? Like Rebs, who was originally a software creator, he wanted to transform into a mobile Internet and learn about mobile Internet-related expertise by investing in some Internet companies.

Taking Laofei as an example, Laofei is doing Internet + accounting category services. If I don’t have Internet professional accumulation in the past 10 years, I don’t have 4 years of university + accounting firm 4 years of accounting professional knowledge accumulation, our customer will Believe me, give the business to us to do it?

Of course, the half-life of professional knowledge is very short , especially in the Internet field. For example, many of my friends who have been on WeChat since the media have taught me some secrets from them for half a year and one year ago. The result is actually not used now. Therefore, we must constantly use innovative methods to pull new, retain, and transform.

In addition, even accounting knowledge, although the principle is unchanged, but the specific methods of accounting treatment of many policies and the management methods of tax collection are changing with each passing day, so I continue to insist on learning every day.

3, management knowledge ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

The half-life of management knowledge is relatively modest , because many principles of management knowledge are unchanged, but the specific practices must change with the current social development.

Management knowledge is nothing more than the routines in the MBA textbook. As an entrepreneur, you should study a series of management skills such as strategic management, marketing, organizational behavior, human resources, management principles, and accounting .

Although the half-life of management knowledge is still relatively long, as a business dog, it is still necessary to understand how other children's children are managed through Internet articles and face-to-face communication . For example, if you are still managing 90 after strong pressure, people If you are unhappy with your foot and vote, you have to keep up with the pace of the times. You can communicate with the post-90s with the partner's mentality.

4, industry knowledge ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Industrial knowledge is the fastest-changing knowledge, especially in the IT industry. It is the shortest half-life knowledge . If you don't grasp the frontier of industrial development, you may be doing the wrong thing, which is better than wrong. The evil consequences come more seriously.

Play a few analogies...

For example, if you are engaged in the real estate industry , you must pay attention to information such as house price changes and purchase restriction policies in various regions and categories;

You are engaged in mobile phone hardware , you have to pay attention to the acquisition of ARM by Sun Zhengyi;

You are engaged in APP development , and you must keep up with the development of WeChat application number.

Taking Laofei as an example, our “Double Beans” is engaged in the accounting industry . Then I will pay attention to the industry knowledge such as camp reform, electronic invoices, payment policies, local tax incentives, etc. by subscribing to RSS keywords. , micro-signal, micro-blogging and so on, you can learn about the latest industry trends.

5, the philosophy of Chinese learning ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Frankly speaking, I still stay at the level of middle school students. I still have no time to systematically study the remarks of the Spring and Autumn Period. Knowledge in the field of philosophy, although many teachers recommend my related books, but there is no big time to systematically study, I have to make up for it quickly.

Chinese studies and philosophy are the underlying structures that perceive human nature. In fact, these are the basic knowledge of how we do things. Unfortunately, our education system ignores this piece. For example, when I went to the course of Li Shanyou's beast , I realized that there were such books as "A Brief History of Human History" and "Worldview", so I have been using the time on the plane recently.

Of course, how to learn more knowledge, I am in " what is his secondary school diploma, entrepreneurship is more successful than you? I have already said it.

Finally, I will preview my recent developments. I will sort out the "accounting knowledge that entrepreneurs must master" that I have summarized into a series of audio and video tutorials. I will post them on different platforms. In addition, an article I collaborated with the cartoonist will be released soon. Remember to follow my article dynamics~

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