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[Methods] How to make a frame structure diagram


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Responding to me, I want to look at the frame structure of a certain river, saying that it is a cross-professional preparation for history, I don’t know how to review the professional courses. The structure of a certain stream is organized according to your own ideas. The method is for reference. I wish you all the best!

Why does a certain river think that the frame structure chart is very important, although some people think that the frame structure chart is a waste of time, but have you seen the professional course or the examination outline in the review process, do you feel that your head is blank? This time you need to sort out the content you have seen.

What are the common types of exams? Now the postgraduate entrance examination is divided into self-proposition and unified proposition. Whether it is self-proposition and unified proposition, the common common types of questions will involve essay questions and name solutions. Therefore, being a framework structure diagram can help sort out the knowledge content and lay the foundation for answering these two questions in the next step.

First of all, what do we need to do to make a frame structure diagram? Open the outline of the postgraduate study of history, a large piece of text on it, is it for you to touch your mind, especially the text is still not hierarchical. Read the text carefully and then conceive your frame structure in your mind. If you think that the idea of ​​conceiving a frame structure is more general, then it is to say how you want to typeset your structure.

Second, you can draw a rough structure on the draft paper. A stream suggests that reviewing a pro can prepare a paper with a blank page in the book as your draft. Some pros think that liberal arts students still need draft paper. Of course, because the draft process is the process of helping you organize your ideas.

Finally, the final modification is made on the general structure diagram, and the adjustment is made to make the whole structure diagram more beautiful.

Because there is no information about the postgraduate study at a certain stream, there is no way to explain it in detail. Below a certain stream will be the structural drawings previously made for your reference:

The same theme can be composed of different content, the same content can be attributed to different topics, so the frame structure diagram is definitely not the same, everyone can use their brains to make. Any questions are welcome to communicate.