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Hand-painted tutorial | hand-painted aerial view of an office building


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In this issue, we will draw a bird's eye view of an office building together. The original picture is as follows

The effect picture after hand-painting is as follows

Hand-drawn steps

1, first draw a tall box

2, followed by his brother, a simple bite relationship

3, adding a cube element to the small box, and dividing the larger box

4, join the shape of the skirt part below

5, starting from the skirt part, draw the facade and light and shadow

6, with a simple horizontal and vertical separation to represent the elevation of the high-rise part, pay attention to the direction of the line to be flexible when showing light and shadow

7, the part of the projection is added, the dark side part also has to be performed together

8, remember the drawing of the trees? The bird's crown ratio in the bird's eye view will be larger

9, use the same perspective to show the pavement!