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In your daily work, have you been embarrassed by old employees?


The graduation season means that the days of interns and newcomers are coming. Many people have just started to work. They have never had any experience in the workplace before. The most feared people are naturally directly under the supervisor. In fact, after working for a few days, you will find that the hardest thing to do is the average old staff. What are the old employees? -- It is the old driver here.

Let's take a look at this article. As a newcomer, how do you face the old drivers of the workplace and the martyrdom of the old employees?

First of all, be mentally prepared.

Being killed by old employees, this is a high probability event. Throughout the ages of ancient and modern China and foreign countries, a newcomer will encounter difficulties in getting into a new environment. Even if you are coming over to lead, you will face the "old driver" of your team, not to mention that you are an intern or have not yet turned positive. Newcomer.

Psychological preparation is necessary. Do not hide when you encounter difficulties. Resentment is not a positive move. The mentality is flat, and if it is a legitimate request, it can be appropriate to meet the vanity of the old staff. This is desirable. On the other hand, we must also see, "How fragile and how fragile it is." Therefore, in the event of a martyr, anyone who first blames others will eventually be killed and educated by others, because the martyrdom itself is wrong.

Then, the action is not humble.

How to take the necessary measures in action? You can revisit the classic "Xunzi Chu" in the primary school language document. At the end of the Spring and Autumn Period, the Qiguo doctor’s nephew sent out the Chu State. In the face of the many insults of the Chu King, how did the nephew fight back and not be ceremonial? It’s hard to be your old staff, just like the original King of Chu, I want to show the prestige.

You are not humble, do not meet the requirements of the other party within the scope of the company's permission, and strongly and refusal to unreasonably or violate the requirements of the company system and personal principles. This not only maintains its own dignity, but also abides by the company system and gives it The old employee step. In this way, as long as 2-3 times, your wit, courage, diligence and generosity will be convinced, and old employees will never be embarrassed.

Finally, if you don't understand the work, you can ask, if you understand, you can ask, and the performance is positive.

A new employee who is motivated to learn is a colleague that leaders, bosses and old employees will like. After entering a company, the first thing to do is to be familiar with people. Everyday, you will be greeted by every employee in the department. Even if you have no problem, you can find a small difficulty to consult the old staff. In most cases, they will answer.

After the same person has asked 2 times, you will be your own person, because people have a tendency to be "good teacher". Once he replies and guides you twice, and you have paid for it, he will be subconscious. I want to get a return. This reward is not to expect you to invite him to dinner, but to see you apply what you have learned, using his methods and insights to grow rapidly. Your growth is a reward for him, and you become his "brother" or "sister." Everyone has the thoughts and instinct of guarding the scorpion. In this way, it is the best way to do the opposite. Your old staff has become the brother who is looking forward to your growth.

In the face of martyrdom, it is not intentional collision, nor is it difficult to retreat, but to face up and "will count", and train him/her into his own person, then you will win, and then the evaluation and identification of the internship or the correction proposal In the middle, the other party can help you. Plus, you are motivated in your work, eager to learn, and protect the company's interests, and ultimately can affect older employees.

The above three aspects are going forward at the same time, and you are no longer afraid of the martyrdom of the old staff.

But remember, you can't make other new employees, even if you become an old driver in the workplace.

I wish you all a better career!

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