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Small and charming German pen Kaweco, satisfying all your imaginations about beauty


I love to visit bookstores, especially the children’s shoes of independent business bookstores. I must have seen this pen.

The octagonal pen body shape, small and portable , is the biggest feature of this pen. This is the Kaweco CLASSIC Sport classic pen from Kaweco.

Six colors are available, each color is not bright, but it is very eye-catching. The longer it takes, the more fascinating the color is polished by the years. It’s never exaggerated to say that it’s never going to be.

Put some details and feel the fine workmanship of Kaweco (picture from X treasure, invade)

Packaging is also extra-minded, sincere.

Regular channel purchase, you can also global guarantee 哟~

Interjecting the off topic, I was most impressed by this pen, but the dog below, Kaweco was bitten in his mouth, Meng did not want.

Closer to home, just arrived at Taobao to search for pictures, actually found Kaweco opened a flagship store, well, it is enough to know. However, if you look closely at the shop decoration and the baby's details page, it seems that the Chinese market is not well understood. . .

Compared with Lamy, the top ten brands of German pens, the total sales volume of the store can be described as one heaven and one underground. Disproportionate to sales, this pen is not small.

In 1883, Mr. Luce and Englen founded the company Heidelberger Federhalter farik, the earliest parent company of the Kaweco brand. However, the name Kaweco did not appear in Heidelberg's address book for the first time until 1889. At first, Kaweco produced a wooden dip pen, and the pen and gold-plated nib were imported from New York by Morton.

In 1899, merchants Heinrich Koch and Rudolph Weber acquired the Heidelberg fountain pen factory and completed the assembly of new products in Handschuhsheim outside Heidelberg. The products were branded with brands such as Perkeo, Omega and Kaweco.

In 1908, Kaweco.DRGM224101 obtained the patent for the first safety pen and received in-depth promotion. This pen is the prototype of the Classic Sport series we mentioned above.

In 1921, Kaweco became a company limited by shares, and it hired 600 employees. The annual output of pens can reach about 130,000. Today's extremely popular rods are also in mass production this year.

In 1930, the small-scale Baden pen factory Knust Woringen and Grube (owned by Aurumia) from Wiesloch acquired Kaweco's corporate name, machinery, shares and patents. Since then, the brand and product model of Kaweco and Aurumia have been completely merged, and the three-stage round logo of KA WE CO has appeared, and it has been used as a feature in almost all pens.

In 1945, all of Kaweco's production was almost completely stopped during World War II. It was not until the end of the war, on October 30, 1945, that it was allowed to resume production. The German Shepherd became the heraldic animal that continues to this day, the dog in the picture above.

In 1971, Kaweco received the official permission of the Olympic Games and launched a sports suit with a pendant of the Olympic rings. The famous Sport Sport series, which is famous for its cash, was born here.

From 1994 to 1999 , Kaweco's title and dealers changed hands. Until 2000, Kaweco launched its own business, together with h&m gut-berlet gmbh, to establish a global sales network, with the support of agents and distributors, Kaweco The product officially walked out of Germany, out of Europe, and to the world.

In 2005, the Kaweco sports series was first made of aluminum and the Kaweco AL sport was born.

In 2017, Kaweco has been sold to more than 40 regions and regions around the world, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

How, after reading the history of Kaweco, is it a bit more for the love of this small and charming pen? Looking very delicate, actually has more than 100 years of history, do you feel like Tianshan nursery rhymes?

Ok, the last routine is to say: I hope that there will be such a stationery brand in the country one day~