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Running the wrist unit does not set these 2 data, thousands of dollars of equipment, can not play any role!


Hey, OO7 running friends are good. I am canned. Recently, our administrator has a sister paper and bought a running heart rate monitor! This is the reward she gave herself after completing the marathon. She is very happy. I shared this news with me for the first time, but because my mobile phone has no power, I am, I, I, I, I, and I have only responded after several hours.

When I replied with congratulations to her and praised it, she obviously had no excitement at the beginning. This blames me!

Until, I said this sentence: Have you tested your maximum heart rate? She only responded to the information in a few minutes, and now back in seconds! what? Maximum heart rate? Why test the maximum heart rate? So I started my heart rate class and knocked on the blackboard!

It’s not uncommon for a running friend like this loved sister paper to buy thousands of watches. It’s still like running before, watching the number of kilometers, speed, um, with heart rate will also look at the heart rate. However, you need to know that these heart rate data doesn't make much sense until you have tested your maximum heart rate and resting heart rate ! This did not play the basic role of the heart rate monitor at all.

Once a brand of people ridiculed that many users spent 6,000 yuan to buy their watches, only 600 features! I fully understand what she meant!

And it is very common! Just in the marathon I participated in in March, I met a running friend. She also runs the full marathon. After 25 kilometers, we basically ran together. She said that she also has a heart rate monitor, but she didn't wear it because she didn't set the maximum heart rate and the resting heart rate. It felt very troublesome, she didn't set it up, and she threw it at home after wearing it a few times. After hearing it, I felt that she was a local tyrant!

There is also a runner, I taught her to measure the maximum / resting heart rate and settings, and spent a week! Wechat chat teaches, step by step screenshots teach her to set up, patience is really a good thing, fortunately the final set is successful!

Heart rate values ​​don't make much sense, interval values ​​are the point!

And such questions are frequently asked in the community, or when someone says it, afterwards! Some people may say, how troublesome, if you buy it, you can't use it directly?! In fact, there is no way for the business, because he can't know the heart strength of each person. You have to buy it yourself and test it before you can play it! If you buy it and use it directly, then you can't even use the 600 pieces!

You have to know that you bought a watch! If you don't set it up, this watch is equivalent to no effect! Even if you can see heart rate data! The heart rate value is just a number, and its meaning is actually not that big! In fact, it is more important to know the heart rate interval level of the current running value, and to compare the maximum heart rate or the reserve heart rate (reserve heart rate = maximum heart rate - resting heart rate).

We all know that during the running, we run slow, run fast and run for a long time, the effect is different. I often hear people say that running is aerobic exercise, and that running is also running fast and running slowly. What speed is running to be aerobic? The answer is that there is no standard answer! Because everyone's heart is unique, for example: I run 6 allocation is an aerobic interval, but some people may still be warm-up, and some may belong to anaerobic, these are possible. So if you don't set your own data! The numbers you see don't make any sense. You buy a watch just to make it a "coach" that belongs to you, so it must be unique.

Better heart rate

So the maximum heart rate just mentioned or the percentage of the reserve heart rate interval, which one do we choose? The suggestion is to use the reserve heart rate! Because when we take the maximum heart rate percentage to detect the training intensity, it starts from the heartbeat zero, it will produce errors! Someone will ask, how is the heart rate interval of each intensity calculated? And how to set it up?

You can understand, but now it is directly converted for you after the watch enters the maximum heart rate and the resting heart rate, so the complicated calculation can be tangled. However, you have to know that this conversion requires two important data, namely - maximum heart rate and resting heart rate. Not much nonsense, let's first look at how to test the maximum heart rate!

Maximum heart rate test

If you want to use this watch, you must try your best! When you try your best, run hard. Anyway, when I ran, the people in the entire playground thought that I was a fool, flying for a while! Then stop again and fly again! After running, I quickly quit, hahaha! This group of tests, when you run to vomit, it means you tried your best! After each group of 400 meters / 800 meters, after the end, press the end, then restart the next group, and finally go to see the maximum heart rate.

Note: If you have a heart disease, do not perform the actual physical measurement of the maximum heart rate, and it is best to have someone present during the test.

Resting heart rate test

There are a lot of official news, such as choosing a morning with sufficient sleep and regular life. After waking up, sit up and keep quiet for 1 minute. Record the value measured by the heart rate monitor after 1 minute. I am directly choosing a day of adequate sleep, sleeping on my watch, and then waking up to see the minimum heart rate on my watch.

Setting, the most important step

At the beginning we mentioned, we must set it according to the percentage of reserve heart rate! The way to choose the reserve heart rate percentage!

Then fill in your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate! Others can automatically get the heart rate interval. Finish, confirm, sync! Just got it!

This is my heart rate number, quiet heart rate 46, maximum heart rate 181. These data, don't compare with anyone, there is no point, how much to test, how much to fill, because this is your own! After setting, then this watch will play a role! Later, you will learn how to run according to your heart rate, what each interval means, what each data contains, and how to train the marathon according to your heart rate.

Of course, before the class has started, pay attention to [007 in the running world] and reply to "heart rate" to hear all the answers.

According to heart rate, a very important concept change is not to care about speed, focus on your heart rate, and pay attention to your exercise effect! (Automatic identification of QR code)