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Between a slime and a ooze, there is only one rusty weapon.


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Six years ago, Famitsu had selected 50 of the player's favorite game characters. The slime of the Dragon Quest was ranked fourth. The top three were Sneek, Mario, Claude. .

Throughout this list, most of them are heads with face and face, only slime, very irresponsibly grow into a group of mucus, with a face and face.

On the appearance, on the ability, Slime can not be compared with other characters in this list.

The reason behind the popularity of slime, the designer Sakai Yuji has had an explanation:

"Probably because it is the player's first enemy to defeat, and it is easy to be defeated, and they are very cute... The human character will change in different games, but Slime has been there."

Beginning with "Dragon Quest", Slime slowly broadens the way in many types of games, and produces cousins ​​of various abilities and appearances.

The ooze in World of Warcraft.

Amoeboid in Ricky and Ding Dong.

Slime in My World.

Of course, this kind of creature made by the game maker can be fired up to now, not just the appearance.

Today we will talk about the story behind Slime.

Slime has the meaning of mucus and ooze in English. There is a thing called Slime mold in biology. The Chinese name is slime mold, and the appearance is similar to that of slime. Don't try to search for this word, you will be disgusted to eat.

In the 1970s, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson added something called Green slime when designing the board game Dragon and Dungeons. It was probably the first slime in the history of the game. .

Wikipedia has a very vivid description of this stuff:

“This is a terrible, stinking creature, like bright green, sticky, moist moss, growing on walls and ceilings in basements, sewers, dungeons, mines, etc.”

Gary Gygax painted it in the Dungeons & Dragons Monsters Handbook.

In 1981, Slime appeared in Sir-tech's "Witchcraft."

Old players of RPG games should have heard about this game. It is a veteran of this type. The producer is Sir-tech, and the company’s Sirowek brothers have created the classic “Genesis”. series".

The gameplay is a dungeon adventure that we are familiar with. In addition to the interesting goblin introduced earlier, there is a monster named "Spiler Slime".

I don't know if I was lucky or unfortunate. These two neighbors became representatives of cannon fodder and bottom creatures in many games later.

The green slime in Dungeons & Dragons is more like a plant, while the bubble slime has animal attributes.

This design directly affected Sakurai Shoji, who said in an interview:

"I was really fascinated by the PC game "Witchcraft". There is a creature that looks very simple. I got the inspiration from it. I painted the role of this mucus and handed it to the character design bird. Mr. Shan Ming, he made it into the slime we see today."

"Dragon Quest Dragon Slim"

In the original design, Slime was just a pile of mucus, but Toriyama designed it into a drop of water because they thought it looked "perfect".

Take the words of today, stupid and cute.

These little guys were just some of the low-powered mobs when they first appeared on the scene. Like the other monsters in Dragon Quest, it also has its own mantra: Hey, it’s a bit like eating something. They like to use goo instead of words and syllables in English, such as "human" as "gooman".

After the game was released, the image of Slime was unexpectedly popular, and each subsequent work also logically added more and more plays to Slime.

Bubble slime.

Metal slime.

King Slime and so on.

Another work deeply influenced by "Witchcraft" is "Final Fantasy". In the early 1987, this kind of thing called "Green Slime" appeared.

In the NES version, it is called SCUM, and the attack power is only 1 point in a symbolic position, and the defense value is as high as 255. Attacks can poison people, so players must prepare antidote in advance when crossing the swamp cave.

Slim has appeared in almost every generation of Final Fantasy, and its appearance is getting more and more disgusting.

3 generations.

5 generations.

12 generations.

Let's take a look at the appearance of Slim Amoeboid in Ricky and Ding Dong. It is not difficult to find that it did not escape the shadow of Final Fantasy.

These things don't have much attack and blood, but they are very annoying. They will split one by two, then two and four, and one bullet will not fall.

In fact, the Amoeboids on Rilgar's planet have been completely eliminated, but they are still full of children and grandchildren, relying on strong division and reproduction.

The ooze in World of Warcraft is a relative of Slime. Its English name is Ooze, which has the same meaning of slime as Slime.

These things often appear in some dirty and humid places, swallowing and corroding everything that comes into contact with them. After death, they will drop all sorts of messy things - maybe they are all eaten and not digested.

Blizzard did not over-ink the background of this creature. What forces they belong to, whether they have self-awareness, and what they depend on for survival and reproduction, no one can be sure.

In Hearthstone, the dew rate of the ooze is not low, and the acid swamp ooze is a nightmare with a weapon profession.

The comment is: "The ooze likes the flamenco dance. Don't ask why." This type of dance originated in Spain, with very exaggerated body movements, oozes without bones, you know.

The mud sprayer is a very cost-effective taunt card that will summon a mud monster after death.

The effect of splitting a ooze is similar, it summons a copy of the accompaniment at the end of the turn.

These three cards outline the two core characteristics of the ooze or slime: the erosiveness of everything and the inexhaustible ability of wildfires to burn.

If it has a line, it should be: I can't beat you, but I will die of you.

The logic of slime is so natural, dirty places are often dark and damp, not grassy, ​​full of rubbish and sticky objects, if there is still living creatures there, it should be slime, it is not picky eaters , low IQ, strong survivability.

So be careful, even if this slime is as cute as the one in Dragon Quest, don't be fooled, and you will become a pile of mucus, everything is late.

This article is original by " interesting point" , the picture comes from the network (invasion), please indicate the source " fun point" and the author name of the article, and must include the end of the picture .