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Issue 82: The house was fired after 70 days, and the speculative coins were not found in the north by 90 flickering.


"It's really tired. After we bought a house in the 80s, we cut the leeks after 70. The frying coins were again like the fools after the 90s." - Chat from WeChat

Laoqu is a post-80s, married in 16 years, and at the end of the 17th, he did business with friends and was a lot of money. In 18 years, he was mainly responsible for accounting. He summed up a sentence himself. From 16 to 18 years, his mother did not do anything serious.

I said that these 18 years are still not finished, so don't settle down so early.

The old song does not hit a place, but no, this a few days ago, this entered the currency circle, the money to be accounted for almost all bears (cheat).

"In May of the 18th, the account of Laoqu was coming back, but there was no business. I saw bitcoin and moved. I found a coffee on Weibo and talked a few words. I was told that Bitcoin’s return on investment is too low. No, I don't mean anything, I have to make new projects, and I will earn a lot later. I don't understand the old songs. I feel that this coffee is a little floating, so I didn't give a reply. After that, I will see the dynamics of this coffee, what? Everyone earned 20 points, and one day predicted success. The commentary also has the words "Boss is really bullish" and "top top". The old song thinks it is, and thinks that this is not the stock market. I made a mistake and lost the analyst.

However, people really can't be idle, nothing to look at, Laoqu also slowly believe this coffee. I rushed to the 1399 group fee and waited for the arrival of dry goods.

It is a pity that the market is not good. After entering the group for a period of time, there is no operation. It is hard to wait for an operation guide. The old song gently tests the water and loses more than 20,000 pieces. If it is twice, each of them loses a few thousand pieces and no operation.

Finally, this coffee has changed the way, to push a 1co for everyone, the friend circle has sunburned the contract, the old songs total short-term losses, can not invest and lose money.

The result was no loss, but the project side ran away, and the old temperament exploded. At this time, he knew that the person who had always advertised his financial freedom was a young man after 90. He was more angry and felt that he was given by a child. Deceived, he said in the group to call the police, there are always two numbers in the group for this coffee. Say what the boss is cheering, we believe in you and the like.

This coffee has not been said for more than half a month after running from the project side. Until a few days ago, a so-called account was updated in the circle of friends and the group.

It explains my hopes and sustenance for this project, says that I have entered the vision and determination of this circle, and finally said about the handling of the problem of running.

The old song summed up: "I don't have money right now, you wait for me to take it back."

Hey, after 80s, we bought a house. After the house was fired for 70 days, the speculative coins were not found in the north. "The old song finally said.

Summary: The old song found me asking about the plustoken problem. I told him that he was not reliable. He said what happened before him. I told him that in this case, the 90-year-old coffee was a personal scum. Your own resolution is also a matter. If you don't plan to do things in the blockchain industry for a long time, I suggest you find another serious work.

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