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The importance of the people on the road to struggle, how to jump to the circle to meet higher levels, your vision determines your pattern


The network of contacts is one of the wealth of one person.

People are social animals, and group membership determines the importance of connections. People often play an indispensable role in a person's success.

How to develop your own network?

A famous Hungarian writer put forward the theory of "six degrees of connections" in a short story . What do you mean? In layman's terms: "That means you can meet any stranger with up to six people."

For example, if I want to know a leader at the national level, I can find my relatives who are leaders in the county. The county leaders must know the city leaders. The city leaders also know the provincial leaders. The provincial leaders must know the leaders of the central government. No more than six layers of relationships can achieve the purpose you want to know.

The best stage for a person to develop a network is to work from a small to a classmate to a basketball partner. In the absence of a social period, there is no interest, which is conducive to cultivating feelings and becoming friends.

At work, we are in contact with leaders, colleagues or customers.

Take a colleague as a friend? Forget it, you are a competitive relationship.

In fact, many people in the university began to feel the cost of making friends. For whatever reason, on campus, there are more and more students who like to be alone. It is often seen that students eat, shop, and drink alone. Sitting alone in the cafe, while sipping coffee, watching the computer, listening to music with headphones, completely immersed in one's world.

Occasionally, you can clear your thoughts and think about life. But the problem is that people are social animals after all, and society is not a place to play alone. Usually, the issue of human-computer relations will be officially highlighted after the university. First, the university does not have a fixed class concept. From kindergarten to high school, students often use the class as the center of life. In a limited space classroom, students quarreled and reconciled, and then noisy after quarreling, so noisy and noisy year after year.

When I arrived at the university, the concept of the class disappeared, and the interpersonal relationship changed tremendously from quantity to quality. From kindergarten to high school, the relationship between colleagues and teachers and students constitutes the entire content of interpersonal relationships. Once you are in college, you are already an adult, heterosexual friends, seniors, juniors, teacher roommates, community friends, part-time friends, and some friends outside the school. Interpersonal relationships range from the closest friends in the circle to those outside the circle who are purely aware of the working relationship. The form of human-machine relationship has exploded compared to the previous one.

With the expansion of interpersonal relationships, the number of friends we meet will also rise sharply. On the other hand, the opportunities for direct contact between people are greatly reduced. It is often the case that a mistake causes a relationship to break and is difficult to repair. In such an environment, it is difficult for us to form a very close relationship as in the past. Therefore, many people will say that friends who have made friends in elementary and junior high schools are the most stable.

After the society is out, the cost of making friends is increasing. It is not like when you have a small time to test a person, you can only judge through the circle.

How to develop your own high-end contacts?

For example, the racing group, Harley group, are some high-end groups.

Some people who engage in photography have met a group of photographers, some are retired cadres, have retired to find a job, play with them, and can learn a lot of life experience.

Some of my best friends, a raptor group to cross Tibet, hundreds of thousands to buy a big pickup raptor, purely a big toy, are some people who have money and leisure.

The same is true for selling wine. The people who can afford Moutai are the group that earns millions a year. It doesn't matter if you don't sell wine. You know the high-end group through wine.

Everyone has no friends, but lacks a playmate. It is most likely to be friends and become friends.

It is too easy for rich people to want to pull someone alone. Just like an ant squatting on the back of an elephant, it is easy to travel around the world without any effort, and the elephant has no feeling of burden.

Why do some people also want to buy a car loan, some in order to force, some to pick up a girl, and some to make it easier to make a higher level of contacts.

The vision is not used, it determines the pattern is different!

On the Internet, many people like to know and ask on the headline: What can be earned 50 items per day? Ask for a month to earn a 3000 item! Ask for a project and so on.

Two words: childish!

A pair of people who want to ask for money, no one is obligated to bring you money, let alone virtual scenes on the Internet. Those who claim to be free of charge to your project either want to lie to you, or they take the commission from the project that teaches you.

The fees and charges of the project, a lot of false big coffee, teach the old projects written outdated.

As long as you don't want to ask for a mentality, in a circle, people who are charismatic are generally happy people. Even if you only have 20 yuan in your pocket, it is a gesture to eat fast food.

So on the Internet, when I identify people who feel competent, his articles, I will do my best to reward. Three times at a time... In this way, I made a lot of big coffee on the Internet! Becoming a friend, I have exchanged a lot of thoughts, projects, etc. in my heart. I think this is immeasurable. It is not a few hundred measurable.

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