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I think about the subscription number or the revision.


On October 20th, it was reported that the WeChat subscription number was ushered in a major revision, and the presentation method will become the public model plus the presentation mode of the article, that is, the form of waterfall flow. Tencent official will not respond to this news. But already all the Internet circles, most of all the media people, are not calm.

The network picture is as follows:

The generalization of a sentence is that the subscription number will likely become a feed stream. This also caused the author's thinking, this article from the following three questions, to ask questions, think about this revision:

  1. Why is it revised?
  2. The purpose of the revision;
  3. I have some doubts about the revision.

First, why is the revision?

1. Users continue to pay attention to the public number only 10%, and the opening rate is lower

According to the “2016 APP and WeChat Public Market Research Report” released by Ai Media Consulting, among the more than 12 million WeChat public accounts, 60% of the WeChat public account insisted on updating the content, and the users continued to pay attention to the WeChat public account. It is 10%. Among them, 57.9% of netizens withdrew their attention due to the low frequency of WeChat public account update.

The low subscription rate is one of the most important issues that the WeChat team has always had. According to the WeChat public number data released by WeChat in the first quarter of 2017, the average open rate of subscription numbers is about 4%. This data does not seem to satisfy the WeChat team.

2. Loss of valuable content, over-marketing is becoming more and more serious

According to the "2016 APP and WeChat Public Market Research Report" released by Ai Media Consulting, 52.3% of users use the WeChat public account to obtain information, and 26.5% of users use knowledge, information and knowledge as content. Then, the valuable content is the main requirement for users to pay attention to and open the subscription number.

In the era of entertainment to death, the over-marketing phenomenon of the public “heading party” has become increasingly serious. Even if WeChat does not change, users of those subscription numbers will never sit still. The content is not good, the topic is not fresh, and the marketing is over-the-counter. Only at present, this reason we have a deep inner heart has not yet had a chance to lead the revolution.

It is most important to be a public number and respect the values ​​of the user experience first. This law is even more important after the public number enters the phase-out period. Because when users pay attention to the public number and share content more rationally, valuable content is more precious and never outdated.

3, sudden rise, competition intensified

As an important means of attracting and precipitating traffic, content has become the top priority of all platform-based enterprises, and the competition for content in various platforms is also inconsistent, even using technology to transfer flowers, "Today's headlines", " Knowing "," "microblogging", "vessels", etc., a sudden rise in the situation, the crisis, even the "headlines today" that has been bursting out before, the high-volume annual salary to rob the "know big V" resources, WeChat wants to force themselves to go Exploring better forms and experiences, not disturbing users and retaining users has always been the principle of WeChat.

Aside from the user's social behavior, personal information and other data, the ability to expand content resources is also the core ability of enterprise content pool construction. In addition, the main income of the "Today's headlines" is based on advertising, which is the original Baidu search cake, the head relies on massive content, accurate algorithm recommendation, and a large number of sales people, a large number of "advertising" cash Profit, can even say that "advertising" has made "headlines today", can WeChat not be tempted? Previously, WeChat’s “Look at it” and “Search for a search” failed to gain the attention of users. WeChat will definitely find other ways to achieve its goal, that is, the “subscription number” will be revised.

Second, the purpose of the revision

1, user perspective analysis

(1) The path to browse the article is shortened, and the public number selection step is omitted.

  • Before Road Jin: Click on the subscription number to enter → select the public number → click on the article
  • Revamped Road Jin: Click on the subscription number to enter → Click on the article

The reduction in reading costs, from "choice" to "browsing", is the two mental states and modes of thinking when people choose and browse . In the past, it was necessary to locate the content according to the name of the number. The user’s own preference for it was determined to be unopened, but the choice was a very brain-burning thing. It’s better to change the choice to see who directly converts to choose who to look at. details.

There is a stepping in the selection process of the public number and then reading the article. The time cost and action cost of laying out the information and making the choice are much lower than those who choose to see first.

(2) Users care about content, content attracts users

If a subscription number is sent twice a day (only the authenticated subscription number can be sent 2 times), if the current typesetting is used, only the first article title and summary of the most recent content can be displayed. And if you use the typesetting of the information stream, he will display both of them. The user can see all the content he has recently pushed without missing content.

The dimensions are different. The current dimension uses the subscription number as the dimension. The new version uses the content as the dimension to highlight the content. In fact, the user is more concerned with the content, and the content is the most attractive to the user.

(3) Little red dot doubts, rescue anxiety

Humans seem to be naturally bored with asymmetry and disharmony, and want to correct these "errors", in short, what everyone usually calls "obsessive-compulsive disorder." The little red dot makes perfect use of this human weakness. In the operation of the app product, almost no users will turn a blind eye to it, and when the user can't help but touch it to eliminate it, the product is the purpose of business diversion. It will be reached.

However, with the subscription number in 2012, the distribution of traffic in these years has been changing, but the application of WeChat public account has not stopped growing. The number of WeChat subscriptions that users are paying attention to is increasing. There are 282 public accounts (also deliberately cleaned up last month), and as people's social circle and WeChat influence continue to grow, from the original, "come, return the business card" "to, leave a mobile phone The number "", add a qq" changed to "come, add a WeChat, sweep", the user's WeChat information is increasing.

The little red dot has gradually lost its role. The number of small red dots is still in the scope of the user's ability to clear and accept. The user will definitely clean up, but once the user has “abandoned”, he even starts to “escape”.

2. Analysis of the public number

(1) Reduce the excessive marketing of “Title Party” and pay attention to “quality content output”

From the user's point of view, after the revision, it can be judged from the title and abstract of the article in the information flow. After reducing the point, it is found that it is the disappointment of the “heading party” and the user experience is greatly improved. After this revision, from the content export side, this revision will allow them to reduce the over-marketing of the “headline party” and return to the output of high-quality content.

Therefore, the real content creation output still has to think about it. Standing in a long-term situation, it is far better to continue to produce original and excellent stories than to follow the chaos in front of you, to scrape together the low-level manuscripts, and try every means to grasp human nature. Weakness, following the so-called 10W+ will be more valuable.

(2) "Decentralization", do not concentrate users on a certain "public number"

The old version takes time as the main dimension. If the new version also takes time as the main dimension, there will be a situation of typhoon screen, but the typhoon screen also has the advantage of typhoon screen. This is also an incentive for the public number operator, the opening rate of the public number. In recent years, there have been continuous declines, especially after the players who joined, it is more and more difficult to suck, it is difficult to start, changed to the form of information flow, as long as the operator is willing to update, the update time is in line with the user's browsing time, there is a chance to appear in Within the user's line of sight.

Another angle of thinking, the user's fragmentation time is fixed for a certain period of time, after this revision, you can save a lot of unnecessary choices or spend "A" time, then the user will spend time in "BCD" will change many.

Faced with the public number or will face a major reshuffle, the value of fans will be greatly reduced, a large number of public numbers will face the possibility of fans to take the clearance, the difficulty of getting customers increased, more emphasis on quality content, and now return to the original intention - content.

(3) Weaken the difference between the public numbers and give new visitors a fair chance of competition.

In the previous edition, the path for switching the public number was long, and it was necessary to click in and out to point in. The user wants to consult a lot of public numbers, which is inconvenient to operate, and the cost and time cost are high. Now through the article dimension, the exposure of the public number that is not frequently viewed will also increase.

WeChat will clean up the "battlefield" of the subscription number again, and pull the large and small ones into this distribution channel at the same time. The opening rate of the article tends to be "fair", allowing them to compete reasonably in a relatively fair way. The purpose of this is to stimulate the creative enthusiasm of the public number operators, so as to enhance the stock of WeChat's content library as a whole, so that more trumpet can increase the opening rate and reading volume, and not miss the competition because they missed the bonus of the previous two years of the subscription number. Opportunity, not because the mainstream public number is too strong to survive, and then continue to develop without "abandoning the field." In addition, let the new trumpet to stimulate and oppress the V V public number, let them continue to innovate to output quality content.

3. WeChat angle analysis

(1) Strategic level: It is conducive to stimulating the output of high-quality content, saving the opening rate

The revision of WeChat weakens the main body of information generation and improves the efficiency of direct access to the audience. When an article is updated, the list can be displayed. This form is more convenient for users to filter information efficiently and quickly, so that the user does not have too much pressure to see the past unread information in the list of ticket subscription numbers. But when the subscription number message becomes a stream of information, it means that the output of each item will become a test of the subscription number, and the quality of the content gradually becomes the key to driving the user to click.

For the platform, it will inevitably affect the attention of fans, improve the content ecology of the subscription number, encourage the output of high-quality content, and in turn maintain the competitiveness of the first application of the social platform.

(2) Competition level: sudden attack, crisis, search for transformation

The content platform gradually adds commenting functions to increase social and e-commerce attributes, so WeChat does social applications and content precipitation. It also competes with content platforms such as Zhizhi and Today. Knowing that today's headline information flow has achieved good results, WeChat faces a continuous opening rate, WeChat traffic has been kidnapped by the King, WeChat's development in recent years, can be said to be in a state of stagnation, WeChat The public account reform is imminent.

WeChat is also exploring and trying. It is carrying a 900 million-month-old user. It wants to force itself to explore better forms and experiences, and to uphold the principle of not disturbing users, and not to let users lose.

(3) Business level: information flow makes advertising implantation possible

In the past, content was organized in the public dimension, and it was inconvenient to conduct commercial interference in advance of ensuring the user experience. Organizing in the form of articles makes it possible to pay for the promotion of articles, adding a site for advertising.

Today's headline's main income is advertising. Today's headlines divide the advertising cakes of Baidu, Weibo and Tencent. Next, if WeChat can open the public information stream advertisement, we will use the WeChat 900 million monthly livelihood and the user base of the headline will be bigger. WeChat is also the biggest advertising channel leader.

(4) Data level: collection and utilization of big data resources

The main reason why today's headlines become the main channel of advertising is its accurate recommendation algorithm. Wechat has the most comprehensive data on big data is the user's social relationship data, which can deepen the investment of accurate users of accurate advertisements, and big data can react with WeChat's big data collection.

Some insiders pointed out that the most complete social relationship data of WeChat, social sentences are mostly short sentences, and a large number of high-quality content is mostly output in the form of articles, and user participation, praise and reading data are also important analytical indicators. The value of the semantic database of Tencent artificial intelligence is also huge.

Third, I have some doubts about the revision.

1. How to solve the situation of the bullscreen?

It is also a question that many people ask. The author thinks about whether the subscription number push rule will be modified to solve and prevent the occurrence of the bullscreen.

Currently, the subscription number will be changed once within one day, and the rules for multiple publications may change. It may become one day and can be published multiple times, and only one item at a time, but the total number of times must be limited. Otherwise, it may appear like "brushing friends." The "behavior of the circle, the behavior of the screen, and changing the rules, the public number will not go to the screen, or will cherish every prime time to send.

2. Is the top function of the subscription number still reserved?

At present, users can pin their own public number and quickly find the content they are interested in. Will this feature be cancelled after the revision, because the content that can be displayed on the first screen is limited, if there is a form of information flow, if there is still a top The function is that it is very likely that the content of the page topping is the same content each time, and the output efficiency of the content of the public number of the content of the content is also a side effect.

However, if it can't be pinned, the role of the subscription number body is almost completely weakened. The user pays attention to the public number so much, how to let the user see the information released by the public number that he is concerned with at once, the small top function is to solve the problem. A big step.

3. Will the system recommendation module be there?

The recommendation mechanism will be available sooner or later. Under the information flow, a large amount of user preference data can be obtained through user behavior, so that the content of interest can be recommended to achieve more accurate content distribution and matching. The promotion potential of the subscription number is great, after all, WeChat is also It is intended to rely on this income to become the mainstream of advertising distribution channels.

However, for WeChat, which has always been restrained, we have this huge WeChat group. It is very difficult for people of all kinds to recommend a content that everyone is satisfied with. The implementation of thousands of people, the current technical big data. Information collection is inaccurate, it is difficult to get the user's approval, or it is more "routing", the user will "escape".

4. Will the entry number of the subscription number be adjusted?

Currently, the subscription number is not fixed. In product design, and "dialogue" is a level, it will often rush to the first screen, which may be one of the reasons for the lower rate of subscription opening. If WeChat really intends to make a big subscription number, as the total entry point for content stream distribution, from the possible level after the revision, the revised subscription number should be independent, appearing as a relatively independent module, at least with a circle of friends. Hierarchical display.

If this is really adjusted after the revision, it really means the relocation of the subscription number function: the total entry for content-based information distribution.

Then, will the location of the subscription number be rewritten, and will the entry location be adjusted? Waiting~

Fourth, summary

Every change is an opportunity. Smaller individuals also have their own brands.

If WeChat is revised, this is an opportunity for the media to force themselves from the media, let the media explore and explore a better way to improve the user experience and meet the needs of users. As long as you play the title and cover, the flow is not a problem, find out the recommended ranking algorithm, and get the most benefit from the reform situation. This is the most important issue for WeChat since the media.


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