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Why are the mistresses of corrupt officials old and ugly?


Old readers may know that there is a legendary figure in the university classmates of the week. Shenge University only did one thing in four years, fitness. Then, with a strong physique, I applied for a large domestic airline pilot, and now I am flying around international routes all the year round.

Speaking of the initial motivation of being a pilot, Shen Ge, who is fascinated by color, was outspoken at the time:

"I want to have more women."

More than ten years have passed, and this is still the most sincere confession ever heard in the week.

A few days ago, Shen Ge flew back from South America, and the Spring Festival can enjoy a rare holiday. At a sheep soup shop near Chegongzhuang, Beijing, we sat face to face and discussed some sensitive topics of interest.

Shen Ge pointed to a woman who looked "old and ugly" on the screen of the mobile phone and said to me with contempt:

“The taste of the leader is really special.”

Seeing Shen Bao’s arrogant look, I think that these years’ wishes have already become a reality, and the juice of desire may have spread to Europe and America. In his view, whether it is the European-American horse, the Latin American girl, or the soft-sister of the South China South, to ignite his desire for fire, there are indispensable faces, sexy body and youthful vigor. Like a veteran veteran like him, it is hard to imagine that the leaders will take great risks and be tempted by women who are over half a year old and bleak. Under the confusion, he can only speculate that it is the inferior “taste” of leading the hunger, which leads to the absurd result.

Obviously, this kind of inference is completely wrong. Shen Ge is familiar with his passions and knows nothing about the officialdom. His rash decision is one of the projections of the misunderstanding of the official society on the official environment.

I decided to "educate" Shenge. Put a cigarette and watch him slowly:

"Your question is very good, my readers should like it. First of all, thank you for providing the writing material. Next, first ask you a question, × have so many women, are you feeling tired?"

Shen Ge did not consciously hold his neck, and smiled and said: "Of course not. It is endless."

I also laughed, playing a smoky ash: "When you watched the movie together and flew the plane, don't you have to do it?"

"I will tell you the truth for the past. In these years, you have been to many places, × a lot of women, the pattern has indeed seen more, but the freshness is less and less. Those scenes that once made your blood spurt, Color, breath, but now it is getting pale and boring, it is more and more difficult to stimulate sex. You are anxious, not willing to be weak, eager to regain the feeling of the peak. So have to spend more time and earned Hard money, go find and buy new stimuli. Even if this person is unclear, you may even carry a deadly virus, as long as you can get a poor satisfaction, you will also rush to start dangerous actions without protection."

"Your question is all the problems of Fengyue. You think you are very understanding of sex, enjoying love, and earning more joy in life than other men. In fact, apart from illness, anxiety and empty wallets, you have nothing at all. "

Shen Ge put up a smile and screamed dissatisfied:

"Don't let me stand, you are more than anyone else. It's as if you have experienced it yourself, what a joke?"

I stared at him and said, "This is it. You have never been exposed to officialdom and officials. How do you know the minds of officials?"

Shenge screamed twice and said: " When the leader is not a man? Who does not love the world, the devil figure? "

I took it:

"Of course not! Your biggest mistake is that the most wonderful taste in the world is the joy of bed. It is the ultimate enjoyment to press the sexiest woman down. In fact, compared with the pleasure brought by power. These are not worth mentioning at all. But for corrupt officials, there are ninety-nine of those who have mistresses. This does not stem from the impulse of the lower body, but the poison of the alienation of power. I have contacted many corrupt officials and read many confessions. I know that some people seem to have a group of wives and sorrows, but they have already lost their sexual ability. Even with drugs, they have been unable to achieve the simplest insertion. What are they recruiting mistresses? It is not satisfying sexual desire, but satisfying control. Desire. "

"You can talk about the word power, but you don't understand the taste of power. When you have the opportunity to control the sorrows and sorrows of others, even when you have the chance to live and die, when you have the opportunity to accept the admiration of countless people and even bow down, when you have the opportunity to define the rules of society and value system even determine the direction of society as a whole, you will feel beyond their skins flesh, like light scattering as expansion, filled all space far as the eye you, is a living God. this Extremely happy and satisfied, what is the comparison between a few women? "

"Wealth can bring material satisfaction, but it has no meaning for spiritual satisfaction. Even those who are rich and powerful, such as Ma X, will lose all vitality if they lose the moisturizing of the spotlight. Please believe that the mirror is taken once. Giving him happiness will be far greater than earning tens of millions of real money. They are keen on all kinds of self-packaging, giving lectures, and throwing money, but to fill the inner loneliness and anxiety and try to power in this society. It has a place in the pattern ."

“Return to the original question. Corrupt officials may not refuse to compete with young and beautiful women for a long time, but to develop into a stable relationship of 'mistress', it is not as simple as the favor, the breasts and fat buttocks. Only the squat rules A woman who understands the mentality of the officials, has a high emotional intelligence, and has long sleeves and good dances is likely to gain the long-term favor of high-level corrupt officials. The so-called official mistress, who is actually an agent of corrupt officials and white gloves, is a partner who realizes power and shares. The sexual relationship between the two sides is more like a loyalty contract than a physical pleasure. "

"In the final two sentences:

First, the most intractable thing in the world is power, not sex;

Second, corrupt officials × are not women, but power. do you understand?

Hearing here, Shen Ge picked up the glass of wine: "Look at your poor acidity, that is, a mouth can blow. Do it."

Postscript: The rhetoric of Shenge University is not original. (The following is controversial. Many people think that the word "日" should be miswritten by the word "同". But I think that although the word "同" is literally spoken, it is far-fetched. It is more important to communicate with several women. The goal is written in the diary, and it is too light. The "communication" here is also very meaningful. I suggest that you do not argue, understand that my article is intended to be "the most poisonous".) The famous scholar Ji Xianlin's diary of youth In the past, there have been words like this : " I have no other hopes in this life. I only hope that I can have several women for many days ." When I first read this sentence, of course , I was shocked and inexplicably, and I couldn’t help but step back three hundred steps in my mind. Looking at this well-respected conscience writer, is his heart so rough?

Later, after passing through the world, he was even more admired by Mr. Ji Xianlin. Behind those names that are ridiculous, there are several sex scandals that are not ruined? I can imagine that when they packed up and went to Vanity Fair, the real thoughts of Huai’s thoughts were nothing more than making a pot full of more than a few women. Since humanity is ridiculous, you and I are the same, and it is best not to raise your face to teach others. But if someone can take the initiative to walk down the altar, uncover the mask, and show the ugly look of desires to people, we still have to pay tribute. the reason is simple:

If there is no desire to be called a saint, there has never been a saint in this world.

Born as a mortal, but dare to face desire and remain humble and sober, mortals have become saints.

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