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True mother gun is not worth being hugged


"It is not acceptable to accept things in the dimension. It is necessary to blame... all in 8012, this society is still like this."

My friend commented on the microblog that I forwarded, "The netizen angered the first lesson of CCTV."

On the first day of school in September, after waiting for ten minutes of advertising, the first lesson of the school was finally late, and soon after the show was broadcast, several small meats on the stage became discussed. Focus and shelling objects.

The buzz on the Internet has been around, and I think that the young meat of these mothers is not good for the children. The first lesson of the school has a bad influence on the children. There are even ridicules: "the young mother is the Chinese mother", and even more, Say something like "put these guns as four evils apart".

Just open a related Weibo, the comments below are probably mostly buzz. But there is another voice. They support or understand the "mother gun", and they also blame the unsightly personal attacks and extreme speech on the Internet.

The two sounds look tit for tat, and if you think about it, you might not be talking about the same thing.

When discussing a problem, first of all, to figure out what we are discussing. Then when we were discussing "the mother gun", what are we talking about?

The word "Mother's Cannon" comes from the Taiwanese idol drama "I want to become a hard persimmon" 11 years ago. The female actor describes the male master as being feminine, weak and timid.

In the interpretation of Baidu Encyclopedia, the sissy is used to describe the man's movements, behaviors, and feminine images. His synonym is a mother-in-law, which is generally used to describe a man's sissy, like a woman.

In recent years, the word has been used more and more frequently.

Temperament, handsome looks may be called "mother gun", pink items may be used as a mother gun, dressing dress is more delicate than a woman, the skin will be called "mother gun" than a woman white.......

I have to admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the national labeling. Irregularly labeling people is eager to draw a line with the other party, and secondly, it is easy to carry out the fight . Such behavior is terrible and shameful.

As a senior straight man, I don't particularly appreciate the men who are well-dressed and well-dressed. They are not particularly disgusted, because these external images cannot be the core criterion for evaluating a person. What's more, men's exquisite dressing and pursuit of beauty are the choices that everyone deserves to be affirmed; while gentle personality, temperament and behavior tend to women, as long as they are not artificial, they should also be worthy of basic respect.

Exquisite clothing, gentle and even temperament, face makeup... These can not be used as an excuse to use a person as a gun, but can not be a weapon for personal attacks by cyber mobs. For those who rise to the national level, if they are When you encounter it in your life, be alert to them.

I still remember a few male students in different grades in the student era. Now, in retrospect, they may be the kind of boys who are easily labeled as " Mother ".

You can't tell how they differ from other boys because there is no difference at all. They are even far from the so-called "soft" and "exquisite", shaved their heads, have big throats, and stand in the toilet to pee . It’s just that they may speak more whisperingly, and may occasionally inadvertently tilt an orchid finger. Maybe the action in the physical education class is a bit like a girl. Maybe it won’t play with us, but prefer to chat with female classmates. ... But these do not affect them to become good students in the class, do not affect them to become our good friends, parents' good sons, the company's good staff.

The only thing that affects them is the "mother-gun" label that is insulted and discriminated against by people who can't be said to be forced.

Wu Qingfeng said: "There is nothing wrong with having feminine qualities. I have the tenacity and courage. I don't think those who criticize me maliciously are better than me. Those who hide under the unknown network can dare to attack people at will, but There is no courage to face, people who create their own lives, who consume their lives in meaningless jealousy, who cancel them, are the sissy girls in my personality."

I strongly agree. Not to mention toughness and courage, exquisiteness and gentleness, these qualities are not different because of gender differences.

When listening to the song of Soda Green, I was amazed at the talent of Wu Qingfeng's writing and composing, but I don't think he is very "mother". When I watch Xiao Xiao's debate, I admire his meticulous logic and my thoughts, but I don't think He is very pregnant. On the contrary, those who fired indiscriminately and maliciously injured others, regardless of gender, may be the sissy in the sense of personality in Wu Qingfeng’s mouth.

There is a man who has impressed me so far.

One night I took the bus. The man sat in a row in front of my left front, shaved a few millimeters of inch, and the tiger's back was so long that it looked very embarrassing.

After getting on the bus, he took out his mobile phone and started to voice with others. I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but he spoke loudly. The phrase " Allah Shanghai Ning " exposed his Shanghainese identity. Without saying a few words, I found out that this seemingly strong Shanghai man has a feminine temperament that is completely inconsistent with his appearance. It is accompanied by a very accented Shanghai dialect.

After driving a few stops, the driver slammed on the brakes and stood next to the little brother's mug. He slammed out of the bag and the Shanghai man was shocked. The younger brother apologized again and again, Shanghai The man repeatedly turned a few white eyes, patted his chest and kept saying " Scare me, oh ", and then painted the cross several times on the chest. I can't help but laugh, this person seems to be too over-reacted. Then he started talking on the phone with the previous voice, and I played my own phone. Inadvertently, I heard that the Shanghai man spoke with the other side in Mandarin with the Shanghai dialect: " is definitely not comparable to Allah Shanghai...there are many small villages here, which used to be developed from the small fishing village... sure Still not so international...".

As soon as I looked up, I saw a vulgar, high-spirited face in the window, and suddenly I thought this person was a mother.

After the broadcast of the first lesson of the school, there are actually some sounds of rational criticism.

Male artists, or some men, more and more refined makeup and more and more serious feminine temperament are not what we really worry about.

Behind the censorship is not the confrontation between men and women, nor the game of male and female aesthetics. What many people criticize and resent is the real guns that flow in appearance and form without actual connotation. Especially in such a commercial and entertainment market environment, many of them are just the “products” of packaging, and it is equally difficult to harvest hundreds of millions of traffic and fans without any difficulty. This is a worrying phenomenon.

We really should respect the differences in aesthetics. Just as southerners like tofu brains are sweet, northerners like tofu brains are salty, and aesthetic diversity is worthy of respect and understanding. However, while promoting tolerance and diversity, it is more necessary to be alert to the loss of discernment and to be alert to the sensation of morbid and deformed products . This is why so many people are so sensitive and radical.

Because the real mother gun is not worthy of being embraced.