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Keeping moderate tension is one of the ways to improve work efficiency, do you know?


Everyone must want to know how to improve their work efficiency . The resume chain is a small way to talk about ways to improve work efficiency .

Keywords: How to improve work efficiency and improve work efficiency

1. Correct working attitude

Attitude is a person's main values ​​and the concept of self. The attitude of life dominates and influences people's behavior, and a good and dedication of work attitude is the key to success. A correct working attitude is a function that does not have unrealistic expectations for the work, but also correctly recognizes the value realized by the work. With a correct working attitude, we will show enthusiasm, passion and vitality to work, to others and to ourselves. I will love my work from the heart and realize my self-worth in my work.

2, find a point of interest in the work

When I first entered the workplace, the work I was exposed to might be boring, tedious, monotonous, and even tiring and self-inquiring: Is this what I have to do for a lifetime? Can I only do this? At this time, in addition to testing the patient's endurance, it is also a test of whether the newcomers in the workplace can make psychological adjustments.

3, maintain moderate tension

The pressure brought by work and the pressure brought by the workplace environment will cause psychological stress. If you are worried that your work cannot be completed and you are worried about your image at work, the more stressful and stressful you are, the more you need to learn to relax, control your life, and maintain your health and balance under moderate stress levels. .

4, venting bad mood

Bad emotions can only be eliminated if they are vented, and they can gain psychological calm and gain a healthy mentality in order to be able to face future work. The way to vent bad emotions is to find friends to talk, exercise, write a diary, and cry. When you are exhausted, bad emotions often vanish.

5, self-suggestion

Good psychological cues will lead to good psychological improvement? The promise is yes. Psychologists believe that psychological cues are derived from people's ability to be "independent" in self-awareness. Once good emotions are established, they will form a special iron force that will inspire us to change reality.

Always give yourself positive and powerful hints in short language, use motivational pictures, books, mottos, etc. as a tool for self-suggestion, watch inspirational videos or stories, adjust emotions, stick to it, you will find it is useful. Tell me, I am awesome!

6, the principle of Premack

Of course, we may encounter some problems in our work, or things we don't like but have to do. We may complete it with procrastination, sloppy, or perfunctory attitude. What should I do at this time?

Psychology has a concept of "premake principle", which is the psychological law proposed by American psychologist Premark. Simply speaking, it is to use the things you like as a reward, or to give yourself a reward after the event is over. It will enhance people's enthusiasm for doing things and the efficiency of their work.

For example, if you have completed the job, you can travel with your family, or, if you do the job at hand, go to the movie to reward yourself. All rewards should be concrete and feasible, and should not be marginal and unrealistic. If you are self-motivated, the troublesome and monotonous work will become interesting, and people will certainly work hard!

After reading the above, everyone will know how to improve work efficiency and improve work efficiency .