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5 minutes to make a delicious meal, office worker dinner savior!


On the evening of the working day, I was already hungry when I got home. I just wanted to get some food quickly to fill my stomach. So what are you doing? Today, we recommend some dishes that can be completed in five minutes. It is fast and delicious, so let them quickly satisfy your stomach~

-- Quickly burn yuba --
by 蔫 包 包

A zero-difficult fried yuba, novices can make it casually, yuba is very tasty, and it can easily eat a bowl of rice.

-- material--


Two yuba

Soy sauce

Moderate amount of sugar

Salt amount

Dried chili pepper


-- Practice --

泡 Soak the yuba in advance, cut the large section, and cut the pepper into pieces.

❷ A dried chili is cut into pieces and sauteed with green onions.

倒 Pour the soy sauce. I put a little bit of soy sauce and a little spoonful of sugar.

放入 Put the pepper in a little bit and add it to the yuba. Stir fry and add a little water. Don't overdo it. Continue to stir it evenly.

❺ Collect the juice and add some salt to the pan.

- Five minutes of egg tofu 羹 --
by big star rice casually you

This egg tofu is more nutritious than ordinary steamed eggs, but it is still convenient to make. It is very good as a quick breakfast or a dish.

-- material--

Lactone tofu half 200g

2 eggs only

Broccoli (cooked)

soy sauce

White pepper

-- Practice --

铺 Spread the tofu on the bottom of the bowl and pour in two broken eggs.

❷ Put a small spoonful of white pepper, 2-3 tablespoons of soy sauce, evenly spread on the surface, and finally put the cooked broccoli. (The broccoli can be broken in the boiling water.)

❸ Cover the plastic film in the high-fire microwave for about 3-4 minutes, until the eggs are fully cooked, the fried chicken is tender.

-- Tips --

❶ Do not release broccoli.

❷ Heavy taste can try to add a spoon to the old godmother.

❸ You can also pull the ham in. If you want more nutrients, you can add carrots and corn kernels.

-- Five minutes of tomato shrimp --

The sour, sweet and delicious tomato shrimp can be done in just five minutes. When you are hungry, you can come to the next one and become satisfied in minutes.

-- material--



chopped green onion

Dessert sweet corn



-- Practice --

轻 According to the degree of hunger, the tomato is smashed into any shape, and the chopped green onion is cut.

炒 Stir-fried tomatoes in a pan, stir-fry until the soft leaves of the tomato become sloppy.

挤 Squeeze in the proper amount of ketchup, sprinkle with salt, and add a spoonful of sugar if you feel too sour~ Pour into a small bowl of water and cover the lid for a while.

乘 Take a flight on the back of the shrimp.

❺ Wait until the tomato juice becomes thick, pour in the shrimp, stir-fry the fire and pour the corn into it.

撒 Sprinkle with chopped green onion.

-- fermented potatoes --
83 small bell

This dish is simple and quick, and the fried yellow potatoes are covered with fermented bean curd. The color is tempting and it is delicious and appetizing.

-- material--

small potato

Red bean curd

Old pumping


chopped green onion

-- Practice --

❶ Small potatoes are gently scraped off the epidermis and washed to cut the hob block.

❷ Heat the oil in a hot pan and heat the oil into the chopped potatoes until the surface is browned.

❸ Add red bean curd and a spoonful of bean curd.

滴 A few drops of soy sauce, stir a little salt and stir well.

❺ Simmer in the medium heat for 1 or 2 minutes. After the potatoes are savoured, sprinkle with chopped green onion and serve.

-- Tips --

❶ The potatoes are cut slightly smaller. When fried, the medium and small fires are slowly fried. Basically, the potatoes are almost cooked when they are slightly browned.

❷ Because both the fermented bean curd and the soy sauce have a salty taste, the amount of salt must be taken care of, and it can be done a little.

❸ It is best to make this dish with red bean curd, and the taste is beautiful.

-- Five minutes of onion oil white jade mushroom --
by Ning Ning Ma - Wuxi

The vegetarian dish made with scallion oil is simple and delicious. The white jade mushroom has a smooth and tender taste, and the green onion is rich and refreshing. It is so popular.

-- material--

About 300 grams of white mushroom (2 to 3 people)

a small onion

Proper amount

White sugar

Edible oil

Water quantity

-- Practice --

❶ After washing the white mushroom, drain the water and tear it from the root to the second. At the same time, cook half a pot of water in a deeper pot.

❷ Wash the shallots, drain and chop the diced green onion.

❸ After the water is opened, put it in a white jade mushroom and simmer it for a long time. See the size of the white mushroom and shrink it, and immediately remove it and put it in the bowl.

❹ The white mushroom is placed neatly, waiting for a while, the bowl will ooze a lot of soup, the soup is poured into the wok, add the appropriate amount of soy sauce, sugar to boil, taste the taste, adjust the amount of soy sauce and sugar.

煮 After the prepared broth is boiled, slightly juice the juice, pour the broth onto the white jade mushroom, and place the chopped shallot on the white mushroom by heat. When you eat, just mix it.

-- Tips --

If you like spicy food, you can cut some small rice peppers. After the hot oil is scented, it will be drizzled to the surface of the diced green onion.

-- garlic oil drenched lettuce --
by Qing Ye

The crispness of lettuce is always loved. Simply boiled in boiling water and topped with garlic sauce, this quick-handed dish is really convenient and delicious.

-- material--

Lettuce 1

Garlic 3 petals

Soy sauce about 10ml

1 teaspoon of oyster sauce

Sugar amount

a little oil

-- Practice --

❶ Wash the lettuce and slice it. Wash the garlic and shoot it into garlic.

炒 Stir-fried garlic in a hot pot.

倒 Pour in soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar, stir well and boil.

煮 The cooked garlic sauce is ready for use.

煮 Boil the hot water in the pan, pour a little oil, and then add the lettuce to the sea for half a minute.

盛 Place the lettuce and pour the garlic sauce.

-- Tips --

The lettuce is easy to cook. After the water is opened, it can be boiled for half a minute, so the taste will be crisp and delicious.

-- Onion fat beef fried egg --
by Libra wind and sun

The beef is fresh and tender, and it can be directly seasoned with a simmer. The taste of the finished product is salty and delicious, and the porridge can be served with rice, or the bread can be tasted.

-- material--

Fat beef plate half bottom about 150g

Half an onion

3 eggs (small 4)

a little salt, sugar, soy sauce

-- Practice --

肥 Fat cattle are half thawed.

捞 Open the water for 30 seconds. Cut a 2 or 3 section, put a little salt, sugar, soy sauce and season.

洗 Wash the onion and shred, and mix the eggs with a little salt.

下 Heat the oil in the pan (slightly more oil), put the onion in a pan and soften, put a little salt.

倒 Pour in the beef and stir fry twice.

❻ Finally pour the eggs, wait for a moment to turn over (do not turn over immediately, otherwise the eggs will not form, then disperse), then stir fry for a while until the egg is cooked.

❼ A few pieces of mint leaves can be used for decoration (no one can cut some chopped green onions).

-- Tips --

This dish has no skill, just be sure to use the boiling water to boil the fat, remove the fat oil and floating foam, but the time is not too long, otherwise it will be old, drained and seasoned, so that there will be no water when it is fried. .

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