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How to elegantly play the customized version of "value" in the public number


Hello everyone, a few days ago, we announced the news of the "Public Value Toolkit" test ; in a short time, received more than a thousand test applications from the operators. We have received your requests and feedback, and please forgive me and Su Mengmeng for their limited energy.

At present, we have started to provide complete registration information for the application, and the first public number that has obtained the qualification for internal testing has given priority to the 3.0-form customized service of “voice payment question and answer”. In the follow-up, I will also speed up the movement with the engineers, and continue to contact other batches of applicants, and match the two kinds of interactive tests of “scratch music” and “text reward question and answer” to satisfy the public number who wants to obtain other forms of customized services. Operators. We will work with you to explore new opportunities for content realization in the WeChat scenario.

Paid voice Q&A, deep customization is up to you

We know that each public account has its own unique operating style, and it is because of this characteristic that it attracts different groups of attention. Therefore, the value of the engineers in the first version of the internal testing tools to try to meet the individual needs of the public. Once you receive our invitation link, you can open your own custom "value" setting. Whether it is the name of the public account, personal information & expertise, or even the title and description of the circle of friends can be freely defined; the public number operator who is certified by WeChat can also embed it in its own menu, truly owning A dedicated paid voice quiz tool.

More "value" variety of gameplay, etc.

After the different public numbers are connected to the "Public Value Toolkit", the operator can enjoy the value of the WeChat scene in the public number without having to repeatedly create an account on the third-party platform. More valuable, so that every interaction is full. In just a few days, we found that everyone's use of customized versions is often new; the following are some of the typical usages we have observed:

"Fashion buy and buy" fashion public number, recommend the top ten fashion items this summer, followers can directly ask for purchase points through "paid questions", exchange purchase experience;

"Exclusive Insider" Entertainment public number, announced the latest exclusive insider, followers can immediately "pay for listening", the first time easy to get idol gossip;

"Workplace Planning" Workplace, financial and public numbers, followers can "pay for voice questions and answers", conduct workplace planning inquiries, or provide first-hand financial information analysis according to the hot spot of the day;

"Enriching the life" Education and cultural publicity have also developed more interactive ways to read poetry and sing... Sometimes, a minute of singing is also an interactive way to quickly narrow the distance with the followers...

As the number of public participation in internal testing continues to increase, more and more scenarios and usages are being further explored. If you are interested in the "Public Value Toolkit", you can still fill out the " Application Questionnaire ". We will send your invitation code by email within one working day after the review.