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Young people need a sense of radiance, and the skin can not be insensitive!


The 90s in the impression should still have a good spring breeze, and in a blink of an eye, they will start to call themselves "middle-aged girls." This "middle-age crisis" is not only reflected in "fitness and health" and "anti-bald prevention", but also in the demand for "exquisite skin care" - after all, 20 people, although the face has not yet been presented In the old state, there are also "old-age symptoms" that cannot be ignored :

  • The skin starts to be dull and not translucent, especially in the afternoon, the color is very poor;
  • In the past, the large oil fields gradually dried up, and even in the autumn and winter, even the skin was blasted.
  • The face on the foundation is yellow, and the product with higher opacity is selected, and the frequency of makeup is also higher;
  • Acne and acne marks are getting harder and harder, and the acne marks that have disappeared in the past three days have not faded in ten days...

Not to mention the physical strength of the big night, it is not like you can still go to work as before, but it is listless, "there is a dish."

In the information age, everyone is not lacking the source of skin care knowledge. Simply check in and think that this should be the ordinary "oxidation-aging" phenomenon, so you upgraded your skin care products and tried to use more nourishing texture and stronger ingredients. To maintain the state of the skin.

But after a long time, you will find that the real silver and silver flowers are gone, the product is upgraded, but the state of the skin does not improve.

Is it too much for us, or is the product useless?

Both have it , but there is another ultimate answer that everyone has been ignoring for a long time, that is, our skin itself has become dull .

It's like a slow-responding automatic door that takes a long time to absorb, and nutrients have long been lost on the surface of the skin. ——Yes, the “inductive power” of the skin deteriorates, affecting the skin strain, and becoming an important reason for the “predecessor”.

Then, in addition to the years,

What causes the skin's sensory ability to deteriorate?

  • Diverse environment changes : heavy metals, smog, light damage, air-conditioned rooms, changing seasons... The environment we are in is changing rapidly, and the ability to adapt to the skin is also a huge challenge, just like a repetitively stretched spring will relax sooner or later, the skin constantly Switching to the self-adaptation mode will also be burned sooner or later;
  • Blu-ray is everywhere : Blu-ray is abundant in the light of displays, fluorescent lights , mobile phones, digital products, etc., and we have gradually become inseparable from them. In addition to the harm to the health of the fundus, Blu-ray also affects the quality of sleep and skin condition to a certain extent;
  • Overdraft for young people : staying up late to work overtime, drinking and drinking, squatting at night, three meals are uncertain... living with a sense of sensation, but it is a consumption of oneself. Irregular work and rest is not only a healthy killer, but also one of the culprits of skin aging.

When people are fatigued for a long time, they will be sub-healthy, and the skin will become dull when it is fatigued for a long time. As a result, the aging phenomenon of the surface layer, which is prone to water loss, dull skin, and dry wrinkles, frequently occurs, and the alarm of aging is sounded.

The insensitivity of the skin also leads to the waste of our well-planned skincare lessons, so it is a unique and efficient path to retain the radiant and beautiful skin condition and start with “recovering skin perception”.

Skincare Frontier Technology: Neuroinduction

In the past many skin care product design ideas, the skin has always been treated as a "barrier". Therefore, the corresponding research and development are focused on "molecular weight, concentration and penetration", and the molecules are made as small as possible and the concentration is high. In anticipation of transdermal absorption, the effect is better.

But from another angle of thinking, if the skin itself is included as one of the organs of the human body as a whole, then the problem of aging of the skin does not exist in isolation.

Neura Science's cutting-edge scientific and technological theory is based on this idea, to explain and plan the aging of the skin in a comprehensive way, and think that "the brain and the body's nerve cells that convey information are related to the skin" :

As the largest organ of the human body, in addition to the skin contacting the outer skin, the inner layer is also filled with various neural links to transmit the perception of the outside world and thereby react.

We can imagine that it is a relay device that converts various forms of stimulation energy into electrical signals, which are then transmitted to the brain or spinal cord via nerve fibers in the form of nerve impulses. [1] Correspondence.

That is to say, the skin's ability to conduct, on the one hand, determines the speed at which it conducts skin care ingredients, and on the other hand determines its ability to respond to an unpredictable environment.

Therefore, there are two positive results in improving skin perception:

  1. Restores the long-lasting vitality of the skin, restores a keen sense of perception, and transmits effective skin care ingredients more effectively;
  2. Enhance the ability of the skin to adapt to the environment, effectively counter external stimuli and stress, and make timely adjustments.

Just like a CPU that restarts, the speed at which information is transmitted and the problem is handled is accelerated—wake up the skin's perception, and it will last longer to maintain the youthful peak of the skin.

How to improve skin perception?

  • Do not challenge the extreme environment:

Minimize physical stimuli in your life – such as alternating hot and cold face washes, which are not good for your skin.

In the extremely cold, hot environment, you must do the necessary protection, summer sun protection, winter masks and scarves are necessary protective measures.

  • Good emotional management:

Emotional stress is also a kind of "stimulus" and is no less than physiological stimulation.

Studies have shown that women exert a psychological stress model before skin contact with hot or cold stimuli, and the perceived stimuli are more intense [2].

That is to say, when we are in a high-pressure life, our inner feelings will also lead to a decline in the state of our skin, so learning to be calm and calm, will make ourselves more beautiful~

  • Choose targeted skin care products

As mentioned earlier, awakening skin perception is the source of accurate solution to the problem of aging.

Based on the frontier high-tech research results of neurosensory, Shiseido applies it to the skin care field, injecting a new sense of intellectual stimulation into the “sense” series, activating the skin's internal and external senses, and fully opening up the skin sensor network. To enhance the conduction speed of active ingredients, and help solve the problem of young skin that is facing the challenges of aging , from the source, it can be said to create a new era of skin care!

The "Smart Sense" Revitalization Series launched three new products in November this year, each of which is an eye cream and two texture creams, all of which use the intellectual stimulation technology to activate the skin sensing ability to achieve precise repair of the skin .

It is worth mentioning that the essential extract of tomorrow's leaves, which is used as a core ingredient, can help to improve dullness, rejuvenate from the inside, and rejuvenate the skin. It is accompanied by citrus extract, long-lasting moisture, deep moisturizing; And dull symptoms, long-lasting radiance!

The quality of the product itself is also reflected in the consistent rigor and ingenuity of Shiseido, which can be felt from the moment you hold the bottle.

In addition to the pursuit of excellence, the brand has a meticulous commitment to the design of product containers. Like the bottle design of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony hand-made porcelain, it is simple and smooth with some simple meanings. It perfectly fits the delicate curved curve of the palm, and is held in the palm of your hand. It is a delicate and delicate texture and intimate Satisfaction.

Unscrew the cap and press it in the smear. The faint fragrance gradually spreads with the heat of the palm, soothing healing. The elegant and feminine fragrance of roses and jasmine flowers, with the fresh fragrance of pear and plum blossoms, is more advanced in the tone of the eucalyptus, and the luscious orange fruit fragrance adds a touch of sweetness. With the advanced fragrance in front and back, skin care has become a relaxing and decompression experience.

These meticulous and warm and meticulous design all reflect Shiseido's cherished user experience. The insistence of applying advanced science and technology to the skin care field is also the ingenuity of the brand. In this way, it is also a brand with a very inner feeling.

I don't know if the middle-aged girls in the 90s have already started the battle against the old, but who doesn't want the young skin?

In addition to paying attention to the function of the product, it is necessary to open the skin sensing channel, activate the skin's own ability , and change the process of skin care from "passive infusion" to "active conduction" , so that the skin can be young and radiant for a long time.

Click to explore the microscopic world under the skin:

Skin with a sense of space


[1] Roosterman D, Goerge T, Schneider SW, et al. Neuronal control of skin function: the skin as a neuroimmunoendocrine organ. [J]. Physiological Reviews, 2006, 86(4): 1309-79.

[2] Benjamin C, Martin M, Peter W, et al. Stress-Induced Allodynia – Evidence of Increased Pain Sensitivity in HealthyHumans and Patients with Chronic Pain after Experimentally Induced PsychosocialStress [J]. Plos One,