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Talking about faith from iPhone 7

I am not familiar with mobile phones, especially for the flagship machine. From the era of smart phones, I skipped Nokia's Symbian, and started with Xiaomi's home, which has been used until now. Although MIUI has recently been flooding with advertisements to kill chickens and eggs, but from the cooperation of hardware and software, Xiaomi still provides the most cost-effective products.

Xiaomi was blacked out in the early years because it stirred the entire smartphone market. However, the iPhone, as the leader of the intelligent machine, seems to have changed from a good voice to another generation. In fact, I didn't personally use the iPhone every day, I don't know where the advantages of iOS are. Just like many people who haven't used the Xiaomi phone and still believe that Xiaomi is junk, I also seem to be convinced that the iPhone 7 is junk in the design of “cancel 3.5mm headphone jack”.

I know that Bluetooth can be listened to, and Bluetooth can be listened to. People who are used to Bluetooth will not feel awkward and will not feel good when they leave the faith. But do you not like Bluetooth users? The iPhone 7 offers an alternative to using the exclusive Lightning mouthpiece. For them, the range of choices is limited (cannot use 99% of headphones on the market that does not support Lightning), the use of the scene is limited (can not listen to the sound when charging), and the more frequent use of the Lightning port naturally accelerates The speed of cell phone aging.

There is no denying that the Bluetooth community has a greater belief in Apple: Bluetooth devices can only transmit digital signals, and require a built-in power supply and decoder. Bluetooth 2.0's previous bandwidth is not enough to transmit audio, but these are not things! Bluetooth is now very power efficient and has enough bandwidth. Wearing a battery is nothing for a line. Only my diehards and those in the professional music industry will like analog connectors. Ordinary people like to use analog connectors cheaply, rather than the connectors themselves.

Besides, Apple can also sell licenses. For example, how do you think that many people disapprove of the iPhone 7 canceling the 3.5mm headphone jack? - Ma Hongbo's answer is that A2DP's default encoding SBC becomes a bandwidth bottleneck on the "high-end" Bluetooth headset. To break through the bottleneck, the headset must support aptX or Apple's AAC over A2DP. However, this AAC over A2DP technology license asks Apple to buy, because Apple naturally does not use the widely supported aptX. Ha ha……

As for the Lightning interface to analog, I don't know the quality of the decoder that does not require a built-in power supply for the Lightning interface found on the market.

In short, the design of this garbage:

1. If you do not sacrifice the quality of service, you must force the user to purchase a Bluetooth headset authorized by their own technology, and then earn a license fee, and take the opportunity to suppress other Bluetooth headset market;

2. If the sacrifice of charging is convenient, without sacrificing the sound quality, it is necessary to force the user to purchase a high-quality external Lightning interface decoder, and then make a profit while turning the user into a "fever" user;

3, if you can sacrifice the sound quality, you must force users to buy cheap Bluetooth headset or buy a cheap Lightning interface decoder, but cheaper than the 3.5mm analog headphones. By the way, it’s home to look at AirPods, which are easier to lose, just to put together orders.

I have long known that Apple is a company that sells faith. It is only today that there are still so many people. "Many people have more money." In order to believe, you can sacrifice your initial needs. No, I forgot that many people’s initial needs are only In order to "install".

I hope that when I really sell someone, I can use my numbers to hit my face. Otherwise, I can only foolly think that this group of High Bigger's scrubbing parties is a "true believer."