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After two months, I still have to blow "Evil is not pressing"


Is this a story of revenge? Only with a shallow heart, the degree of evil does not press.

First, about growth:

When learning about a marriage with a sister, a heroic teenager indicates that the intention is in the Quartet.

When Zhu Qianlong came to Master, a heroic teenager blamed him for getting out.

When the bullet passes through Master's eyebrows, a heroic teenager rises to revenge.

There are several heroes who can be born.

At the beginning of the movie, people who are used to seeing natural heroes must be itchy and uncomfortable. Even deliberately forgetting this paragraph, directly start the next story, but in the next plot, uncomfortable, always.

This uncomfortable is fear. It is the crux of the logic that many friends have criticized. It is also the key to growth.

1. When receiving the task of returning to Beiping, attach a “no revenge”, Li natural agreed.

(It is suspected that Lan Qingfeng is attached to this task, and he is afraid that he will revenge the plan from the beginning).

2, the first day back to Peiping, the two brothers met, the American father lie a lie, Li natural attached and lied.

(This meeting must be planned by Lan Qingfeng. Is there any doubt about whether Li Natural is revenge?)

3. In the city full of roofs, Li Natural deliberately let go of Zhu Qianlong, and went back and said that he could not catch up with the car.

(The same car, Li natural on the road to chase Zhu Qianlong to go to the penalty field is mostly on the flat ground that is not good for tracking, but succeeded)

Behind these illogical points is Li’s natural fear. However, what is fear? From the plot behind, we can see that Li’s strength is above Zhu Qianlong. This fear is illogical and the audience does not buy it.

Li is not a natural hero. He is an ordinary person. So there is such a person:

Uncle Ghost knows that after the ghost is a ghost bride, things become simple. He waited for this moment for a long time, and pulling the sword is logic.

"The weather is too good today"

"today's weather is not good"

"The weather is just right today"

These three sentences are not logical, which makes the ghost uncle change from a lonely god to a lovely person. The future is known, but he wants to come later.

Are you afraid? What are you afraid of? No logic.

Li’s fear is illogical, and this is the only person who is alive.

[I like the above-mentioned white-leading answer. If you want to convince anyone, the real answer is the "comfort zone." The hero's growth is to open a door. This door is behind a new world, but it is also accompanied by Away from the comfort zone of the old world, a flesh-and-blood hero will fear the new world when he first chooses, stay in his own comfort zone, until something pushes him to start from the new, overcome this fear and continue to grow. (This paragraph is taken from "Thousand Faces Heroes")

After he met Guan Qiaohong, Li Natural began to try to move Zhu Qianlong's woman, scratching Zhu Qianlong's face, stealing Japanese swords, and burning Japanese opium until the final battle. A person with obvious shortcomings has finally become a hero.

Second, about love

The front section led to Guan Qiaohong

How did you meet love?

In my impression. The most beautiful but the beginning of "clannad", the empty town, dull footsteps, muttering whispers, gray, gray, or gray. After meeting the ancient river, the world seems to have color, the wind rises, and the cherry blossoms sway.

Li Natural has met Guan Qiaohong in this way. The reality is not anime. It is Opium that gave Li a new world. Guan Qiaohong left Li Natural in a new world. He is light and the world is bright.

She called him a boy who was upright (here doubts, can't remember).

She said she can always find him.

Love part, leave it blank.

Third, about the new students

Blue Qingfeng, Blue Qingfeng, Blue Qingfeng.

Not sighing three times in succession

The first sigh is to praise him for being tough. On the wall, we learned that he had already killed two sons. The old man’s face showed grief for the first time. I believe that this grief is real, and he is about to die his good friend. I believe this friendship is also true. The old man has lost too much for the country's long-term planning, but he has always been tough.

The second sigh is to cherish his stubbornness. "Everything will pass away, only death will live forever"---from "Three-body". This old man is poor in his life to make this country eternal, or to live a little longer, but everything will eventually turn to death, death, there are so many moments, like me, pity the old man’s stubbornness?

The third sigh is that he is lucky. Death can't be defeated. This old-fashioned Chinese is too obsessed with his own hopes. He finally turned around at the last moment, remembering the wisdom of this ancient country---only new students can balance death. He is lucky, new life, always in his own hands.

Fourth, about the game

On the land of Peiping, everyone is a civilized person. I want to seize this ancient capital by civilization. There is Hendry in the back of Lan Qingfeng. There is a collusion between the original Ichiro and Zhu Qianlong, and the situation maintains a delicate balance.

Hendry’s donkey incident showed that the attitude was firm, and Zhu Qianlong’s balance was broken if he was pulled by Lan Qingfeng.

Zhu Qianlong also strives to build his image for many years, good police, good apprentice, Zhu Yuanzhang's descendants, but he has a weakness ---- Li natural is enough to break these lies. Therefore, Li Natural must die.

Lan Qingfeng has Li natural's chip, but pays first without receiving the goods. This is not something that a mature politician does, so the "goods" he wants is the head of the Ichiro.

If you don't receive the payment, you will ship it first. This is not what Zhu Qianlong did, so the balance continues.

The master has a trick, the surface is still, whoever messed up before, who will fall. Lan Qingfeng was in chaos. He was anxious. He even used the example of Pu Yi to make an example. He said, he didn't understand. Is it true that Yilang is a white-eyed wolf? How can Zhu Qianlong see it?

In fact, he did not see through himself----Zhu Qianlong even killed Li Natural, and could not rely on Lan Qingfeng. This is the fate that Zhu Qianlong had already destined when he killed Master.

This balance left time for Li’s growth. Later, when the Japanese entered the city, Lan Qingfeng fell short, and the balance broke. The fully-developed Li natural appeared, completed revenge and saved hope.

Li Natural is a growth line, and Blue Qingfeng is a game line, double-lined and finally joined together.

V. About fate

In the previous section, in the ancient wisdom of China, it is not eternal but new life that defeats death. In fact, it is the author's understanding of the concept of "impermanence" in life. However, the wisdom of an ancient country is single, and it is not thin.

Here again leads to a confrontational "normal" wisdom

The butterfly effect, the multiverse, the author believes that this is not the Chinese way of thinking.

In the snow-capped mountain temple of Lin Chong, it seems that it was because of the wind and snow, burning the grass, and knowing that the enemy wanted to die. In fact, the other party wants to die on their own, they will burn the grain and grass, and must wait for the snow. Wind and snow are not caused by, but fruit. The real reason is that "the other party wants to die by themselves." The real reason is that it will not change because of any small things. (This paragraph is taken from Bi Feiyu’s "Fiction Course")

This is "there is always"

Therefore, China's wisdom includes "impermanence" and "constant".

Back to the movie, when Li natural revenge, he asked Zhu Qianlong. "If the master promised you, would you still kill the master?"

Zhu Qianlong replied "Do not kill"

Li Natural responded to Zhu Qianlong with a bullet.

This is a complete reincarnation of fate:

The character of the master is due to the fact that the master will refuse, and there is no "if". Zhu Qianlong kills the master.

Zhu Qianlong’s embarrassment is because, in the face of the final problem, he wants to live, he will definitely answer “do not kill”. Li natural sees Zhu Qianlong early, and the bullet is fruit.


Conclusion: The evil is not positive, clean.