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The secret of iPhone mobile photography [why]

Sometimes in the circle of friends, some mobile phone shooting works are the living environment of the eco-city I live in. Flowers, grass, trees, snow, lakes, people... The result is loved by friends and relatives of the eco-city. The city is so beautiful, many friends still want to come to us to buy a house. (Real estate endorsement which is strong!)

We sometimes want to go to the tourist site to shoot, I feel that there is beauty, in fact, beauty is around, in our lives, love people and things around, pour love and perceive the world around you, you will let yourself Open your eyes with a window, come to the world like a child, stop and revisit the world we live in.

[I pick up the reeds that my children pass by every day]
[Snow scene on the roadside during winter fitness]
[Spring blossoms]

[The branches pull out the green leaves]

[Snow reeds and snow]

[snow and lake]

[Wait, wait for the waves to come up! Hand frozen pain]

[Fantastic on the lake]

[Flowers of yellow shrubs on the roadside]

[Small grass on the roadside]
[A newly blossomed tree]
[The magnolia shell looks very strong, but it still can't be wrapped up.]

[a flowering hedge]

[The sales office took the house contract and photographed the landscape water surface]

[Going to the Bank of China in the animation park, the bank under the blue sky]

[Go to the animation park, a beautiful cartoon sculpture]

[Winter Lake]

These pictures are taken during the normal morning exercise, and the fitness person feels boring. What should I do? Combine photography, photography while walking, and taking a pat.

[An abandoned cement pipe]

[Lake below the guardrail]

[A snow sweeps the sky, people in this environment have become in a good mood]

[After the snow, there was a fog, and three people shouted on the bridge, a kind of ethereal spread]

[Heavy snow often brings a picture of Chinese painting, a lot of white, ethereal]

[Red and white contrast, perspective enhancement, so that ordinary objects become different]

I realized that everyone really loves photography. Everyone asks me if this is a SLR. When I told everyone that this was a picture taken by a mobile phone, everyone wanted to study photography with me. Photography is simple and complicated. Mobile photography inherits the requirements of SLR photography technology, but the operation of mobile phones is simple, but it also needs art cultivation and photography concepts. Well, let me know and follow me. Listen to me and share it. I know my live course.