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Some Thoughts on the New Version of Infringement Reporting Products


While the Internet has brought us convenience, it has also caused us some troubles. Network infringement is one of them. Today, the little housekeeper wants to talk to all of you, some thoughts on knowing the infringement reporting process.

All along, we encourage everyone to share their knowledge, experience and insights, and hope that valuable information will be better disseminated and shared. We do not welcome infringement, rumors, and defamatory information, and we have never actively promoted or indirectly encouraged any rumors and suspected defamatory content through our own channels. As a platform, we provide space for the content published by our friends. Everyone knows that the content published only represents the individual and does not represent the position or opinion. According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Tort Liability and the Provisions of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Civil Disputes over the Use of Information Network for Personal Rights and Interests , it is obliged to act as a network service provider and is obliged to issue a valid notice after the right holder has issued a valid notice. , timely handling of allegedly infringing content.

Knowing that in 2014, it began to support email infringement reports. Since its launch, 32 daily corporate infringement reports have been received, with an average processing time of 5 working days; 8 individual infringement reports, and the average processing time is 2 working days. Because personal infringement and corporate infringement are handled differently, and at the same time, protection of personal rights and interests, the average processing time of individual infringement is relatively short compared to corporate infringement.

In the actual processing, we found the following three problems:

First, the information between the complainant and the respondent was not well communicated. The respondent did not know what specific content in the content of the complaint was suspected of infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others, and how to amend it.

Second, infringement complaint needs to provide relevant materials, existing infringement reports to guide copywriter can not give the complainant clear guidance. Many companies or individuals are unable to clearly express their claims in an e-mail, clearly identify the allegedly infringing content and provide materials that meet the requirements, and the complaints are inefficient.

In addition, by handling infringement complaints via email, the cumbersome mail processing process results in less room for administrators to increase processing efficiency.

优化Optimization of the infringement reporting process

In order to solve the above problems, on March 27, 2017, we launched an infringement report product on the webpage, and optimized and upgraded the original email reporting process:

1. Guide the complainant to establish direct contact with the respondent to communicate effectively

As a neutral platform, when the complainant initiates a report, we will give a reminder on multiple pages to guide the two parties to communicate effectively: the complainant can try to contact the respondent directly to solve the problem before the report; once the report is effective, we will The respondent conveyed the complainant's willingness to appeal, and the private letter notified him of the facts being reported. When the respondent receives the complainant's willingness to appeal, it can use the contact information or private letter provided by the complainant to communicate and seek a solution together. If the respondent does not respond within a certain period of time, it will know that the content suspected of infringing the legal rights of others will be dealt with within 7 working days.

2. Add infringement report copy reminder to improve the efficiency of complaints

In order to better guide the complainant to provide materials and fill in the information, we have added the infringement type, complaint description and tips for uploading materials in the new version of the infringement report product. Know friends can quickly follow the prompts.

3. Optimize the infringement complaint process and improve the processing time

The new version of the infringement reporting process is more convenient and quicker in the auditing operation, greatly improving the processing efficiency. Due to the protection of personal rights and interests, we minimize the possible impact on individuals. When users initiate personal infringement reports, we will prioritize the review and processing.

Since the launch of the new version of the infringing and reporting products on March 27, 120 daily infringement reports have been received, with an average processing time of 3 working days; 20 individual infringement reports, with an average processing time of 24 hours. Compared with the mailbox infringement reporting process, the new version of the infringement reporting process effectively improves the processing efficiency.

How to use the new version of the infringement report product

To file a complaint through an infringing report product, the complainant must first register, then click the report button below the infringing content on the webpage to select the “infringement of my rights” report reason, click “infringe my corporate rights” or “infringe me” The "Personal Rights" button, fill in the information and submit the supporting materials according to the report prompt. The specific operations are as follows:

On other issues of infringement reports, please refer to know almost as allegedly infringing FAQ .

In the process of using the infringing report product, if you encounter any problems, you are welcome to send a private message to contact the little housekeeper, or send an email to to feedback your question (the message header remembers to indicate "infringement" The word "complaint"~), we will help you solve it as soon as possible.