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What are the qualities of reliable young people?


Do you feel that there is not only a superficial gap between those who are reliable and those who are ordinary. In life and work, we often find this problem:

Why do some young people start to grow bigger and bigger, and some get smaller and smaller?
Why do young people who enter the workplace at the same time reach a height that may be far behind in two or three years?
What is the difference between a reliable young person and an ordinary young person?

For the company's HR, recruiting reliable people not only creates value for the company, but also reduces many risks invisibly.

Therefore, we interviewed five senior HRs with more than 6 years of experience, so that they can share with us the qualities of young people who are worthy of our study.

1, Yang sir, work for 8 years, education industry HR

Keywords: thanksgiving, practical

The reliable young people have gratitude and pragmatism. These two qualities.

Before interviewing a college student, she said that she usually does some part-time work in school.

I asked her, have you bought anything for your parents?

She said that she had not bought anything special, but she also guaranteed that she would not have to pay for living expenses at home and relieve her parents' financial pressure. This answer is more honest.

Gratefulness is a person's moral problem. Enterprises use people, and ultimately they use morality and derby ability. The more they go up, the more important they are, the more important they can give him.

How to judge whether this person is actually reliable in his actual work?

Small tasks during the trial period.

For example, interviewing a marketing specialist, I usually let him go to Xizhimen for market research. Which schools are there? What is the specific situation? The research report was sent to me.

People who are not very reliable, basically can't even do tasks. Generally, people who are not reliable will find something on the Internet, paste and copy, and squander things;

Quite reliable people usually visit the site. The specific location of each school will call the school to ask for information on the Internet. The overall research report is more detailed. At present, the young people today are quite reliable.

2, Doris, working 10 years, Internet HRD

Keywords: sense of responsibility

What is the most important quality of a newcomer? Recalling the HR experience of the past decade, I believe that no matter what industry is responsible for newcomers, it should be the first priority.

Why is it a sense of responsibility?

Because a person has a sense of responsibility and the status shown in the work is completely different, the responsible person will do his duty to the job, do everything well, and in order to get things done, they will not help others;

On the contrary, people who have no sense of responsibility, even if he is good again, always focus on the individual's three-point profit. Which boss dares to entrust important things to such people?

When I was at Vanke, I was working on a national campus recruitment project. At that time, the school recruitment work was really tight and stressful. The preaching, written test, three rounds of interviews, and the offer of the offer were all completed in just one week. Through the judgment, the next day, we will coordinate the venue to make various communication.

At that time, a local intern of the Guangzhou company was sent to support us. We worked with us to work overtime to do all kinds of preparatory work. No matter how serious or serious, we always rushed ahead.

I always thought that he was doing this in order to gain the opportunity to turn around. Until a chat with local colleagues, I learned that this classmate had already planned to go to Germany to study after graduation. The olive branch thrown by the company was also rejected by him. Since then he has given I left the impression of "reliable".

Later, he graduated from Germany, and when I was working in Volkswagen China, I recommended him to a friend at Porsche. Then he joined the company in Germany and was sent to the Chinese market. After several years of experience, he is now Among the peers is a leader.

3, Amanda, working 9 years, automotive industry HR

Keywords: time concept

My most basic judgment about a reliable young man is the concept of time.

The reliable person said 10:00, 9:58 must have arrived. The easiest way to tell if a person is not reliable is to see if he is punctual. Especially for a new person, the emphasis on time can fully prove his emphasis on the job.

I have recruited a girl who is very good in all aspects. She graduated from a prestigious school, has a good academic qualification, and is also a smart person. She was late for 5 minutes in the first interview. After the arrival, she had a particularly sincere apology and said that she could not find the road and was late. Later, 2 interviews, each time just stepping on the agreed time, or 1 minute later.

At that time, we thought that it was good to recruit strict requirements. We also talked to her seriously about this issue, but at the time of meeting an important customer in the field, the children were late for 5 minutes, failed to get the ticket, missed the flight, and lost. jobs.

These years of experience have made me feel that reliable people can always arrange their own time and itinerary. This is not only a respect for others, but also a requirement for themselves. As a young man, if you don't have enough qualifications, at least give yourself a punctual label.

4, Coats, work 6 years, Internet HRM

Keywords: pragmatic

My own point of view, the most obvious trait of a reliable young man is: pragmatic.

I have been engaged in HR for some years. Many people who have interviewed and recruited have been unable to remember. There are certainly thousands of them. Pragmatic is the one I value most.

During the interview, many people will brag, exaggerate their abilities, talk about some directions, strategies, future plans, boast about how many projects they have done, how important things are responsible, how much influence they have, and so on.

However, once you continue to ask, how did he do it, how each step is handled, what difficulties have been encountered in the middle, how to overcome it, and so on, their expression will tell you: he has not done it, Or at least he is simply involved. You can even ask him, what is the first thing to turn on the computer every day after going to work? What is the budget for a 200-person event? Why is this so much budget? How is the cost of manpower + venue + prizes and so on allocated?

To tell the truth, it is really simple to identify whether a person has exaggerated his or her abilities. The most resentful is the kind of person who regards "coordinating resources" and "coordinating management" as their own specialties.

I like pragmatic young people and like their sense of solidity. Even if he doesn't speak, you can feel it. The facts also confirm my opinion. Those who are pragmatic and practical will eventually be able to grow and progress steadily in the company while creating value for the company.

When I was an HR commissioner, my boss recruited a girl, and my resume was very good. I was responsible for many activities and held various positions.

However, it didn't take long for the company to feel that she was talking and doing things very quietly, not pragmatic, not landing, talking about goals all the time, talking about strategy, opening up closed team culture and management. The leader gave her a thing. She didn't try to solve it herself, but she tried to find someone else to do it.

Not long after, many people began to resent her. She not only delayed the work of others, but also affected the efficiency of teamwork and attributed others' results to themselves.

In the end, because she did not make any achievements during the probationary period, she failed to turn positive. When she left, she was still wronged. She cried with the leader and said that she did her best but did not get everyone’s approval. There are not many people who have not been able to turn positive, so I remember this thing.

Many companies talk about execution every day, but they don’t know the basis of execution. It is the people you recruit can do things pragmatically.

The 6 years of professional experience has given me a deeper understanding of people, and I am more and more convinced that personality determines fate.

The people I met were hard-working and hard-working, and those who were still wandering around in their 30s were mostly unconventional and full of trains.

I hope that my suggestion can give young people some inspiration, and don’t be too far-reaching. I also hope that those who do things pragmatically do not worry, and soon your value will be recognized.

5, Sheng Nan, work for 6 years, logistics group HR

Keywords: solving problems, not going to school

As HR, I understand that reliable is the ability to solve problems, and the things that are handed over to you can be done independently and will not be attended.

The young people I understand often refer to inexperienced and energetic, and the reliable young people are mostly professional work attitudes, strong executives, strong learning ability, passionate at work, and not emotional.

Knowledge and professional skills are poor, you can make up for it. If you have a bad attitude, others can't help you.

The trust of leaders needs time basis and needs to be precipitated. Young people, especially those who have just graduated, tend to be low-handed, do not be practical, have strong self-vision but cannot complete their work independently, do not want to do basic work, assist others to work and cooperate. not good.

In 14 years, we recruited a group of freshmen and 14 people. After starting the job, they all started from the basic work. They were all auxiliary work for the department colleagues. After six months, six people left the company one after another. One of them worked hard and passed the basic work for half a year. Win the trust of the department leaders, gradually get in touch with the business, and promote to the supervisor in one year. Now he has been promoted to the manager.

Today's article is here, and these qualities are only a small part of the spectrum.

Stepping into the workplace is the only way for every young person. Maybe you didn't care about these details before, but I hope you can do better after reading this article.

Because it will not only be your own shining point, but will also make you walk more flat on the workplace path.

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