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Such a boss, don’t stop


Taking copper as a guide, you can wear a dress. If you learn from others, you can know the gains and losses.

- Tang Taizong


In the Western calendar in 2012, Zhou of Nanning faced the camera, and the lightness of the cloud revealed his creed of life: it is impossible to work for a part-time job, and it is impossible to work in this life. Then, as he wished, he returned to the place he liked.

Four years later, a good person passed his classic quotation to the short video platform, and was praised by countless netizens for a time.

And Zhou Mou was the spiritual leader who was robbed by the late big gambling, and he had to take the name of Guevara.

If Zhou, who is still serving his sentence in prison, knows about this grand event, I am afraid I have to feel a bit of emotion: I don’t understand it, it’s that the world is changing too fast.

The slogan is screaming, but it’s just a slogan. After the cool, most people still have to face a bloody reality : work, or to fight. Not working? You raise me.

Labor is not expensive, and working is naturally no worse than starting a business. They are all fighting for a great cause.

In addition, there are more Lu Qi Zhang Yong, the working emperors, Zhu Yu, in front of me, to do me and other models, I wait for the wage earners to just do the work.

But efforts to return to work, people in the workplace, there are some reasons still need to be clear, otherwise it may be empty-handed. There is no history in the history.


In the Spring and Autumn Period, there was a Wu nationality who was about to leave. To be short and ugly, I live in Wuxi Hongshan and make a living by fishing.

But to be away from a person who is not mediocre, in the sparer of fishing and hunting, he studied hard with swordsmanship and became one of the best swordsmen in Wu, and won the appreciation of Wu Zikai. Therefore, Wu Zixuan recommended to Wu Wangxuan, hoped that he would use it to leave, and sent him to lead the army.

On the pilgrimage, Wu Wangxiu was so embarrassed that he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t help but sarcastically said: I saw this person’s five short statures, describing the wretchedness, such as the yellow mouth pediatrics, the hands of the chickens, how can they be entrusted with such a heavy responsibility . Moreover, the foundation of Wu Guo is not stable, and it is not appropriate to cut Chu at this time.

Although it has been the case since the ancient times, it has been the case since ancient times. After all, the heart of beauty is everywhere.

However, this aspect of the appearance of the person in the big girl youngsters in love, I think there is no problem at all, the so-called love at first sight, goodbye hour room, nothing more than the effect of beauty on the hypothalamus to produce dopamine.

However, it is a bit unreasonable to take people in the workplace.

The workplace is the place to focus on the ability, the accountant will do the account, the programmer will write the code, the stock broker will cut the leek, which is enough.

If a boss judges whether it is suitable for a position based on your appearance (except for image posts), there are only two possibilities: one is that he is coveting your beauty; the other is that he wants to use your beauty to achieve a certain purpose.

I haven't seen this, but he is not a man who pulls his face and looks outward. After being ugly refused, he was not in a hurry, and his lips were opposite: Dawang, you are not kind to you! Comrade Wu Zixuan will work hard to help you find the throne. But when he was in trouble, he was chased by the Chu State and almost died. Is this hatred that you are not planning to help him?

Hearing, hey, the little things are quite big. Ok, the widow teaches you what is really angry. So the lifeguard will be pulled out, smashing one arm and going to jail together with his wife and children.


Although the old brothers in the prison are all talented and speak good, but they are not here, he is jailbroken.

When I learned that I had to run away, I was naturally furious and full of anger aimed at my wife and children. Ordered to kill the orphans and widows, throw it in the downtown area, to make it effective.

According to the rhetoric to this step of the field, to be separated from the covenant is the end of it? However, it does not.

It turned out that this is a play. It is necessary to leave the three old bones of the singer, the singer, and the Wuzi 早, and have already played a hard copy of the script. The acting is a superb, and I don’t know where to go.

It’s just pity that I’m leaving my wife and children, and I have a box lunch outside the show.

The death of the wife and the child reflects a major flaw to be separated: the heart is hot and unscrupulous. Going heavy, there is a problem with the character.

Although ancient times was a patriarchal society, male esteemed women were ordinary, but the ancients also had clouds: a hundred years of repairing the same boat, the millennium had a total sleep. Explain that the ancients also face up to the feelings of husband and wife. The story of Liang Hong Meng Guang is praised by generations as a good example.

It’s good to leave, not only the wife who stepped on the same boat, but also the boat.

For those who succeed in unscrupulous means, they may get temporary success, but sooner or later they will eat their own consequences. Because the superficial success does not erase their past despicableness, these black history is like their Achilles' heel, and one day they will be given a fatal blow.

For this, the Feng guide who was deeply immersed in the mud some time ago should have a deep understanding. I don't know if Feng will make a movie to be told in the future to reflect on himself. I have thought of the name for him, just called "I am custom."

The tragedy of the wife also gave a warning to the modern female compatriots: the man who met the unrequited love must leave.


The three people co-starred in this scene, the target audience is only one, the son of the family. Previously, he won the throne and killed his father, Wu Wangxi. Qing Ji is always ready to attack and fight for the father to revenge and regain the throne.

I decided to leave the undercover assassination, but I was afraid that the fake will lead to suspicion.

The play was very successful. To be appreciated after going to the celebration, he was entrusted with the responsibility of training the soldiers. On one occasion, while training, I had to use a short spear to puncture the chest of the jealousy, and then I was taken by the soldiers.

Before dying, Qing Jiu retired his hand and said: I admire your courage, you are a warrior. Wu Guo can not die two warriors within one day, let's go, I will not kill you.

The air of the jealousy made it necessary to leave the self-defeating form, and eventually he ended his life as an assassin with suicide.

In Zhou Xingchi's movie "Kung Fu", the ultimate killing of the fire and evil spirits was defeated by the young man's palms, and his sneak attack was ruined by the teenager.

The evil spirits who lost their souls asked the teenager what the call was. The teenager just said calmly: I want to learn, I teach you. At that moment, the fire and evil spirits could no longer restrain themselves, and burst into tears: I lost.

He finally understood that he did not lose in martial arts, but lost in character, mind, and pattern.

To leave, it is just a sneak attack on the successful fire cloud evil spirits. The tolerance and pattern of the celebration is like a mirror that is bright and swaying, so that you have to see yourself, and you are self-confident.


In the workplace of the Spring and Autumn Period, the wage earners are undoubtedly a failure. In addition to the defects of character and character, two mistakes have been made to leave.

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said a word called "know yourself", emphasizing the importance of self-recognition. It is a pity that in the distant East and where he is in the same era, he does not understand this truth.

Although he was hardworking, unwilling to mediocrity, but put ourselves on a wrong location . It is necessary to be exquisite from the sword, but it is more talented.

But the reason is to choose to be an assassin, not a general. The former can only make him famous, but the latter can make him make a name for himself.

This is like having a smart mind and a strong physique at the same time, but you have chosen to move bricks.

Although gold is shining everywhere, the role of gold is not just light, otherwise it is different from light bulbs? Lack of self-awareness, this is one.

It is not only the lack of understanding of themselves, but also the lack of people's vision .

In fact, it is by the disobedience to board the throne, and it is even more atrocities to kill the people and prostitutes.

If you want to leave the block, you can make a big splash with a little carving, but you can see it as a random replacement. And it is a great joy to leave the family to sacrifice for the cause. After all, as a boss, you don’t have to pay any price, but it is the biggest beneficiary.

It's good for me to come and take you to the black pot. Can such a leader be worthy of following?

This kind of boss is now everywhere. The famous Huawei Ren Zong, has not made a ridiculous thing to retain a senior employee and persuade him to divorce his wife? If you want to leave Huawei's employees, I am afraid it must be at least a vice president.

But the boss and the employee stand differently. If Ren always acts as an employee and the boss lets him divorce, I estimate that with the total temper, I have to blow him with a big ear. The so-called ass determines the head, and it is almost the same.

But the boss who decides the "head" of the employee with his "butt" is not stupid or bad, but the employee who follows the boss's "butt" with his "head" is stupid.

Listening to the boss is very important, but if you listen, you will be tragedy. Do you want to sign a certain struggle agreement with Hess?

On the contrary, the celebration of broad-mindedness and broad-mindedness, loves its talents, and is not willing to kill until death. If you want to leave, you have the opportunity to choose a celebration. For that, you may have one assassin in history, and one more Li Guanghuo will go to the hospital. I just don’t know if I want to leave the wish of "to come to the hospital to smoke and drink hot food".

History can only be reincarnation, no return.

Fortunately, history is a mirror. If you want to leave the story, you can give it to the princes. It is also a great achievement for him.

Source: Old Chomsky wild drive (ID: lsjyeshi) Author: Saiyasiji

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