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A movie about the tsar lover threatens "Russian national security"


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Written in front: Feng Xiaogang's film "Fanghua" is urgently dismissed. In Russia, people also want to ban a movie called "Matilda" and the conflict occasions gradually spread from the Russian House of Commons. Go to civil society. The line is on the Internet, and the followers are on the street. Some people think that this movie is just a regular movie. Some people think that this film threatens national security, and even radical organizations have emerged to threaten to burn the cinema. So what exactly is this movie, and how did it become the storm eye of Russia?

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On January 25, 1893, the Russian Crown Prince Nikola wrote in his diary: "I went to my MK in the evening and spent the most beautiful night with her. Influenced by her - the nib is shaking in my hands!"

MK in the Crown Prince Diary is the abbreviation of "Matilda Kscheinska", the chief ballet dancer from the St. Petersburg Empire Theatre in Poland. The two met at a dinner three years ago, when the future tsar was just twenty-two years old, and Matilda was still less than eighteen. Later generations of historical researchers used the diary and communication of the parties to piece together the whole picture of this short-lived relationship. After four months of writing the above-mentioned words in Nikolay, the passion between the two began to subside, until the marriage of Nikolai in 1894. Previously, this relationship came to an end. In 1918, the last generation of Tsar Nicholas II, who had retired for one year, was executed by the Bolsheviks. Matilda, who moved to France after the revolution, married Nicholas’ cousin Andrei in 1921, and in 1971, 99. He died in Paris at the age of seniority.

△ Nicholas II and Matilda Keshishska

For the vast majority of people, this is just a lace story outside of history. However, this anecdote about the last tsar, in the first hundred years after the death of Russia, overturned Russia.

"Threasing national security"

In 2010, the famous Russian director Alexei Uchetelli began to prepare for the latest historical film "Matilda" with the theme of love between Nicholas II and Matilda. In the plan, this will be an unprecedented investment in international production. The original author of the script is a famous Russian writer. Many writers and producers from the United States and France helped to modify the script, the actress Ollishanska and the history of Ma. Tilda is from Poland, and the last Tsar Nicholas II is starred by German actor Rather Eddinger.

△ movie "Matilda" flower screenshot source: YouTube screenshot

The film has received strong support from the Russian government and the National Film Foundation since its inception, and more than one-third of the cost is directly financed. In the past two decades, the history of Tsarist Russia has always been a hot topic in Russian film and television dramas. The director Uchitelli has many related works. Politically, Uchideli has never been known for inciting controversy. In 2014, when the film officially started, he just took the lead in signing an open letter in support of the Kremlin’s decision to annex Crimea – from any angle, Tilda should be a commercial film with a very high safety factor.

The accident occurred at the end of 2016. The former Crimean Attorney General Natalia Polonskaya, who had just transferred to the Russian House of Commons as a member of parliament, suddenly attacked in November and asked the Attorney General’s Office to investigate the film. The reason is “a threat to national security”.

Pocronskaya is a famous tsar fan, but even so, it is still difficult for bystanders to understand her fierce reaction to this unreleased film. The former Attorney General not only disguised the love between the Tsar and Matilda. It is also proposed that compared to the "traditional European feminine beauty" of Queen Alessandra, Nicholas II chose a woman who is "a little bit fangs" and "like a mouse", which is not beautiful enough. A negative depiction of the image of the tsar. This was followed by a series of rather tortuous reasoning: since the last tsar was sealed as an Orthodox saint in 2000, the smashing of him also “insulted the dignity of all Orthodox believers”, which further constituted the feelings of hurting believers and "Inciting religious hatred", it also threatens national security.

△ Matilda Kshesinska, 1897

However, the ugly woman that Pocrons can't stand is not the actress Olympuska, but the history of Matilda Kshesinska himself, in other words, the dissatisfaction of the former Attorney General is not The director chose what kind of actor to play the tsar lover, but the last tsar actually fell in love with a ballet actor with a lack of appearance, this a hundred years ago.

No matter in Russian politics, religion or culture, almost no one agrees with Poquinskaya. Putin and Medvedev respectively expressed their disapproval, and the president’s press secretary Peskov stated that it is too early to make any conclusions even if the film is not even available. The director, Uchitelli, immediately countered the abuse of power by Polonskaya, and in a subsequent interview he admitted that he was "stunned" by the fierce controversy caused by the film. The Russian Orthodox Church generally believes that although the content of the film is vulgar, it is not worthy of such a big move. A priest suggested that the former Attorney General may have misunderstood the definition of the saints. The Orthodox Church does not regard the saints as perfect. A few days later, even the descendants of the Romanov royal family said that although the content of the film is quite annoying, the Romanov family does not believe that it should be forcibly prohibited by political means. "This will become the film's Free advertising." In the procuratorate, both investigations concluded that “no violations were found”.

But Poconskaya did not give up. In January 2017, the online initiative launched by her website on the Ministry of Culture’s request to ban the "Matilda" collected 20,000 signatures. Under her unremitting propaganda, this one has not been seen by anyone. The film has also evolved from a controversy about the tsar lover to a "poisonous grass" that does not believe in God, is not patriotic, and is anti-traditional. In July, at the initiative of Pocronskaya, the number of joint signatures against Matilda has exceeded 100,000. Since the Ministry of Culture had never announced the ban on the film as she had requested, and in August, under pressure to sign the grading release of Matilda, Pocronskaya then angrily told the media. She believes that the Ministry of Culture has been held by terrorists.

△ Resist the joint signature of Matilda: Pocronskaya Facebook Homepage

Most local governments are neutral on this matter, but Poconskaya has unexpectedly received a response in the North Caucasus: Chechnya and Dagestan announced the ban on Matilda in August, despite the facts. Both of the two places are Muslim areas, and the Orthodox Christians are so negligent. In Russia, the most important ally of Polonskaya is still the Orthodox conservative camp. Beginning in August, an Orthodox conservative non-governmental organization rallied a collective prayer campaign against Matilda, raising the film to the political height of “insulting the Russian people”. The event reached its climax in St. Petersburg on September 13th, and the number of believers who participated in the rally reached an astonishing 100,000.

Militant Christianity

Until then, the problem still looked like a conservative position in the battle for cultural positions. However, the situation turned sharply in mid-September.

Beginning on September 10, all parts of Russia received an anonymous threat call claiming that a local crowd was placed in a bomb. Although the police did not find any explosive devices after the investigation, considering the possibility of terrorist attacks, it was positive. During the 18th anniversary of the apartment bombings, no one dared to take it lightly. Until this article was issued, anonymous telephone calls have not stopped. The number of evacuations per day across Russia is as low as 1,000 or more, and tens of thousands. On September 13th alone, there are as many as 19 shopping malls forced to evacuate in Moscow. The number of evacuations exceeded 30,000, and people were guilty, and the police’s identity to the threatened person still has no clue.

On September 14, Alexander Kalinin, chairman of the Orthodox folk militant group "Christian-Sacred Rose", suddenly claimed on social networks that all these anonymous calls were "part of the public action against "Matilda"" .

△ "Christian Country" leader Kalinin Source: YouTube screenshot

As early as January this year, the organization had threatened to burn the theater that showed "Matilda". Since it was not put into action, it did not have any practical consequences except the condemnation of various circles. However, since August 31, the film's creative team and supporters have suffered arson several times, while others have once again received a threat letter signed by the "Christian State." On the morning of September 4, a theater in Yekaterinburg was artificially arson. The suspect was an open-minded Orthodox activist who made many people suspect that the arson was related to Matilda.

Although Kalinin claimed that he did not instruct or participate in any attacks, nor was it the sender of anonymous telephones, but only obtained information through other channels, but this is enough for the Russian government and the media, which are now highly nervous. The President’s Press Secretary Peskov and the Minister of Culture, Mezinski, unanimously warned that the act was “terrorist in nature” and that the Orthodox Church and conservative religious organizations clarified for the first time that they had nothing to do with the “Christian State” and opposed it. The position, even Pocronskaya himself has to emphasize, "need to pay attention to the extreme tendency of some unregistered organizations."

The "Christian country" that was shunned by the top officials was not willing to remain silent. Kalinin seized the opportunity of the next few interviews and advocated that believers should make practical actions for their beliefs. Several references to the Old Testament of the Bible prove that violent means are completely in line with the doctrine: "Militant Christianity is orthodox (православие, also It means Orthodox.) He not only claimed that "the people are ready, they can burn anything at any time", and even further called on believers to personally attack Matilda's director Uchideli and the Minister of Culture, Mezinski. "Break his leg, or come to a more serious... This is to save Russia from being embarrassed."

The name "Christian country" (Христианское государство) is in the same form as the "Islamic State" (Исламское государство) in Russian. Kalinin admits that the name was inspired by the "Islamic State" and intended to indicate that it is "Islamic." "Equality of the country": "We want to show that this is the Russian Christ." According to information previously disclosed to the media, "Christian Country" currently has a total of 350 members, and a YouTube channel with 26,000 subscribers. It claims that it does not oppose Putin, but is committed to protecting Russia's "mental political order" from the outside world (mainly the West), and hopes to establish an Iranian religious state in Russia - it is in this context, Matilda was defined by the organization as “a direct threat to the core principles of the state”.

Armed defense cinema

It seems that a bigger storm is still brewing, and "Matilda" is still a storm eye. After several twists and turns, the official date of the film is October 26, 2017, and the pre-sale ticket has already begun. But most people's attention has shifted beyond the cinema, compared to what it did.

Polonskaya’s main opponent is the Russian Ministry of Culture, which has always insisted that “Matilda” is “just an ordinary film”. On September 14, Govorusin, chairman of the Russian House of Commons Cultural Committee, expressed his support for the Ministry of Culture. The Orthodox radicals who demanded the ban were called "small Islamic states", and they said that they had suggested that Pokrynskaya should "keep quiet." On the 15th, Russian House of Commons President Volokin expressed his support for Pocronskaya, the same day Orthodox Church. On behalf of Xie Mukov, the Minister of Culture, Mezinski, accused the entire film of being a "political mistake" of the Ministry of Culture . The church said that for this film, the Orthodox Christians are now in the same situation as the Muslims in the French "Charlie Weekly" incident. situation.

Whether or not this analogy is true, it at least indicates that there is a common concern that the film may trigger bloodshed. Chairman of the Constitutional Committee of the Federal Council (Upper House of Parliament) Krisas issued a notice on September 18 requesting the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Procuratorate to "strictly protect the personal safety of the film's creative team." The Ministry of Internal Affairs also promised to add additional personnel to protect "Matil. "Da" premiere. Also on September 18, the "Christian Country" again sent a signed letter to a number of local governments requesting that the "Matilda" be banned from being released locally.

△ September 18th "Christian Country" representative to the Governor of Novosibirsk State's open letter Source: Kommersant News Siberia Branch Webpage Screenshot

Several theaters have announced the abandonment of "Matilda" due to security concerns after the arson in Yekaterinburg. Some other theater alliances have also issued a warning that the theater will not show the film, but at the same time, there are still many theaters to buy early. The right to show the film. On the Internet, how to treat the film as a new standard for dividing the position, the tit-for-tat documentary "Matilda's Lies" will be broadcasted before the film is released, taking into account the arson threat of "Christian country" With the ubiquity of Orthodox radicals, the Cossack community in Yekaterinburg even announced that it would voluntarily defend the cinema during the film's release.

On September 20th, the Counter-Terrorism Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia finally detained two other members of Kalinin and the "Christian State" . The Ministry of Culture immediately expressed its gratitude for this, but the storm is far from over. A year ago, Poconskaya didn't expect that the film would really become a destabilizing factor threatening national security. The Russian Ministry of Culture and the film's creative team insisted that the film will be released as scheduled, but since September, "Matilda" has been twice screened for security reasons or "technical factors" forced to cancel, no one knows what will happen when it is actually released. On the afternoon of September 21, Russian law enforcement agencies reported that the leader of the "Christian state", Kalinin, had been released after the end of the interrogation.

Therefore, more people are worried that even Matilda itself is just the beginning. The next British satirical comedy "The Death of Stalin" has also encountered the "ban", this time the Russian Ministry of Culture itself, because the film will be like the "Matilda" angered the Orthodox conservatives in the Communist Social turmoil was caused among the populists and pro-Soviet people. At least it seems that this logic is impeccable: in the name of the people, the cultural censorship is even more violent.

Endnote: On September 23, after being detained twice and released twice, the leader of the "Christian State", Kalinin, was formally arrested by the Russian District Court for allegedly sending threat information to the theater.

Understand the global situation, the world anecdote, WeChat pays attention to one is enough: the world says (ID: globusnews)