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Don't mix


Today, I learned a question about Zhou Hongyi’s speech to a new employee. One of the words made me impressed: Don’t mix, I’m mixing 200,000 a year, mixing 1 million for five years, I can give you 1 million. But your five-year time is worth 1 million. In this small city, the author's salary for a year may not even reach 100,000. If it is five years later, I can get 1 million. I am afraid that it has not been white for five years.

The meaning of Zhou is actually simple. If I sign you for five years, how much you can mix and match, but it does not create extra value for yourself. Then, relative to other peers, you are actually standing still. If the company rises, it will always bring "inflation", but if you keep following the bank's interest rate, it will not run "inflation." The 200,000 years after five years are very different from the 200,000 years ago five years ago. Even if you hold the same salary in the future, compared with the big time, in fact, you are constantly regressing, and ultimately pay a painful price in the era of a certain "failure crisis."

Two months ago, the contract was signed with the unit for five years. I often think that after five years, I will look like a pair. My colleagues in my 40s and 50s will have four or five thousand salary, but at the end of the year, they will be around 100,000. And mixed into the middle layer, but only about 150,000. Maybe you are hungry, but you can't eat enough. If you don't have enough, you don't have to be a stomach, but you can live, go abroad for a holiday, or even go abroad to study or study for an MBA. It is not a small burden for a working family. Xiao Fu is safe, but if you want to take another step in life? Want to see a bigger world. This unit is afraid that it can't be given.

So, I split the five years into two pieces. In the first three years, don't mix, and after two years, jump out. For the individual, the state-owned enterprise has to say that it is a good platform and a higher starting point. However, if it is spent in state-owned enterprises for a long time, it is like boiling frogs in warm water, slowly losing their fighting spirit, and even constantly calculating what year-end welfare is decreasing. Rather than considering your own future, value and work itself.

I still like writing very much, but I understand more and more that writing is not just about words, but also other fields of relevance. I often feel that only mediocre talents always choose "moderate", but I chose advanced state-owned enterprises after graduation, and stayed for three years, not only for eating, but also for better writing. This is an era of knowledge payment, an era of more respect for content creators. Working at the time of work "mixed" work, and writing carefully in another hour, will always shine in one day in the future. In the last two years, try to really jump out. This is my five-year plan.

Don't mix, jump out.