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Talk about the LOL Summoner Cup: the founder of the trophy that affects other events


With the defeat of WE and RNG, many players and the ox have sang cool in their hearts. However, there are still many netizens who are very interested in the finals of the Bird's Nest. Recently, someone has sent a photo of the trophy in the bird's nest on the Internet. A huge trophy is in the middle. Although I know that this trophy is only a decoration rather than an award, but there are still netizens ridiculed: "This big trophy, afraid to win the game can not take it?"

The trophy is a manifestation of glory. It can be said that the most hopeful thing for all the contestants is to join the teammates and hold the trophy. And for this LOL we love and watch the game about it from time to time, we know very little about its trophy. So let’s talk about some small gossip about the S series trophy today~

The trophy for the S Series represents LOL's highest honor and highest design level, called the Summoner's Cup. The trophy was first presented to the public at the S2 Global Finals and was produced by the world-renowned Thomas Lyte (the company also produced dozens of events including the FA Cup, World Rally, ATP World Tour, etc.) Trophy medals). The trophy weighs about 65 pounds and is as high as 70CM, making it one of the largest and deepest trophies in the world. In comparison, the FA Cup, which is less than 15 pounds, is a small witch.

In fact, this is a mistake of the fist company. They didn't understand at first that a trophy should be multiple. As a result, it created such a trophy that was particularly difficult to lift by one person. But fist CEO Brandon Beck gave a new saying: League of Legends is a group-focused game, the game is 5 people, the honor is 5 people, and the trophy also needs 5 people to lift up. Have to say, Brandon Beck is really a wit boy~~

This trophy has its own unique meaning in every aspect of the shape design. The cup is the five summoners, the role played by the player in LOL, while the blue crystal symbolizes the source of energy in LOL - the energy node, and the rune is engraved on the cup. The Summoner Cup retains the ritual sense of the traditional trophy, and is very relevant to the game of League of Legends. It also meets the aesthetic standards of gamers and is considered to be one of the best trophies in the world.

WE wins the 2012 TGA contest

After each S series, the official fist will have a set of champion skins in LOL. In the champion skin, there is also a funny egg, that is, some character weapons will become the summoner cup, as a projection of the live stage champion. For example, the S2 season assassination star champion skin in the hands of the trophy, or the S5 season SKT champion skin wandering mage's scroll has also become a trophy.

The launch of the Summoner Cup also raised the design criteria for the LOL trophy. The organizers of each event strengthened the design of the championship trophy. The simple flaky crystal trophy and the mass-produced trophy that a certain treasure can buy were gradually eliminated. For example, in the 2013 LPL League, a new championship trophy appeared. The trophy consists of Galen's big sword and Delane's giant axe, which means that the edge will help the hero. The front of the trophy is surrounded by the dragon, and the lines extend from the base, symbolizing the beginning of the professional league in China, and the shield represents the power of e-sports.

The closest to the S series, the trophy that was not replaced in 2015. The trophy weighs 58 pounds and is built by domestic craftsmen. It creates different visual levels and gorgeous textures through two different processes of sanding and electroplating sterling silver. With the top Swarovski crystals as the silver dragon's finishing touch, it looks like the silver dragon is domineering. Although the color of the single watch will be more monotonous, it shines brightly under the illumination of the stadium lights.

The Summoner Cup launched in the S2 season directly affects the design of the other championship trophies, and has become the target of professional players in each season. Back to S7, from the giant trophy that appeared in the infield of the Birds of the Finals this year, we can see the high specification of the S7 season.

The two teams that eventually competed for this trophy, although they did not have the Chinese team, are inevitably a big regret. However, the battle between SKT and SSG is still worth watching a peak matchup. And whoever shouts loudly at the Summoner's Cup in the Bird's Nest is still worth our expectation.

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