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Talk about work efficiency!


They haven't been updated in a month, because the recent projects are very, very busy, and they are too busy to talk about the efficiency of work.

In the construction industry, overtime is almost inevitable. Even some civil servants can't hide, let alone those of us who are engaged in service work, so here we talk about how to improve work efficiency and shorten the time for overtime work.

Tips1: Tomato Work Method

Those who feel that their work efficiency is very low, you can try it out, the mechanism is very simple, set a clock, rest every 5 minutes for 5 minutes, rest every 15 minutes for 25 minutes, re-clocked in the middle of the interruption, the idea is probably .

If you want to know more, you can take a look at the diagram of the tomato work method (Douban).

A thin little manual can be turned over in more than a minute.

The advantage of the Pomodoro Technique is to cut the time. After all, insist on 25 minutes of wholeheartedly working, most people can still get it. If you ask you to work seriously for 3 hours, unless the deadline is approaching, I think many people can't do it. If you can do it, please skip this article and privately trust me. I want to worship you as a teacher. Thank you ORZ.

The trouble with this method in the office is that if you are not an independent office, you will be very embarrassed, everyone is working and you are resting, especially after 15 minutes of rest after 3 Pomodoros, you will even feel 5 minutes special. Especially long, this time you can get up and pick up the glass of water, go to the toilet, stand by the window and make a phone call to the family to greet you, as long as you don't want to work.

The office is not very suitable for timing tools such as alarm clocks, so it can be used

Tomato potato window desktop version instead

Um.... Then, I found that I haven’t been working on projects for more than 4 hours a day... Sometimes like a meeting, the leader called to do something, pick up a few calls, print something, for a long time. If you slip away, everyone can give it a try. Every month, when you count the time, you will have a surprise.

In addition to improving work efficiency, the tomato method is more important, it can reduce eye fatigue. I want to protect your friends who are not formally entering the work, especially those who have no nearsightedness. Eyes, develop good eye habits, when I graduated, the main eye is 5.2, the right eye is about 4.8 (related to reading while lying down), no glasses at all, after 4 years of work, no glasses are not enough This is the most regrettable thing after I stepped into the work, and the eyeballs are a bit convex, very ugly. Therefore, the rest of the tomato work method is 5 minutes. You can also close your eyes and let your eyes rest. It is best to get up and walk, and move your lower back and shoulders to avoid some occupational diseases (mouse hand, cervical spondylosis, etc.).

Tips2: Multi-core processor

There is a situation in which the cost is to be dealt with. N items are processed at the same time. At most, I have tried 10 items in the back of the hand. At this time, the working state is usually that the leader calls the mobile phone to shake and then the fixed line. QQ, it’s terrible, sometimes it’s not that you can’t complete the task, but you’re constantly inserting new projects in the middle, and the leaders won’t ask you what else you have, so the next sentence is urgent, do it quickly, then you I will put down my other activities and start a new project. After a few days, the leader will ask you how long it has been before, and then you will find that the new project has not been completed yet. I can only work overtime.

In the face of such a situation, we must first judge whether it is really urgent or not. In general, the leaders have made it clear that they have to pay in a few days, and they are really anxious. The client told him that this was a very urgent project. He conveyed it to you and let you pay attention to it. In this case, it is basically not a particularly urgent project, but the client hopes to have a buffer time.

So here I am going to say a few tips:

1. Do the emergency first, then do not worry: this does not need to explain more, like the bottom of the standard is generally more urgent than settlement, after all, many projects are now set a few to bid before starting to prepare the base, there is a clear time Restrictions, settlements generally do not exist. Many methodologies also mention the principle of handling the important emergency four quadrants, which is also applicable to cost work.

You can put a piece of paper on the desktop, sort the items you have at hand, and complete the project step by step in the order of 1-4.

2. Emergency items that can be processed in one day are processed first: the advantage of doing this is to reduce interference. Generally, large projects generally have longer buffer time, and there are more reasons to delay the time, while small projects usually do After the end, there are fewer hand and tail, you can concentrate on making large projects with large time.

3. The extension of the second point: After the small project that can be processed in one day, don't give it to the leader (requires leadership review) or Party A, but hold it after you finish it, then go on the old project, etc. The other party rushed, and then replied that it was almost finished. Check it out tomorrow, or say it is almost finished. If you are anxious, add overtime tonight tomorrow (to sell your personal feelings poorly). why? For example, if there is a Mayday concert on the morning of the 10th, you ask your friend to buy a ticket. Will you wait until the departure on the 10th to confirm whether your friend has bought a ticket? Will it be confirmed at least one day in advance? Life interaction is still the same, so in the work, it is usually 1-3 days in advance to ask, so when you are done, you can not give up and give it up, you can create a little maneuver time for yourself, instead of sacrificing your own time. To make convenience for others; second, when the leader wants to insert some tasks that you don't want to do in the middle, you can tell him that the project has not been finished yet. Now I still have this in my hand. There is a lack of skill to get rid of it.

4. Manufacturing objective conditions: What is the objective condition for manufacturing? To put it bluntly, it is to delay the manufacturing point. In some cases, it is not necessary to work overtime. It is necessary to use this method. For example, when making settlements, it is pointed out that the construction unit lacks certain information, some The settlement of sub-projects is insufficient. The conventional practice includes insurance premiums. Highway engineering settlement, insurance is settled according to the invoice amount. Many projects have a long construction period. If the invoice is missing, the construction unit will simply not report it. At this time, you can propose insurance. If the law stipulates that it is to be bought, it does not mean that the insurance fee is not perfect. There is a certain risk to Party A. Give the reason for the construction unit to supplement the information, so that a time can be created.

At the budget and the bottom stage, various questions can be raised to the design unit by means of a contact letter. The design will respond. Since the designer also needs to check, when Party A reminds, he can reply that the basic design has been completed. After the reply letter is replied, it can be modified immediately, so that you can free up some time to help yourself.

This tip may seem particularly low, looking for excuses for limiting your efficiency, maybe a friend will be very disdainful, and be wise! The final part of this method is to find a step for the other party, so that the other party has an acceptable reason for you to delay.

Tips3: Don't care too much about small problems

According to my own observation, when many people do projects, they often struggle on some small things for a long time. For example, if the quota is not multiplied by a certain factor, such as excavating the curb, the drawing does not give the amount of work per meter. Just change it and change it. In the past, the A project used 0.3m3/m, and the B project used 0.7/m, which was more than doubled. How to change it was not satisfactory, so the project time was delayed. To be honest, this situation Not uncommon.

Now I am bringing an intern, every day I will ask me some calculations to figure out how to do with the drawings. Sometimes I look at the 10m3 concrete and calculate 9.7m3. She also wants to write an annotation in excel. I have to write a little bit of it, I think it will take a very, very much time. Although it is not a bad thing to be so careful, it is important to bear in mind that the other side of carefulness will reduce efficiency, and it is king to focus on the key points.

Of course, in the case of ample time, it is certainly good to do every step. But after developing such a habit, when some emergency projects come, it often has the opposite effect. I think speed is very, very important. Everyone can't make mistakes in doing things. The project must be completed first, and then there is a right or wrong. If it is not completed, the project has no need to consider. Moreover, the early period was too entangled with small problems. Later, after being urging, it was easier to make mistakes. Besides, there are other people in the project to do the review, and even other units to do the review, the project is a need to constantly modify to publish, the first draft of the project is guaranteed to be at the level of qualification, so that it is for the company or individual The greatest benefit.

Tips4: First, the price will be calculated again.

Road projects and municipal projects are not like civil engineering projects. They should be sampled by Guanglianda, and the calculations must be calculated manually. Recently, I found that when the new people of our company received the task, they first calculated the drawings and started to set the price on the machine. In fact, this is wrong. They should first set the price on the machine and then calculate the quantity. Although there may be cases where the engineering quantity is wrong, but the first machine file is completed, the project can say that the first draft has been completed, and then when the company auditor is reviewed, the time can be used to calculate the quantity and then publish. Before the report, the amount of work is revised and the auditor is informed. In this case, in the eyes of the leader, your work efficiency is higher than that of the colleague who first calculated the price, is it not? Moreover, it is also possible to avoid a situation in which an emergency item is inserted in the middle of the road and it is impossible to cross. Of course, some do not count the amount of money can not be calculated first, such as the earthwork excavation of the drainage project.

Ok, this time there is nothing dry, I hope everyone can add less classes ^_^