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Regarding the departure of executives, this may be an article that subverts your cognition.



Yesterday, Lao Wang wrote an article entitled "Five questions that must be considered before executives to change jobs, words and words are worth a thousand dollars". In addition to receiving resumes from 23 corporate executives, there are two business executives who give old Wang’s message is worthy of thinking from career executives?

Story 1: An executive said that he worked in a company for nine years, but recently found that his project was taken away by the new boss, making himself have nothing to do now. What should I do with Pharaoh?

Story 2: A senior executive of a company said that he had worked day and night, spent nearly three years, and started to take the company’s corporate university, but suddenly received adjustments to the company’s organizational structure. The work was handed over to one of his own subordinates, and was also an old employee of the company. Although his position has improved, he feels that the people around him have changed. He asked Pharaoh, is the boss coming to a bright and dark, wanting to get out of the way?

After reading the messages of these two corporate executives, Pharaoh did not respond directly, but was thinking about a question. What is the real reason for the resignation of corporate executives?


Last night, in the dead of night, Pharaoh used the mind to draw pictures of the reasons for the departure of corporate executives, and then used the exclusion method to find an amazing secret. That is the real reason for the departure of corporate executives is that their mission has been completed.

Why is there such an amazing discovery? Pharaoh will tell you a story first!

Three years ago, a company dug a senior executive Zhang Zhang through a high-paying headhunter. Lao Zhang’s mission was to open channels for several provinces in three years. Lao Zhang was more diligent. From the first day of employment, he rarely sat in the office. Instead, he led the team to attack the city and spent two years completing the three-year mission the company gave him. But the problem is that in May of this year, the company boss suddenly decided to let Lao Zhang transfer to another company to be the director of operations.

Lao Zhang thought about it and couldn't understand why the boss would suddenly transfer him away, and he called Pharaoh to talk about how much work he had done and how much value he created for the company. After that, Pharaoh seriously asked him a few questions.

✤ Is the person who is replacing you now an old or new employee?

Is the salary of the person who takes over your work higher or lower than yours?

In addition to your high salary, you have a high commission. And is there a high commission for the person who will replace you now?

After listening to these questions of Pharaoh, Lao Zhang suddenly said that he understood where the problem is. Lao Zhang said that he should leave his job in the company's mission!

In the first two weeks, Lao Zhang told Pharaoh that he had left the company last month and his boss had slightly retained it, but he was not really sincere. He knew this more clearly. However, fortunately, their boss is not bad, gave a lot of money to Lao Zhang, it can be regarded as compensation for Lao Zhang's hard work for more than two years!


Lao Wang believes that there is only one reason for executives to change jobs - the executives have completed the company's mission, and they don't have to go. Instead of being taken away by the company, it is better to go on your own in the most brilliant time, so whether it is going out to start a business or continue to work, it is very valuable! If you leave your job or leave the company at the lowest point, you will greatly reduce your value, or you will never be worth it! This is what Pharaoh often said, why corporate executives must leave when the company's most brilliant and their promotion ceiling has come to an end.

The executives calculate from the day of employment that the golden period that can create value for the company is three years. That is to say, after three years, the value of executives in the company will continue to decrease, coupled with the entry of newcomers, the executives at this time may be of little value to the company. But for other companies, it still has value. This is why many corporate executives typically have a service life of 3-5 years in a company.

9 years ago, when Lao Wang hired a senior executive of a real estate company, he did not consider leaving. It is better to say that the project you are doing is a landmark building in a certain city. When the company starts selling, the annual project bonus is very impressive. Because the executive did not find that the crisis is approaching!

Then, their company was acquired by other local companies due to the break of the capital chain, and they had to leave. Although he left the company at this time, the salary and position afterwards were not as good as before.

Once, Pharaoh just went to a company to do things, saw the executive, and talked to him. He told Pharaoh that if he had to leave his job, he would have at least 7 years of salary.

After Lao Wang left his office, he carefully recalled the words of the executive. There are hypotheses in the world, and the reality is often cruel!

Written at the end

Lao Wang wants to say to the executives:

There are only one reason for the departure of senior executives - the mission has been completed.

You must leave your company in the most brilliant period of your company and your best career development!

✰ Remember: Regardless of the size of your position, you are just a screw for the company!