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Most of the talents are not met, often just enough


There is a psychological survey that asks more than 100 drivers about his driving level. The feedback received is that nearly 80% of people think that their driving level is at a medium to high level, which is much better than the average person.

In fact, under normal circumstances, the level of a group is particularly good or particularly poor, only a very small proportion of the group, generally around 15-20%, most people are ordinary.

This is also the famous sociological law of the 28th: ​​20% of the few people have concentrated more intelligence, they are likely to stand out from the ground.

However, in fact, why do most people feel that they are not satisfied with their talents, that they are being worked hard by their bosses, and that they are being treated coldly everywhere?

Fan Bufan, founder and CEO of Shock Culture, said at the 2018 New Conference:

In the era of mobile Internet, everyone has mobile phones. Various content creation platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, B station, and vibrato can be used to make you show your talents. Therefore, there is no one who has no talents. If you think you are not satisfied, only Three possibilities:

1. Not positioned to give play to their own advantages;
2. Not enough 100% intention and effort;
3. Nothing at all.

Think about it, this is really the truth.

People are accustomed to overestimating themselves and underestimating others.

People are accustomed to being more self-disciplined and treating others with urgency.

Most of us, in fact, are ordinary people. I feel that I have never met my own problems. I still have not thought about the following questions.

1, positioning error, did not play well their true strengths

A friend of mine is now the technical director of a large company. Not only do I have excellent technical skills, but I also cultivate talents for selection. They are also practical and reliable, and they are well received by the boss.

But before he entered the company, he was not well mixed. He likes to be good at technology, but he has been wrong in the past and has been working in the sales field.

Although the communication ability has passed, he has since resisted social activities such as socializing and drinking. His life circle is simple. After work, he often goes to sleep and forgets to continue to drill deep into the technology.

Therefore, in the sales position, he is not happy, hard-working, and has no sense of accomplishment.

With painstaking thoughts, he decided to give up his sales experience for several years and re-find his work related to his technical background, starting with the basic position.

This job, he has done very well from the very beginning, worked very hard, coupled with a strong sense of responsibility, and soon was appreciated by the boss. In the past five or six years, all the way up to now, has become a truly indispensable talent in the company.

For many people in the workplace who do not have accurate positioning, if you do not plan your career direction at the beginning, it is most likely to have a situation where you are not satisfied.

For example, some people like to work step by step, do not like to stand in the spotlight, but he has done public relations that need to show up, how can it be like a duck?

Or someone is very good at the practice of giving advice, do not like to sit in front of the computer every day to report on the data, but at the beginning chose accounting, rather than training and communication positions, he naturally can not find the fun of work .

The world is big, don't hang on a tree.

In this era of increasingly detailed division of labor, you don't need to be a full-fledged omnipotent. Instead, you should cultivate your own abilities. Then plow in this field, find the direction, and dig the well that belongs to you.

2, you did not pay 100% effort

A few days ago, a friend from the media circle had a real estate license, and she just bought a big two-bedroom mortgage.

You know, a few years ago, she was a BA of a cosmetics counter in a shopping mall. Today, in just two or three years, she relied on her own strength, bought a car, bought a house, and reversed her life.

Although she only graduated from a high school, she knows makeup and loves makeup. At the beginning, I shared my own beauty experience on the Internet and attracted a lot of people's attention. Then she registered the public number, an article or video every day, and began to teach girls how to know the goods, how to make up and dress themselves.

Soon she became a beautiful beauty blogger with the ability to bring goods, the public number is getting better and better, and opened a studio to form his own company and team.

At the beginning, she and another colleague at the counter did it. After less than a month, the girl gave up and was too tired to do the official number.

Although the threshold for doing it from the media is low, there are not many that can persist and operate successfully.

Like the beauty actor, she often spends hours or even days for an article or video. She is fully prepared in advance, trying makeup over and over and taking herself as an experimental product. After the success, you need to patiently break down the steps, editing, editing, and so on. After a whole set of processes, the final result will be perfect.

This process is really hard, especially since many people started to do it as a sideline, and they need extra effort.

God will not treat anyone who works hard.

Today, her colleague is still working as a cabinet sister in the same mall, holding thousands of monthly salary income, and the blogger has already entered millions.

In this world, since ancient times, there have been reasons for waiting for the price. Whether it is a talented person or a poor student, the ability is not enough, depending on how hard you work.

When we complained that the fortunes were not good enough, when we were not able to meet our talents, we did not realize that only if we were good enough, we could shine and make others look good.

Han Han also said: In the Internet age, there are basically no people who have no talent.

Because in the situation of sharing the economy and the world, no matter which line you do, you must begin to have the knowledge of fragmentation and the ability to integrate resources, and then find the right direction and put the core competitiveness into your own pocket.

What's more, there are countless platforms, resources, traffic, and potential opportunities waiting for you. What qualifications do we have to say that we are not satisfied?

Whether it is the main business or the sideline business, what you have to do is to pay 100% effort once you start, to live up to the temper of this era, and not to disappoint yourself.

3, the so-called unrecognized, often is not enough

Li An said in the "10 Years of Movie Dreams" that it is not easy to make a movie, but he always believes that the "state is stronger than people".

"Being a director is of course to run oneself, but managing yourself is only part of it. In the end, you don't get an opportunity. Of course you can blame: I am an artist, I don't know how to run myself. I only know how to shoot my own work.

In fact, the work of a director is Communicate with different people and manage the interpersonal relationships between everyone, including investors, publishers, actors and staff. So business is also part of the director's work.

What's important is that when you get the chance, you What is the sale? The content of that thing is the most important. "

The management and marketing of the film and the director himself are of course the focus, but the premise is that you can shoot a work of high quality, otherwise it will be in vain.

Not only movies, but every industry. The threshold is high, and there are people who can go in. Instead of complaining about themselves, it is better to try to improve themselves in all aspects.

Taking self-media writing as an example, everyone is saying that since the media has passed the dividend period, the competition is getting more and more intense. But even so, there are still many writers around me who can accumulate a good reader resource and establish their own brand in a short time.

Among them, there is always the cultivation that has been sustained, and more talented in support. It is a steady stream of talents that allowed them to stand out and grow up quickly.

I have read a sentence before. "A person who has no talents often has the illusion that he has no talents, so it is only because you are not talented." This is very heart-warming, but it tells the truth.

There have never been so many talents in this world. In fact, there is only one problem in the end, that is, the "cause" you are holding is not enough. “Talent” can be “useful” and become competitive.

Doing everything is the same. When you can't do it or if you don't progress well, you must first find the reason from yourself.

It’s not a rare thing to have a talented person. Everyone will have this kind of psychological experience more or less, and feel that they are wronged. But simply blaming the talent for external reasons, or simply complaining does not help solve the problem.

So first of all, we must figure out what the root cause of our own talents is:

Is it self-feeling, and I have always been ignorant of the heart of the frog?

Or the pond is too small to swim in shallow water, no chance to show yourself?

Or, did you find the right direction and use the wrong place?

After the analysis is completed and then targeted, the problem can be solved.

Don't complain that this era doesn't give you a chance, but to figure out if you are ready.

Still the same sentence: This is the worst era and the best era.

Good or bad, depending on what is in your pocket.

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