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Self-discipline is the most important "anti-humanity" trait

Author: Cattle quiet ( "Harvard Business Review" Chinese version of the London-based senior editor)
widespread experience some cognitive changes before and after the 30-year-old: a young man valued by some explicit advantages, such as intelligence, eloquence, and gradually give way Self-discipline, patience, and pragmatism. Because at this time, the truth that needs to be verified by time has already begun to emerge. Self-discipline, patience and other qualities will help us to go longer and longer, and it is the key to passing the test of life. Maybe someone can take advantage of luck for a while, but the continued success must not be based on luck.

As we approach those who are elegant, peaceful, and smooth, they will find that they are not necessarily dazzling, but have a unique and simple temperament. And its outstanding commonality is the "anti-humanity" trait.

What is anti-humanity? Human nature is easy to escape, like to escape from problems, laziness, short-sightedness, and high self-esteem, but it is difficult to down-to-earth. Many talented young people are motivated, but they have lost their future due to lack of self-discipline. In the book Self-control, it is concluded that “concentrating attention, rejecting temptation, controlling impulses, and overcoming procrastination are very common human challenges.” The brain often shields these problems from the nature of self-protection. But those who are good will continue to overcome these weaknesses by honing their will. They have cheetah-like patience, insist on independent thinking, long-term vision, and good at dismantling complex matters. All of this is due to their strong self-discipline. In addition to making our lives healthier and more productive, self-discipline also helps marriage. - Those happy partners will tell you that the secret to maintaining a harmonious marriage is to shut up. This is too difficult to do and requires strong self-discipline.

So how can we improve self-discipline as an ordinary person? The author I am a patient with prolonged procrastination and a timely hedonic personality. Because of the lack of self-discipline, I have tasted a series of evil consequences, such as work drag, passive life, and body shape. But fortunately, after shame, I began to ask others, read books, and collect methods of change. After a period of practice, it has been slightly effective, and things that have been dragged on for a long time have finally made progress. Take this opportunity to share some experiences with you (I hope you have a good way to leave a message to me).

First, accept the cruel reality
Self-knowledge is the premise of self-control. We must first accept those unpleasant realities: for example, I am just an ordinary person. I don't have superb wisdom, and I don't have good luck. Only hard work can make a little gain. Give up the hypnosis of "inspirational" books, become a millionaire overnight, or lose weight easily with a few moves, etc. are all poisonous chicken blood. The way to truly achieve the goal is always only painful and long-lasting self-discipline. Another advantage of facing reality is that you don't give yourself the opportunity to indulge, such as staying up late or stacking your work until the last week. Although the reality is cruel, it is humbling. When you look at the truth, you can make the courage to change.
Second, your brain doesn't mean that you
are overwhelmed by the brain, but once you win it , you have a special thrill. In daily life, we must actively collect evidence of our own, such as when it is most easy to succumb to temptation, and what to say when competing with one's willpower, which statement can work. Find the secret weapon to fight your brain. This kind of weapon varies from person to person. Some people are used to finding someone to supervise themselves. Some people like to set rewards. What I personally think is more effective is the method recommended by the author in "Like Time as a Friend": Say to yourself when you are lazy, now your brain wants to do this, not that you want to do this, don't let it succeed.

Consciousness often leads to inertia and indulgence, but the subconscious is very clear about what we should do. Therefore, psychology believes that when a person's subconscious conquers consciousness and the two agree, the person will realize true mental health. By defeating the weak consciousness and stopping the slaves of the brain, you have taken a crucial step in self-discipline.
Third, after the difficult task splitting
is prepared, many people will lose power because of improper implementation. Stress is the deadly enemy of self-control. It is difficult for us to do a lot of work and planning because it puts too much pressure on us. Therefore, you need to step by step and find ways to split the work to reduce stress, which is a good way to ensure long-term implementation.

Some time ago, I always hoped to practice yoga at home. By the way, yoga exercises that control muscles and breathing are one of the most convenient ways to develop self-control. However, because of laziness and lack of strength, I have been unable to persist.

Later I decided to converge on my ambition and change my plan. Initially, I set myself the goal of practicing one hour a day, first for one month. It was later discovered that this goal could not be sustained for a week. Next I decided to dismantle this. List the parts of your body that you need to exercise most, find the right app or yoga program, classify the neck, spine, meditation, etc., and start practicing in 12 days. If you think that 12 days is too long, you can set it to 7 days. Persist for 15-20 minutes every day and gradually extend. Such a goal is easy for most people to achieve. When you are lazy, keep reminding yourself that this is the brain that turns on the lazy mode, not my intention.

I have been insisting on this matter for several months now, and the effect is still very obvious. The same is true for other things. If you can disassemble the original difficult and huge projects into multiple small projects with less stress and set the encouragement cycle, it is possible to overcome the target a little.

In addition, try to achieve the ultimate in action, although the pain is now, but then you will get an addictive sense of accomplishment. This is absolutely incomparable to doing it casually. There is a feeling of standing in the middle of the universe. After all, defeating yourself is the most fulfilling thing in the world.
Fourth, paying attention to diet
will be ignored by many people, but it is the key to self-discipline. The old saying goes that the disaster comes from the mouth, but the disaster is also from the mouth. According to nutritionists and psychologists, low-glycemic diets, which are lean protein, nuts and beans, crude fiber cereals, fruits and vegetables, and other foods that do not contain a lot of sugar or fat, will keep your blood sugar stable. . The stability of blood sugar will increase the utilization of sugar required by willpower, thereby improving people's self-discipline.

High self-discipliners must have healthy eating habits. The health effects of diet far exceed fitness and living time. It is the foundation for a vibrant, high-quality lifestyle. When you put high-calorie junk food into your body and don't eat on time, when the nutrition is out of balance, the body system will inevitably have problems, and you don't have to talk about self-discipline. Worse, out-of-control eating habits can make you feel casual when doing other things.

If we can insist on three meals on time, pay attention to nutritional mix. The body automatically turns on the cleaning process, enters a virtuous circle, and is reflected in emotions. Let you gradually become a person with a light body and a happy mood.

In fact, the truth is often very simple, but most of us are very difficult to do, because human nature is keen on timely and happy. Delayed satisfaction is very “anti-human”, and few people are willing to use the huge pain in front of them in exchange for less pain and longer happiness in the future. What we are good at is to grasp the short-lived happiness in front of us regardless of the cost of the future. However, self-disciplined people will look to the future and take responsibility for the present.

Self-disciplined people can accomplish things that other people can't do in their lifetimes. Their lives are efficient, easy, and full of confidence and control. The asceticism in the eyes of others is the ultimate freedom in life.
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