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How to buy a series of two supplementary books? Small data statistics tell you the choice of three foreign languages


The previous article counts the recommended supplementary books for you, regardless of the subject. This article is mainly the statistical results of three separate subjects: language, mathematics, and English. The principle is that the answer to this subject is counted, otherwise it is not calculated.

Not much nonsense, come on, language :

Compared with the statistics of the whole department, the value is much smaller, which means that the error and the variance may be relatively large. It is good for everyone to make a reference.

Still the same sentence: Write down the title of the book you are interested in, go to the physical bookstore and turn over and make a decision .

Languages ​​are mainly concentrated in: composition and classical Chinese. It seems that other aspects do not know how to deliberately train, mainly in the usual accumulation. However, essays and classical Chinese texts can indeed be improved in the short term.

The first one : "Composition material", itself is a semi-monthly magazine, and now there will be some topics for the college entrance examination. Buying this magazine is better than Yilin and the readers may be better at the time of accumulation.

Tied for the second place : "Basic Basics Handbook", things are very fine, both advantages and disadvantages. Because high school students who generally carry the pressure of college entrance examinations do not spend too much time on the language, let alone look at the language knowledge so systematically. It is recommended to use long-term use, and often use the fragmentation time to double up. If you want to raise points in the short term, don't look at this one . In short, it is a good reference book, but it is nothing more than that.

This book is divided into four series.

First edition: Language knowledge and language expression.

Part II: Literary common sense and famous sentence.

Part III: Ancient poetry reading.

Part IV: Modern Chinese reading.

Tied for the second place : "New High Chinese Language Helping Reading", classical Chinese has always been a difficult point in the language, but this type of question can cultivate a sense of language similar to that in English, that is, the ability to guess words through a lot of exercises. . By reading a lot of ancient texts, you can do it, even if you don't know the meaning of words or words, contact the context or your own thesaurus, and guess the meaning. The most difficult and valuable point is that the general ancient texts are plot-like. It is not so irritating when you are long. The right is to read a story.

Next is math :

Mathematics is mainly in the brushing question, no matter how high or high the mathematics is, the high school guarantees a large number of questions, 110 points can be guaranteed, of course, it depends on the time invested and your own wishes.

The mathematics is not very good. Let's go through the basics first, then start to brush the questions. The main point is to record your own wrong questions. It will be summed up once a week. The supplementary books used for brushing questions need to be a little higher than their own level. If you give an empirical formula, you can take 70-80 points for 100.

If you have a good math, you have your own method. I won't say more.

First place : "Do you really master the college entrance examination math? ", it has a total of four:

"Do you really master the college entrance examination math? Conic curve,

"Do you really master the college entrance examination math? function",

"Do you really master the college entrance examination math? sequence",

"Do you really master the college entrance examination math? Five chapters of mathematics.

Among them, the most mentioned is the conic curve, followed by the function; the fifth chapter of mathematics is hardly mentioned.

Comprehensive online evaluation, the book should be positioned: mathematics in the middle, the results can pass a line, want to impact the 211, 985 student group, through this book can make the math scores improve a grade.

Still the same sentence: It is best to go to the bookstore to flip through the physical book and make a decision .

The second place : "The higher and better high school mathematics thoughts and methods", this book involves the knowledge points of the competition, it is not the middle-class students can control, must be the upper class to see this book, Only gains, or it is a waste of time.

In short, choosing this book must be cautious , not because it is not good, but because it is so good that it is not suitable for most students.

The third place : "Magic Conic Curves and Tips for Solving Problems", this book explains the concept, nature and application of conic curves in detail. The geometrical slab is used to describe the dynamic trajectory of conic curves, and the common conclusions are given in detail.

Before the mathematics, about 120 points is a sign. If you are less than 120 points, don't buy it. Concentrate on the basic questions and don't make low-level mistakes. Above 120 points, think that the conic curve is especially annoying every time. Buy one for research and study (both examples and explanations, no questions, not for brushing questions), there are many conclusions, used in the choice of fill-in-the-blank questions, especially saving time and calculation.

Finally, English :

English is really a discipline that takes time to work, and of course it has to be raised from 140 to 150. The important thing is the parts: listening, vocabulary, reading, composition, grammar.

If you are listening, take the original question of the college entrance examination and practice it repeatedly, and listen to it repeatedly every time you know it, and know where you are wrong. There are actually routines and rules. You know how many times you listen. It is.

Vocabulary: It is the back, of course, there are various genres, roots, rote memorization, back sentences, find a suitable for you.

Grammar: This is also regular. I used to choose 15 questions and often only 5 or so. Later, when the teacher explained the grammar in the system during the senior high school review, it can generally be 10-12. Difficulties in the judgment of various clauses, should go to the predicate verbs or verbs. Forget it, as a grammar of English that has not passed the sixth level, it is still not a shame here.

Reading: In fact, the vocabulary and grammar are solved, and reading should not have big problems. Imagine that all the articles and questions read in English should be translated into Chinese. Your correct rate should be greatly improved. Of course, there is also a problem of reading speed. This requires deliberate training. Every time you contact, you must make a list. If you don't finish it, you can choose it randomly. After practicing for a while, the speed will go up.

Composition: This should be the easiest to improve in the short term. Of course, the words should not be too ugly. In fact, ugliness is not afraid, as long as it is not chaotic. Whether it is the college entrance examination, or the fourth or sixth grade, or even the IELTS, the essays have been developed with various routines and templates, plus a few articles of their own before the exam, which will not be worse.

The three books on the list are exactly one piece of the book, one about grammar, and one about vocabulary.

The first one : "Sparks English Peak Training", this is a set of three books: the college entrance examination reading comprehension seven choices five grammar fill in the blank and short text correction 180, college entrance examination listening comprehension, college entrance examination cloze 120. In addition to the words and compositions, this set of books has been solved.

In fact, the back word book of Spark is also good. Hey, in fact, every family's back word book is good. The biggest problem is that many people have not persisted .

The second place : "New English Grammar", this is another set, a total of three, divided into primary, intermediate, and advanced. The content not only covers the entire content of the college entrance examination, but also the Bible for learning English grammar.

After learning the grammar, I realized that some questions do not need to be explained by the sense of language. Some usages are not so-called fixed collocations. Just remember that there are real and exact rules.

Another point is that learning English grammar is best compared with the Chinese grammar to see if there are any similarities and differences. Since the mother tongue is Chinese, we usually don't realize the use of clauses or other complicated grammar knowledge when we speak. We deliberately analyze the grammar we usually use and have a better understanding of English grammar.

The third place : "The Mystery of English Vocabulary" is the "Bible of the Word" in the minds of English learners. The current marketing copy is more exaggerated. "New English Grammar" is the Bible for learning English grammar. Two "Bibles" appeared.

This book contains 252 important roots, 124 prefixes, 165 suffixes, and more than 10,000 cases. It is sufficient for all kinds of English exams such as 4th, 6th, postgraduate, Kaobo, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, etc. The analysis of words helps readers understand the inner laws of English words, enabling readers to quickly master a large number of words, and by revealing the mysteries of English words, the reader realizes that learning and memorizing English words is not difficult, and there are shortcuts to follow.

The second and third books are not only for the college entrance examination, I think any friend who wants to pick up the English again can buy it .

The next notice: How to buy a series of teaching aids three: small data tells you how to choose three courses?

There is no complete list this time, but I still hope that you will pay attention to it.

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