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B station score 9.9, the number one domestic animation is exactly the same?


Today, I will talk to you about a domestic animation with a score of 9.9 on the B station - "Assassin Wu Liuqi"

What is the concept of 9.9 points?

10 points out of the score, the highest score in the B standing should be no problem.

Compared with other popular excellent countries, the score of "Assassin Wu Liuqi" is slightly higher.

He even entered the French Angkor International Animation Film Festival , which is known as the "Oscar of Animation", and participated in the main series "Series Animation" and was nominated.

Is this a concept?

The last time at the Anxi International Animation Film Festival was the "Big Fish Sea Bream" and "Big World".

Having said that, where is this domestic animation really good?


The poorest assassin

Go out and get a haircut, you have to say that the little brother who is now blowing my head is a killer, I am definitely not convinced.

However, this killer, his village cut his head.

(Nobody wants to know what special services you have.)

As a killer, Wu Liuqi can be said to be "talented . "

In addition to the four basic conditions of "no past, no relatives, no money, no morality".

He is proficient in a weapon:

"Break up! Cut the blade!"

His physical ability is super strong, and it is not a problem to be chased by a few streets in one breath:

There is even a "Doraemon" around him to provide him with various magic weapons:

Assassin from the beginning of the Assassin Accelerated Dafa!

If you want to change anything, you will become a changeable gaiba egg!

You are not mistaken, that is the gai and the ba!

The mission failed one second to escape the speed of the crime scene!

However, he is the most awkward assassin in history .

In order to earn a million to restore his memory, he was forced to Liangshan.

He has been messing up his own tasks, and he can only rely on the business to wash and cut a living.

This assassin has a high salary, good welfare, flexible working hours, year-end dividends and gold travel abroad. He has not earned a penny in ten episodes!

In order to supplement the home, in addition to being an assassin and cutting hair. He also sold cattle:

Sold coconut:

The most amazing thing is that no matter what he does, he can't make money!


The most assassin

The only criterion that has been pursued since the ancient and modern occupational assassins is to "take money and replace people's disasters", as long as they take over the task, regardless of gender, young and old.

Wu Liuqi is no exception.

He can fight with dogs for dozens of dollars:

He looked for the 80-year-old woman to claim his life, and he was asked by the other party to ask for high compensation:

In order to complete his will for his assassination, he streaks:

Go to the high-end restaurant to eat the king meal:

Being used as a lion ride:

So hard, the result is not completed once!


The most kind of assassin

Why did Wu Liuqi always mess up his own tasks?

Although he is talented, skilled and equipped. But one of the most important things for an assassin is cold blood .

He used to be cold and bloodless. He didn't know. He only knew that he was a kind person now .

On the surface, he is an assassin who "takes people money to replace people". In fact, he has been an assassin for so long, and no one has been hurt by him.

The director of the neighborhood committee entrusted him to kill the perverted man who likes to collect underwear, on the grounds of obstructing weathering.

When he went to the perverted man's house, he discovered that the underwear was bought or bought by the man .

However, the aunt of the neighborhood committee still regarded him as a cancer. When the aunt of the neighborhood committee prepared to burn these underwears, Wu Liuqi stood up.

“There are indeed a variety of collections in this world. Some people collect antiques, some collect toys, some collect tie, and even some people eat a lot of instant noodles in order to collect 108 characters in the water . This person just collects The things are different from everyone else. "

"He likes to collect underwear. It's really disgusting and cumbersome! But what's the problem with this! Many people will have some ulterior motives. He hasn't stole it yet , he hasn't robbed it, and he hasn't hurt anyone else. What does he like about you! "

The goodness of Wu Liuqi suddenly raised this matter to social issues.

Should we be the same person as everyone else?

When a person's character, aesthetics, and even the three views do not conform to the mainstream public, if he does not harm anyone, should we destroy him?

There are many examples in this book, Assassin Wu Liuqi.

I think that it is not just funny and nonsense. The conflicts created by the small and small people in the market and the thinking about non-universal values ​​are the reasons for the 9.9 points of Assassin.

It is also the reason I recommend it today.

If you like the Hong Kong film of the early years, then the various "Guangpu" in the story of the various bridges and even the Wuliuqi will make you feel more cordial:

If you like the exciting and exciting fighting scene, the divine mirror in The Assassin's Sixty-seven will never let you down:

Of course, if you just like geeks, Wu Liuqi may be your best choice.