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Can small companies learn something?


I have always heard that "small companies can learn things", is this the case?

Let's make a small investigation.

This article is mainly written for people under the age of 30, because you can't delay, otherwise youth is fleeting.

(Everyone noticed that the red sentences in this article are all wrong)

At the same time, this article is also written to the 80s, 70s, and 60s, because you can no longer make mistakes, the cost of trial and error is too high.

In fact, it is written to ungraduated college students, because traditional understanding will continue to strengthen your wrong impression, the sooner you correct, the better.

The above seems to be nonsense, we give examples. The handsome guy " Yah!!!!!!! " is deeply impressed by the following comments. Although the name of the net is longer, it can be seen that he is surprised. After reading my article, he found that it was different from what he had learned before. What do you say he learned before? In addition to "learning well, you can learn well." "If you persist in the end, you will succeed." He also learned a lot, including this sentence: Do the work you like .

You said that the price is so high, the price is not low, a mobile phone is good for tens of thousands. At this time, you graduated from Beishang Guangshen undergraduate, but the monthly salary is only five or six thousand. In this case, why did the teacher let you choose the company but What do you like to work for?

I don't know the answer. I really want to find this teacher. He or she, TA's current job is what he likes?

In the present China, including the next ten or twenty years, it is absolutely necessary to look for wages when looking for a job. The highest wages are chosen as much as possible. The level of wages is the core element of good or bad work. What about hobbies? The relationship between hobbies and work, I have already made it very clear here, " What kind of work is it for me? How is the career oriented? ", do not repeat.

The handsome guy is now a sophomore, but he also regrets, because many chicken soups have told him that " education is not important ", including " double non-graduate students are not as good as 211/985 undergraduate " " professional is more important than academic qualifications ." These sentences are actually basically wrong. Specifically, " I will work and study after I work first . Can I not?" " What is your major in college?" why? 》 also talked about it separately.

I also wrote " 30 years old and then "learn a technology", is it still useful? The expression has been very clear, " learning a technology " does not help much for our entire professional life and career development. Why? Because of the knowledge that Baidu can find, it is not a skill. What we need to use in our work is called a skill. We need to use something that is useful.

Many people also interview, usually do not know the accumulation, lazy, panic before the interview, I want to fill the skills of 1 year or even 10 years within 1 day, do you think about it? He and her can't figure out, they will go to work hard to learn, Baidu knowledge points before the interview. You said that an interview will not accept you because you have not answered an answer or formula that Baidu can find. will not.

Individual "learning a technology" does not solve your current professional confusion, nor can it break through the current dilemma. You are going to ask a "R&D engineer" who has worked for ten years. What technology does he have? Leaving the company, going home, going to buy a house, going to the hospital, his skills are all unknown.

"Technology" is just a distraction of liberal arts students for a lifetime, and it is also an excuse for the first three years of science graduates. Real R&D is also a technology that a team can develop. It also requires cross-sectoral cooperation across companies. Individuals have no skills and only skills. Skills are low-end, and individuals can learn. The key is to give you the opportunity to apply this skill. This is job hunting. Good birds choose to live in wood, and job search skills are even more important than job skills , not to mention that most of the time you say you can do it . You also have the skills, the ability, the individual does not retain the technology, and does not have much ability.

To say the simplest, you have to go to a position to apply for, the core requirements of the other party is this, such as "5 years of relevant work experience of undergraduate degree or above." We recruit people as companies, do you say they will be hired first or who will be interviewed first?

When HR picks up a resume, it mainly looks at four aspects: the academic qualifications are met, the number of years of graduation is up to standard, the salary is consistent, and the popularity of the family is high.

When the department head holds your resume, it mainly looks at five aspects: the academic qualifications, the graduation number, the salary, the popularity, and the current job title.

The big leaders at the end basically don't look at your resume. The TA mainly looks at your four aspects: the academic qualifications, the graduation number, the popularity, and the manners.

Did you see the four core elements? Education, years, salary, company .

I have participated in many recruitments of the company. I have also invested in a lot of stores to spend money on recruiting people. It is really that no interviewer tells the truth. Baidu can only find the answer of HR. In fact, as long as you continue to improve your academic qualifications, recent careers do not have more than half a year of blanks, from well-known companies, wages can be discussed, you are in line with the recruitment requirements, as long as the interview response and language skills are not too bad, Can be employed.

Only the final comprehensive assessment, leaving only one person. The specific question in the interview is not important at all, but the secular, especially HR and capitalist propaganda methods, including each of the "job skills" in the Xinhua Bookstore, "interview skills" are misleading us, let us find jobs. Most of the energy is going to study how to answer the questions of HR . In fact, here, " Why is HR desperately trying to cut my salary?" The reason has been explained in detail.

Finally, the topic, "Can small companies learn something?"

The process of a large company is perfect , you can learn something. After you are proficient, you know how to make suggestions and improve the existing process. This is to keep up with the times and progress with the company.

Small companies , including all 3 years of startups, can't have a process, survive hard, and process, and its sales process is not established. How can you have the process of this position in this department? The appeal of a small company is that you are a migrant worker who will be my entrepreneur and receive a small salary. Process? The process depends on you to help the company build, otherwise you want to do it? In a small company, you are not learning something, you are waiting for it, and even the trial period will not let you pass, because you will not establish a process.

The above is very clear, " small companies can learn things ", this sentence is wrong. This is a small capitalist misleading the public to fool the job seekers, especially college students and workplace white, similar to: good leadership, good colleagues, good office environment, afternoon tea, company-owned, company prospects, industry Have the potential, we will be listed to give you equity in the future, in the future you are the veteran, the basic salary + high commission...

You ask it, how can you not give me some salary for a company like this? " My classmates usually pay seven or eight thousand a month. You give me one thousand five. I will come! " This is right, but unfortunately, you emphasize leadership. Good, the company has prospects, will only send you three or four thousand wages.

This is a truth to drag you into the water. Many girls in the sound-sounding place, at the beginning, know that they came to accompany you to work with him, and they were all fooled by girlfriends, classmates and fellow villagers. This is the launch. You are a university graduate, you have to be cautious, going to a small company is similar to launching.

This kind of misunderstanding, a flicker for many years, do not Baidu, know, I searched the dog, the highest vote, the answer of this guy above. He flicks everyone and says that small companies can learn. If you don't ask anything else, you will ask why the TA answers anonymously. He can't kill him, it makes people detours for many years, only so cumbersome.

Small companies can't learn anything.

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