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10 days 70,000 powder: How did I get angry in the vibrato?



I recently learned that there is a hot topic called "How to quickly understand an industry?"

Take the most popular short-gray video field as an example. Let me share with you how I got 70,000 fans on the vibrato in 10 days and started to become a vibrating v.

Do not flicker, pure experience sharing, are verified by their own actual combat...

It's important to quickly understand the capabilities of an industry, because the trend is coming quickly, you have to catch it quickly, or you will miss the trend.

The current vibrato is like the WeChat public number around 2014, and it is worth your time to operate.

It is necessary to know that it is getting harder and harder to get the public number up now. You may not be able to accumulate 10,000 fans in half a year.

However, at the same time, many of my friends around me have only been operating for half a year to shake a million fans.

Of course, some people ask me, how can I make money if I have more fans?

From the current business model of the vibrato user, you can rely on advertising to cash in, and the other one can also be realized by e-commerce.

The vibrato has already opened up the Taobao shop. Some of my friends who are e-commerce friends told me that the conversion rate data from the vibrato is not bad.

In the early stage of any new self-media platform, what you need to worry about most is whether you can increase the number of users, rather than how to cash out immediately.

When the public number just came out, many people did not think about it. They could make money by advertising, earn money by knowledge, and make money by e-commerce.

The emergence of new business models often lags behind the growth of the platform itself...


If you want to quickly understand an industry, you must have a methodology behind it.

Here I recommend the four know knowledge management frameworks.

Know why--Why pay attention to this industry

Know what--industry definition

Know how--the mainstream of the industry, the latest gameplay

Know who--What are the benchmark players in the industry?

4 knows in the short video field

Know why--Why pay attention to the short video industry

+Young people have a lot of leisure time

+4G traffic costs are further reduced, video content is popular

+ Short video 15s mechanism is very easy for users to be addicted

+ More than 1 billion users of vibrato, where should you be where the user is?

Know what--What exactly is the product logic of short video

Because of the mechanism of the vibrato itself, the cost of switching the next 15s video is very low, and the platform provides the user with various short video content that he likes by recommending the system algorithm.

At the same time, the immersive full-screen browsing experience of vibrato makes it easy for you to forget the time. I will understand the details.

You look at the top of the vibrato interface, there is no time bar.

Many people brush their voices for 1-2 hours.

So Up mainly learns to grab the attention of the audience within 15s + give the other party a reason to pay attention to you.

Know how--the mainstream of the industry, the latest gameplay

The vibrato itself is the operation mode of the traffic pool. Each video will give you 200 initial page views, and then see if it can trigger the user's likes + comments and other interactions.

Can lead to positive interactions and give you tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of page views, until the whole network is detonated...

PS: Data source network, if the infringement is deleted immediately

Know who--What are the benchmark players in the industry?

Onion video and other MCN, corners, modern brothers, etc...

Many of them are sitting on tens of millions of fans on the vibrato platform. The current appearance fee is no lower than the star...


How do I get started quickly?

First of all, I looked at the speed of the self-media people who joined the short video, and initially judged that this trend was established.

-- Build a knowledge framework and initially design personal positioning

You need to know why this field is worth doing, how others play, including how your competitors play.

Whoever does a better job can be your benchmark.

I also analyze the short video content of the existing speech class. Compared with the content of the PPT class, the user prefers the content of the real person.

At the same time, compared to the simple teaching skills, your speech itself has a certain degree of topicality, and it is easier to achieve widespread dissemination among users.

So I have the current short video content targeting:

Viewpoint sharing + real person appearance, then a small amount of presentation skills sharing...

-- Pay for the big V, and take less detours.

When I am familiar with a new new media platform, my suggestion is that you have to take at least 1-2 million yuan to pay for tuition, and see what the predecessors did.

I first spent money on an account with a vibrating v. I spent 5,000 yuan on advertising, just to ask for about ten minutes.

What I learned very important is that most people do vibrato, and may have sent ten short videos and found that they gave up without fire.

But those accounts that are really hot, at least made more than 30 short videos, and suddenly one day found a previous video fire.

In a word: you have to try enough times before you have a chance to get red...

The owner of Onion MCN shared a very important point.

In the short video, you need to be climaxed and give him a reason to pay attention in the first three seconds.

In addition, we need to understand the logic of the vibrating platform. The platform itself needs high-quality content to attract users and trigger user sharing.

Up Master only understands the logic of the platform, it is possible to get traffic from the platform better...

-- Actual shooting + video editing

We also stepped on a lot of pits in this regard.

For example, a short video has a better user experience with subtitles.

For example, the first screen of a short video should have a theme.

For example, you need to have a professional radio equipment.

The speaker should be familiar enough with the content, don't shoot in a crowded location, etc...

My team's video editing classmates, as the proficiency of the operation increases, it may take a day to cut a short video from the earliest, and now it can cut eight or even ten short videos a day.

-- Summary + complex data

Based on the analysis of data sent by more than 50 small videos, including all the other shortcomings that praised more than 100,000 videos, I will find the following types of content relatively hot.

1) The idea of ​​challenging common sense

I have a short video on how to sell insurance on how to fool people. The number of plays per day exceeds 10 million, and there are also 170,000 likes.

The important reason is to expose some of the black curtains of how insurance sales are ignoring customers...

2) Speaking to the user's heart

I have just had a short video with a volume of about 2 million in the past two days. "Why are a lot of extroverts who like to be alone?"

Speaking of a lot of people going to heart.

The following user comments are all "I am such a person."

3) Exteriors that few people have seen

There is also a short video of a relatively hot fire, such as the Niagara Falls, or the drone flying to take the Hong Kong-Macau Bridge.

No way, the high value of the location is also easy to fire...

4) Brain hole + reversal plot

The representative figure is the Seven-Heart Master, the main story of the story of the burning brain to show love, passing "every girl is worthy of care."

He has tens of millions of fans on the vibrato, and the average praise for each video is over several hundred thousand.

5) Talent class

For example, Xi Bin, who sang like it, and the cover of "The Pirates" have more than 2 million likes.

6) Little brother and sister class

This is too much, I will not give examples, and sometimes you are helpless, who is called "face value is justice"...


When a wave of trends comes, the most important thing is to get yourself on the rocket, not where you care about your rocket.

Vibrato is one of the fastest rockets we can see in 2018.

I hope everyone can learn to express themselves and have their own 10,000 hardcore fans on the vibrato.

I will tell you how to express it, it is easier to fire on the vibrato.

PS: 2500 words written hard, I feel a bit of a classmate, welcome to praise support...

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