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Cultivation of good study habits


First, the habit of making plans

1. Have a good habit of making plans, have the goals of the day, the near-term goals, and the long-term goals. Believe in yourself, "I can do it."

2, to have effective measures to achieve the goal, I believe that "self is a smart cultivator."

3, every day, every week, every month, every semester must be in line with the plan, reflect on themselves, fill the lack of knowledge and ability at any time, do not owe their own accounts.

Second, the habit of preparation

4. Do the necessary preparations to understand what new knowledge conflicts arise from the emergence of new knowledge links and to discover problems.

5. Make the appropriate problems mark the problems found with your own language symbols.

6, try your best to rely on your own efforts to understand the problems that appear in the preview, the habit of preparation is the best period in the junior high school;

7, can rely on external conditions, such as looking up the dictionary, inquiring books, online inquiries, consulting other people, etc., to solve some of the questions first.

8. Prepare for the class, such as necessary textbooks, exercise books, and related stationery, and invest in the classroom with confidence.

Third, the class will listen to the habit of "speaking"

9, will listen to the class, to do "five to" is the mouth to the mouth, the ear to the eye, the heart to the heart, hand to.

10. Learn to communicate with each other, be good at cooperative learning, actively participate in discussion of issues, dare to present their own different opinions, dare to argue about inconsistencies with themselves, and constantly correct and make up for their own deficiencies, and can cooperate with teachers and groups. Solve the problems left over from the preview.

11, will do class notes, detailed and appropriate without delaying the class, notes writing standards, distinguishing the difficulty of knowledge, to prepare for the teacher or exchange with the classmates.

12, answer questions in class, loud, clear, polite; listen to other students' answers, do not laugh at the mistakes of the students.

13. Grasp the rhythm of learning in class, do not do things that are not related to listening, and adjust your emotions at any time to continuously improve the level of understanding problems.

14. Understand the meaning of the exam, do not cheat in all subjects, be honest and self-discipline, change in time, and effectively reflect on the learning situation.

Fourth, the habit of reviewing in time

15. Establish the thoughts of today's events today, reflect on the knowledge learned on the day, and integrate and integrate the knowledge and lack of knowledge, without leaving knowledge "dead corners."

16. Staged weekly summarization and monthly summary according to plan, and continuously improve the knowledge structure.

17. The three subjects of language, mathematics and English are to establish the essence and error correction book, and often review the review and make the accumulation of knowledge.

18, good at sorting and summarizing and summarizing, combining the points, lines and faces of knowledge into a knowledge network and incorporating into their own knowledge system. Make the new knowledge learned from "understand" to "will", from "live" to "enlightenment".

19, master a set of review methods suitable for yourself, while paying attention to the experience of other students, and constantly improve themselves.

Five, the habit of independently completing the homework

20, develop the habit of doing homework after reading the textbook first.

21. Complete the work independently and conscientiously, and do not copy other people's homework.

22, the work is written carefully, beautifully, standardized, and the steps are complete.

23, write homework posture, pay attention to protect eyesight and physical health.

24, do homework focus, good at analyzing the conditions of mining problems, scientific solution steps.

25. Correct the mistakes after the operation is issued, analyze the reasons, and let go of any small problems.

Six, the habit of extracurricular learning

26, there are a certain number of extracurricular reading materials, and can squeeze time to learn and read.

27. Be able to broaden your learning thinking and improve your ability from extracurricular learning and activities.

Seven, celebrity tips

28, sowing an action, you will gain a habit; sowing a habit, you will gain a character; sowing a character, you will harvest a fate.

29, find the motto you like, let it be your motto, let good habits become an endless interest for you all your life.

I have a plan and a plan to develop good habits, just if you are missing, then talk to me privately.