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There are pictures of the truth, the classification of Qingtian Stone, the appreciation of the Qingtian Stone Seal


Qingtian Stone is a colored gem that is given to human beings by nature. It is not only warm and jade, it is colorful, it is moderately soft and easy to play. Qingtian Stone is one of the four traditional seal stones in China. Together with Shoushan Stone , Changhua Stone and Balin Stone , it has a rich cultural heritage of Chinese Indian art.

In addition to the light of the frozen, orchid green, and the green door, Qingtian Stone also has Golden Yao, Bamboo Leaf Green, Golden Jade Frozen, Ginkgo Green Field, Red Qingtian (Beauty Red), Red Sandalwood, Blue Flower Nail, Fengmen Sancai (Tricolor), Algae Flower, Alfalfa Ice grain, preserved egg jelly, soy sauce jelly, etc., are similar in the name of the real thing, easy to distinguish.

Blue flower nail:

Sealing the door three colors:

Algae flower:

煨 ice pattern:


Soy sauce frozen:

Ginkgo qingtian:

Hong Qingtian:

Qingtian Dragon Egg Stone:

Light freeze:

Golden Yao:

Blue Star:


Mountain cannon green:


Cloud flower:

Melaleuca pattern:

Colorful Qingtian (landscape painting):

Sealing the rain:

Cinnabar Qingtian:

Blue belt:

Sealing the ink:

Qingtian Yellow Frozen:

Golden Jade Frozen:

However, these valuable colored stones are not inexhaustible, they are rapidly moving from nothing to nothing. While we are seeing its beauty and brilliance, we should also cherish and care for it.