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Live Art Renovation Home | 90m2 apartment turned into 12 spaces, looks great!


Before going to the home of designer Li Wei, my colleague kindly reminded me that there was a person's own human figure standing at the door of his house, so let me leave a heart not to be scared. Even so, when the elevator door opens and suddenly sweeps into the stand under the slightly dim light of the corridor, it will still be scared to jump.

Knocking on the door and seeing the deity's first sentence is not a self-introduction, but a crying cry, and it is too embarrassing to set such a thing! Li Wei is a calm face: "Before the company made an exhibition for each designer to do such a piece, let the house be scary, simply take it out and put it in the door." Such a small bridge, the voice immediately opened.

Powerful porch

  • Location Beijing
  • Building type apartment
  • Building area 90m2
  • Hardcover cost 40,000
  • Soft loading costs 160,000

It’s hard to get into the house, but there is a feeling that I can’t find the North. How can there be no door in the house? Which is the living room? Where is the bedroom? Making the space so confusing is another brain hole for Li Wei. "I removed the wall that could be removed, and the door did not stay." Looking at him with a serious face, he wanted to glimpse the home.

Time to go back to last Friday, we released the Li Yijia's "Staying Arts Renovation" preview (there is a prize quiz | I can think of the most romantic thing, is to change the family with you ), many users broke out of the design The souls have been offered, and all kinds of excellent ideas have emerged in an endless stream. Our editorial department looked at everyone and actively laughed and laughed, because no one finally guessed how Li Wei would complete his space transformation plan. (Yes, I have to apologize a lot. We forgot to tell everyone that except for the wet area of ​​the bathroom, the home is full of non-bearing walls)

Brain hole opened the first bomb

The original pattern is a two-bedroom and one-bedroom apartment. How many people are not happy with this type of room, even if they can be accommodated with a little decoration, Li Wei insists on a big transformation to achieve the best for both himself and his wife. The state of life, strength and wayward! Please see the picture below?

From the ceiling, Li Wei’s family is like this. Is the brain hole somewhat big? He played the space division method at home, and the 90-square-meter house was separated from him by 12 spaces. He still didn't feel crowded! The concept of division of living rooms has been blurred, and the spatial relationship has also become paralyzed.

Such whimsy, in the final analysis, is still derived from his childhood memories (seeing the impact of childhood life on a lifetime, parents please pay attention!) "A child living in a family of 50s and 60s In the building, the room in the house is not big. A room may carry multiple functions. Eating, sleeping, and studying are all in the same space. Now I have copied this memory home to the current home."

In the childhood of Li Wei’s childhood, each room carries multiple functions.

Brain hole wide open second bomb

Furniture is part of the room & furniture is the whole of the room

"The home is not only the home of the people, but also the home of the furniture." Li Wei’s idea of ​​being arrogant is afraid that most people can’t match it. In the traditional home space, furniture is part of the room, and in the Li Yi family, the furniture is actually the whole room! The transformed home gives each piece of furniture its own independent space. "Actually, the real life scene of our development is not through every room, but through one piece of furniture." Li Wei explained.

The bedroom is a bed and the living room is set in the aisle.

“That means that furniture is more important to our living and living than the room. In this way, is it a good idea to understand the starting point for me to create a separate space for furniture?” So in Li Wei’s home, the so-called bedroom is just posing The next bed; unlike most people who want to expand the kitchen, Li Wei has changed the kitchen that was originally small to a smaller size. "Two people usually cook less, the kitchen can accommodate stoves, sinks, refrigerators, Isn't the microwave enough?"

After blurring the concept of the room, the space can be borrowed from each other, and the husband and wife's living life is more free. "I do not think the living room at home should be the dominant space, virtually any space should not be a main character, is the focus of human activity room, so the family is the focus of our lives constantly with the transfer." So there is brain If you have a hole, I believe that you will understand it when you read it a few times.

Breaking the rules and regulations in the traditional space division, it turns out that a small home can still play such new ideas. Although from the design point of view, this family does not focus on the heart, but all people-oriented, is not the true meaning of a home?

// About this home

Designer Li Wei wants to use the picture to share 9 details with you //

The room type before the renovation has been very upright, but the standard two-bedroom and one-bedroom layout can not meet Li Wei's non-standard heart.

The reconstructed pattern was divided into 12 areas according to the couple's living habits, but it became more transparent and open.

Multi-function restaurant

The lounge area where the restaurant and the couch are located can be borrowed from each other.

Usually we like to stay in the restaurant. It is not just for eating, work, watching TV, drinking tea, reading, or even sleeping. It can happen in this space. Because I fully open the rest space represented by the couch and the restaurant area, the borrowing of the sub-space makes us more likely to be active here. Keep in mind that the room is not the focus, the point is how you can do whatever you want at home.

2. The door opening is enlarged, weakening the sense of the area

Children's Perspective + Regular Size Door & Adult View + Large Size Door

The door is used to distinguish the area, but if you look at the size of the normal door from the child's point of view, you will feel the door is large, as if the space is not separated. Based on this perspective, I expanded all the door openings to 2.4 meters high and 1.5 meters wide, so that the sense of the home area was weakened, and space and space could be better borrowed from each other.

3. Lightweight curtains kill two birds at a time

The space after being opened becomes unimpeded, and different functional scenes can be juxtaposed. In fact, they can be separated again, and the white gauze inside the door opening is opened, and each functional space becomes discontinuous, forming 12 separate rooms. Such separation forms a progressive depth of space. The gauze that is pulled up not only visually has a romantic romance in a martial arts movie, but also effectively gathers air-conditioning in the summer, which is really a two-pronged one.

4. The bedroom is a bed

I think that the development of life is actually achieved through a piece of furniture, not a room, such as sleeping, all we need is to lie on the bed, so a bed becomes the whole of my bedroom. For example, watching TV needs to sit on the sofa, and eating is sitting at the table, so I designed a room of furniture scale according to the size of each piece of furniture.

5. Put the cabinet on the door

In fact, there are still three standard size doors in our home, one is the bathroom door, and the other two are actually my and my wife's storage room. These two storage rooms are a standard size door from the outside, but when you open it, you will find that it is just the size of a wardrobe, not a room. This is also a sense of drama in my home, the cabinet is fitted with a door, and the real room has no door.

6. Let the chandelier form a sequence, lengthen the depth of the space

The chandelier I chose was very simple. I didn’t have any sense of decoration in a single look, but I placed these chandeliers in each space, which arranged a neat sequence, so that the decoration was there, but it would not be arrogant. The most important thing is that you can have a hint on the area of ​​the space.

7. The study is the most grounded place

In fact, our family also has a very full place, that is, the study room, a full bookcase is all our books, the desk is customized according to the size of our needs, but also added two drawers, it is very convenient to use. In short, the home is the place where I live. Many times when we see how good others are at home, we want to turn our own home into that, often overlooking the most important appeals in our hearts.

8. Two functions in the same block space

Splitting the same piece of land up and down is also a good way to use space. I divided the space next to the bathroom area into two. The washing machine was embedded in the lower half of the wall in the dry area, while the upper part was used as the storage space for the back bedroom.

9. Life needs an inspiration wall

On the back of my home entrance door is an inspiration wall with posters for exhibitions and postcards for ancient buildings and villages. In fact, many interesting details in life are worth collecting, and all of the time has become their own. Give your home a fun inspirational wall, collect it slowly, and then wait for life to give back to you with inspiration you never thought of.

Livelihood certification, contract designer Li Wei

Master of Cui Wei Research Office of China Architecture Design and Research Institute, worked in Wang Wei/Zongti Space and Cui Wei Studio. He has a unique understanding of space division and is good at exploring various possibilities of living space. Established a scattered architectural design studio in 2016.

We launched the master series "Staying Arts Plus" at a price of one tenth, and designed a flat of 200 square meters for ordinary people. The first master on the line will be the designer of Jackie Chan's Feng Xiaogang, Chen Hao.
Because each case will be designed by the master and the output is limited. For the first time, we will only open 30 places for the 70-200 square meters apartment in Beijing.
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