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From the contractor to the program (2) the first impression of the training class


After a short absence, I bite my teeth. "There is no way out. Even if it is a knife, a sea, a dragon, a tiger, I have to take a look!"

When I came to the training center, I was a bit puzzled: "Be a training, is it necessary?" Here is the core of the most high-end office buildings, simple and bright decoration, teachers in the training center, men and women wearing uniform suits. There is a badge in front of the neck, and when you enter and exit the glass door, you have to make a card with a bang.

It was not until many years later that I understood the truth. Sometimes think about it, it seems that I am not the piece of business?

I was given a beautiful female teacher who couldn’t remember what she was looking for. She only remembered that she was slightly lighter in makeup and spoke up to make her mouth open. They are taking classes every Monday and Friday. In the morning, the classroom teachers talk about the theory, and in the afternoon, the machine teacher tutors. I guessed it in my heart, "So that? I will study the second semester."

The girl in front of me, with her eyes wide open and slightly mouthed, is somewhat cute: "How do you do this? Without the foundation of the front, what can you do if you can't keep up with the progress? We must guarantee the quality of our teaching... ..."

"I am in a hurry." I smiled.

She looked at me quietly.

"I can't keep up with the progress, I don't blame you." I added one.

She is a little embarrassed. "In this case, we can't give you a diploma..."

What do I want for a diploma? Is my diploma still missing? ! "I don't want anything. You will treat me as a student, and arrange a class as soon as possible!"

On the first day of class, at 8 o'clock in the morning, my cell phone rang. The voice of a girl on the phone: "Ye Fei! I am Zhao, who helped me together. Why didn't you see you?"

"I am downstairs, parking! Come up immediately, come up!" I quickly said.

"Name of class?!" A long-lasting feeling, a feeling of unclear unclear, slowly lingering in my heart. I stopped the car, habitually stayed in the car for a while, picked up the teaching materials from the training center, and I took a big step upstairs.

The classroom is full of classmates. Some people are looking at me. I don't know if it is an illusion. I remember a girl with big eyes smiling at me. The teacher introduced me as a new classmate. The applause of the classmates was "clam", and I saw a youthful and energetic face.

I am sitting in the last row, next to a little girl with eyes. When she was in class, she wrote a small note and chatted with me. That is annoying in my heart!

Not the other, I have to listen! Classmates.

Really pitted! It’s all tears... I’m a liberal arts student, learning programming from the middle, is this a god horse experience? "Sit on the plane"! In my 26 years of life, I first realized what it means to "take a class by plane": I can understand every word that the teacher said, but I don’t understand anything when I am connected. I don’t understand what he is saying. .

I have always been in class to harass other students, this time I was also harassed, retribution is not good.

But I can't always pull my face to care for a little girl. Anyway, I don’t understand it. I don’t know how to talk to the teacher. I only know when she talks, she has already begun to understand. I graduated from high school and didn't go to college. I heard that I have a high IT salary. The family sent her, and the tuition for two years has already been paid...

"It seems that this guy has no use value," I thought. Then she asked her: "Who is the best in the class?"

She pointed to a male student in the front row. "Just him, Lu Renyi, who graduated from college, had studied before."

After graduating from college, have you studied yet? I think it's incredible!

"What else?" I continued to ask.

"There is Tan Liuluo," she said with a weak voice. "It’s all boys! Our girls can’t learn programming at all..."

"Is there a girl with good grades?" I asked.

"Li dyes it!" She seems to be a bit reluctant to say, I am holding back and listening attentively.

I couldn’t understand it, and it’s been a mess. I was a little anxious in my heart. In the afternoon, I was on the plane, and the wildfire was a one-on-one. Now I still remember the question on the machine, let us write a "heap" - pile your mother a wool!

Then everyone "clicks" on the keyboard and I am sitting there. The teacher came over, a man with a beard who had never been wiped clean, and put on a wretched taste of the work clothes that the training center would wear. He put a hand on his small stomach, bent slightly, with some doubts, and asked me very seriously:

"Classmate, you... what are you doing?"

What am I doing? I saw the tears in the sky flying.

Feeling tired, sitting and taking a break can't work? can! ! !


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