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"Value to Public Number Toolkit" is free to open |


Hello everyone, I am a product manager Zhang Qianchuan.

Today, we want to synchronize with you a new change. We will open the "Public Value Toolkit" for free, as a basic function for all WeChat public friends. In the "Public Value Toolkit", we provide the core functions of the current three versions, namely 1.0 "Text Scratch"; value of 2.0 "Payment Reward"; value of 3.0 "Payment Voice Q&A" "." You can use it freely according to your own creativity. It is hoped that this set of toolkits will help some content creators to interact more interestingly with followers on the public number and generate financial benefits.

In the follow-up, we will continue to optimize the value of the public number tool and expand and adapt to other third-party platforms based on your feedback and experience.

From now on, we will start the public beta by two ways: orientation invitation and opening of the first batch of applications. Welcome to the public number friends who are interested in contacting us.

Application method: Send an email to ;

Email Title: Valued by the Public Number Toolkit: "Public Name"

Message body: Introduction to the public number + contact mobile number and WeChat

In addition, our friends can rest assured that we are actively promoting commercial knowledge products that are suitable for ecological characteristics. For example, “Knowing Live” has been held for more than 50 games. In the fields of childcare, finance, psychology, pregnancy, music, etc., tens of thousands of users discuss real-time and in-depth topics around vertical topics; For 105 yuan (compared to hourly income, are we using more per minute calculations?). Moreover, from the 25% repeat purchase rate, we can see that everyone likes Live like this way of sharing information. Soon my colleague @郑紫阳 will synchronize new optimizations with everyone, so that more friends can use better Live products. And our " value of 3.0 " is also iteratively used by users, which has increased the relationship of interest, search function, etc., and there will be more improvements for everyone to see later. Other products that are still in the pipeline will be gradually introduced.

Value 1.0: Text Scratch and Value 2.0: Reward Question

Value 3.0: Paid Voice Q&A