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External ear canal eczema


Eczema of external ear is an auricular, allergic inflammation of the skin around the external auditory canal. Eczema, like allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction. Drugs, hot and humid environments, wool, cosmetics, hair sprays, fish and shrimp, and milk may all be allergens that cause eczema in the external auditory canal.

External ear canal eczema is divided into acute and chronic.

Acute eczema has a very intense itching sensation, accompanied by a burning sensation, and the skin may have a yellow water-like secretion, and the epidermis is eroded. Acute external ear eczema is more common in children, and is rare in adults.

Except for ear itchiness in chronic eczema, there is thickening of the outer ear skin, scaling of the epidermis, crusting, deepening of the local color, rough surface, and if the eczema involves the periosteum, it may cause mild conductive deafness.

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