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You can't refuse chocolate, just like you can't refuse love.


Love is like a dark chocolate, bitter, fragrant, sweet

✎ Author / Qin Sang

I have a girlfriend who is very good at hurting single dogs. If I have nothing to do, I like to talk to me on WeChat about the topic of “dismissal”. Every time I am just ambiguous about this topic. But just yesterday, I received a courier gift from this girlfriend. The content of the gift is a box of dark chocolate with a personal statement of girlfriends - give you a piece of dark chocolate, even if you are still single, you can taste like love on white Valentine's Day.

The girlfriend is by no means the first person to associate chocolate with love. In the culture of the Aztecs of the aboriginal people of the Cocoa Kingdom, cocoa is a wonderful thing used to "successfully capture the heart of a woman." Time has reversed. After thousands of years, we also believe that chocolate is related to love. Japanese scientists have long confirmed that chocolate does contain "happiness hormones" and endorphins produced by the human body in love. Eating chocolate can make people happy. It is possible to open up the scientific level. The reason why chocolate is favored by love, I think it is probably that their tastes are sweet and bitter, subtle and subtle.

Speaking of chocolate, many people think of bitterness, fatness, sweetness, and even childishness. But all this is just that the world is biased towards the chocolate image. I think that among all the chocolate types, it is supposed to be the dark chocolate with the equal sign of love. Unlike ordinary chocolate, dark chocolate is not sweet, not greasy, and it is not easy to gain weight. It has a unique long-lasting fragrance, which explains to the world what is pure and sweet.

What is good dark chocolate? Privately thought that good chocolate should meet the following 5 points:

1 | Clearly identify the cocoa content and cocoa origin;

2 | Cocoa has a rich aroma and tastes the bitter, sour, fragrant and other flavors of cocoa;

3 | If it is a pie-shaped chocolate, there will be a crisp and clear cut-off sound when it is opened, the section is smooth and smooth, and less debris is dropped;

4 | Real dark chocolate has a high melting point, does not enter the mouth, and melts more slowly than milk chocolate and white chocolate;

5 | After swallowing the stomach, the mouth is surrounded by thick cocoa, and there is no smell.

Dark chocolate that meets these 5 points is not difficult to find and not easy to get. For me, the magic of dark chocolate lies in the sweetness of being wrapped in sour bitterness - a little bitter bitterness lingers at the tip of the tongue, bursting into the mellow scent of the heart and lungs. This subtle sweetness is entangled in the lips and teeth, and gradually blends with the breath, so that you can't stop one after another. Just like love, once you try it, it will make you want to stop.

You can't refuse chocolate, just as you can't refuse love.

Then on this white Valentine's Day, a certain Qin will recommend a few black chocolates with a gentle taste like love. Eat delicious dark chocolate, even if you are single, you can enjoy the taste of love.


German gold leaf classic chocolate gift box

Purity 77% · 117CNY/150g

The classic taste from Germany seems to even bring the rigor of the genes of chocolate to the industrial powers. The taste is lighter than usual, and there is a strange scent in the vagueness. The fragrance and aftertaste are good. Whether it is afternoon tea or giving away, it is a good choice. It is also suitable for beginners who are new to black. edible.


Italian caviar dark chocolate

Purity 75%·8.4CNY/single

This is the dark chocolate with the outer layer of dark chocolate made into caviar-like granules, with a layer of dark chocolate sandwiched with soft dark chocolate. The caviar skin makes the palate rich in texture and delicate and delicate. It tastes very mellow and has no sour taste. It feels very slippery when it melts, so the chocolate does not feel too bitter.

Amedei porcelana

Italian dark chocolate

Purity 70%·98CNY/50g

Italy's Amedei is the top brand that it dares to claim that the second brand has no daring to be the first. It is the top brand with the most honors in the chocolate industry. The raw material for this chocolate comes from Porcelana, Venezuela, which has very little cocoa production but is of great quality. The scarcity of raw materials has resulted in only 20,000 porcelana production per season. Each package has its own number as the identity certification, so each piece is unique.

The entrance is a very rich chocolate scent, and a bite of chocolate can be eaten in 4 layers. The fresh fruity aroma and rich cocoa fragrance make it unbelievable that it is just a pure black. After the pharynx, the aftertaste is very long, and the mouth and nose can be refreshed in a few minutes. The pleasure of entering the brain along the nerves is like dancing with a lively girl, and has the magic to dilute all troubles.


British dark chocolate

Purity 85%·52CNY/100g

A brand that is very popular throughout Europe, the brand originated in the United Kingdom, the raw materials are produced in Ghana, and the production plant in Germany is arguably a hodgepodge of high globalization.

The concentration of this chocolate is very high, the bitterness is very pure, the sour taste of cocoa beans is obvious, and the bite goes down with the crispness of the black and the objective price-performance ratio. It is the recommended brand of daily black and smart food.

Lindt|Swiss Lotus

French dark chocolate

Purity 85%·25CNY/100g

Personally recommend this 85% black, more than 99% slightly bitter taste is very moderate, very soft, and almost no 90 degrees black and smart acid. After eating, the mouth is very fragrant, not sweet, but more able to eat its fragrance.

After eating Swiss lotus, you can understand why it can become the world's most popular chocolate - in the balance of price and taste, Swiss Lotus is the best brand in the world.

Debauve &Gallais|Bunker Galle

French dark chocolate

Purity 45-99%·380CNY/10 gift box

France's oldest royal chocolate brand, the "Rolls Royce" in chocolate, this time recommended in a gift box. Every time I buy the Bunker Gloria to eat, there will be a sense of honor and return to the medieval kings and the French royal family to enjoy afternoon tea.

This 10-pack gift box is made up of 5 different types of chocolate. It is recommended to start from 45% and eat 99%. Slowly increase the threshold for black acceptance and appreciate the bitterness of dark chocolate. As the chocolate melts through the entire taste buds, it is mellow and purely worthy of a product.