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Shanghai POINT. The second phase of data analysis (introduction) special training camp review

Gaphie: As you learn, you can meet many small partners and inspire together, teamwork, and exercise presentation skills. This is also the reason why I insist on doing offline + online courses. Every small partner of the decimal point is very dedicated to designing quality courses for everyone. I hope that everyone can make suggestions and help us to optimize the course.

With the continuous development of data volume, storage technology, and analytical tools, more and more companies choose to manage and adjust their business based on data. Data analysts are also gaining value as data values ​​continue to dig. For many "Little White" who want to enter this industry, they have no way to go through the threshold of data analysis and enter the industry. For this part of the class, the decimal point specially launched the "Data Analyst Training Camp" introductory course, systematically analyzing the skills, positioning, value, and core of the data analyst, and providing targeted skills training. Intensive training of skills.

The decimal point consultation can't train qualified data analysts through just two days of courses. Data analysts, like martial arts masters, are a long-term process.

· For a first time martial arts, the first thing to choose is a weapon . So the decimal point added Tableau to the course. This software is easy to use and easy to use. It is a good BI analysis tool. This part of the lecturer is a wind teacher with extensive Tableau training and implementation. Although it is a software training, Mr. Wind has chosen a lot of scenes in it, so that the students can learn from one another and directly familiarize themselves with the actual combat environment.

· Xiwu re-raising , data analysis and thinking. The data model is an "analytical thinking" that has been verified by many people, like the moves in the martial arts cheats. In the course, the decimal point instructor introduced the common data analysis model in combination with the actual application scenarios , helping the students to quickly establish the concept of data analysis model from scratch, and lay a solid foundation for the later step-by-step digestion and self-built model.

As the name implies, data is the object of data analysis. Rich data dimensions and good data quality are important foundations for drawing high-value data analysis conclusions. Like martial arts internal strength in the same. In the course, the Python crawler course introduced by the decimal point instructor teaches how to retrieve the data you need from the network, on the one hand how to format and clean up the data.

For statistical analysis, statistical knowledge and SQL are as important as basic skills in martial arts . The height of the future development of a data analyst often depends on this. The decimal point instructor specifically introduces this part and requires participants to understand the important foundation of the data analyst.

In the two days of training, two practical exercises were specially designed. Based on the actual business data, the skills use ability, teamwork ability and PPT speaking ability of each trainee are strengthened by simulating the actual combat environment . During the discussion and PK process, everyone can create a collision of thinking, and at the same time be able to recognize friends who are on the same road in the future.

Let’s take a look at the style of the students.

The two-day training course is very compact, and the instructor at the decimal point has specially prepared afternoon tea to help everyone relax. After the training, a training dinner was arranged to let everyone relax and enhance their feelings. (In the afternoon tea, there are a small number of famous skill biscuits, and you have a chance to taste it).

In the final review session, the decimal point invites the big data from the industry to comment on the analysis of the students. On the one hand, students can recognize these industry leaders who are difficult to meet, and get personal guidance opportunities; on the other hand, the professional reviews of these famous experts will also benefit the majority of students. For the winning team, there are also great commemorative prizes~

Finally, after the 2-day course, the decimal point consultation will continue to provide online assignments , so that each student will continue to immerse themselves in the ocean of data analysis, and continue to consolidate and digest the course. The decimal point consultation is also a solemn commitment. For the same course, students can participate again without any fees! !

The "Data Analyst Training Camp" course has been successfully opened for two periods. In order to ensure quality, the number of places in each period is limited. Often, the course is quickly full when it is released, and there are a large number of "alternative students" in each period. In the next issue, the decimal point training will be moved to Beijing for the first time . Only 50 students will be recruited . What are the friends in the Imperial Capital waiting for? Pay close attention to the WeChat public account to sign up ~!

WeChat public number: POINT decimal point data

At the same time, we will also invite data faculty to launch junior and intermediate advanced courses in data training . Unlike entry-level courses, the course will focus on one area of ​​data analysis for in-depth explanation and training. Friends who are interested in this area are also welcome to follow our WeChat public account and get our latest course information.

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