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"Stay hungry, stay foolish", imaginative, hungry, this is Steve Jobs's speech at the Stanford University graduation speech to the social graduates, I have always kept in mind, and, add, the most precious is your time and Life is healthy, waste is your choice, use them to see the vibrato is also your choice.

First of all, I want to share a few thoughts. We all know that big people and successful people have something in common, such as a big pattern. Therefore, for data analysis, you can continue to develop it as a career. On the professional road, you may end up becoming a data expert or scientist. It is the result of a long time and even a lot of effort; this is your choice;

On the other hand, the so-called elephant is invisible. You can also just use data analysis as a skill. It is the springboard foundation for your life or career advancement. This promotion, including any level of promotion, I want to say is, thinking and pattern. Do not be restricted. I have seen many people go to learn data analysis in order to enter the market or to do deeper data mining in the future. This can only show that you are just Liu Bei, and there is no integration of Zhuge Liang. What is Zhuge Liang is the strategic layout.

The so-called layout planning refers to the development planning that meets the complex rules of the mainstream society in the present and the future. It is not the kind of planning that you think in your mind. Generally, you just graduated or you are in your 20s. The consciousness planning in the brain has not been upgraded to a certain extent, and it is difficult to think and recognize.

"The natural selection of the world, the survival of the fittest", in the context of modern society, this sentence is not out of date, the so-called "the fittest", I mean that the ability to review the situation, see the changes in the situation and trends, and can start to take Ways to get close to or even integrate into those who are among the top trends in the workplace or who achieve high salaries. Of course, I declare that I am referring to the workplace. If you are in the system, there are mines in the family, the second generation in the family, etc. Let me talk about it. We all know that in a map, you can zoom out to the micro, or you can zoom in to the macro, a thing, you can put it down to think about it, or you can stretch it to a wider time period to consider it. You see things are different, more kinds of possibilities and information will be involved, you need to make decisions and think, in the process, there is a concept called "the quotient", its existence, you can Whether it becomes a "fittest person" and how far it can go. My consciousness of awakening is relatively late, but from my cognitive perspective, the high probability can be considered, I am still on this track, or it may be derailed, but I don't know. The cognitive gap leads to the gap between people's thinking, while the gap in thinking leads to the gap in behavior, and the gap in behavior is the gap in life.

The data analysis section, from the contact monkey community, has received interviews from hundreds of well-known companies since January 2018. Among them, BAT covers 1 time of Tencent and 3 times of interviews with different business departments of Alibaba. Invitation, this does not contain small companies and unknown, because this type is directly dropped by my Pass, get offer20+.; Among them, there are successes and failures.

Here is a summary of the failed experience:

1. Sometimes you will find that the interviewer is not bad, and finally did not get the offer, right? In fact, you don't have to care, you can go to the market to improve your progress, but you don't have to be suspicious and anxious, because the influencing factors in the interview are very many, or it may be that your education is not enough, or it is being compared to others, or Simply people are watching you are not pleasing to the eye, what can you do. Pass, next.

2, timely resumption and summary, the company interview your question, is also the point of concern of the enterprise, it may be the problem of other companies will be concerned, there are partial commonality and commonality.

3, looking for work and job-hopping is a long-lasting battle, personally feel that you must ride a horse to find a horse, otherwise it is easy to fall into self-doubt, causing anxiety

4. I mentioned above that small enterprises and unnamed companies will not consider it. Some people will feel that they are forced to make a few paragraphs. I have already made some preparations for the previous paragraphs. As a workplace person, we must know how to set the bottom line for ourselves. Then, you are not tired, you have to focus on the key, for the company that can be used as a workplace endorsement, we should make every effort to prepare every time, this is an improvement.

5, tolerance is others, want to be yourself, such a world only to run spacious: the pursuit of what you want, you have no time and no time to care about other people's eyes and views.

6, the industry contempt chain is there, absolutely, the foundation and foundation need to choose.

7. When introducing the project, the interviewer focuses on listening to the candidate's analysis. Why do this, the purpose and the result, do not care about the project itself, so when explaining the project, be sure to do this project, why? Do this analysis, whether the indicator can fully explain the problem, the results obtained, and what results are obtained. This is the focus of the interviewer's assessment!

8, don't put yourself too deep, you force it, most of Alibaba's data analysis tools as long as SQL and EXCEL, output your business analysis thinking results and logic, is the landing.

9, there are a lot of interview routines and skills, can definitely affect your offer, this is really a chat, this part of me another article to share.

Data analysis, study hard, learn well, don't just do data analysis work, it is a tool, it is a step, it is a springboard, to achieve this skill to achieve you, to serve your next step in the precise decision-making of the future situation, In the workplace, you have to become a higher manager through it, rather than letting others manage you all the time.

God doesn't have a blackboard that says, Who are you? What do you want to do in this world, purpose and mission, where are you going? No. In life and the workplace, someone always tells you that you can't do this, you are not qualified, you have no ability, you have no interest, why do you not do anything. However, remember that only God and judges are qualified to judge people, no one else, no one can define any choice on the path of life. You can do whatever you want, no one is qualified to comment on it. The only thing to do is to plan it so that it can present a beautiful picture on the blackboard, your blueprint.

Deep in the heart

"Your time is limited, so don't waste your time in the lives of others, don't be bound by dogma, just live according to the results of other people's thinking, don't let others's hustle and bustle, drown out their inner voice, The most important thing is to have the courage to listen to the inner intuition and the call of the heart. They can understand what kind of person you want to be, and everything else is secondary." - Jobs, Stanford University

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